Annual Report to Parliament

Since its creation as an Agency on November 1, 1999, the CRA has produced an Annual Report to Parliament every year. At the same time, the Agency also produced a Departmental Performance Report (now known as a Departmental Results Report) that over time came to contain virtually the same information as the information set out in the Annual Report to Parliament.

The desire to reduce duplication and streamline the information available to Parliamentarians and Canadians is the reason the Annual Report to Parliament was discontinued. The CRA Annual Report to Parliament 2014-2015 was the final annual report tabled in Parliament. The Departmental Results Report is now the primary document for communicating our results to Canadians and Parliamentarians.

Like the Annual Report to Parliament, the Departmental Results Report provides a comprehensive report on the performance of the CRA for the previous fiscal year, and a discussion of the CRA's achievements against the key targets and indicators set out in our Corporate Business Plan and Departmental Plan. The Departmental Results Report also contains the audited financial statements. 




If you require prior year reports from 2000-2001 to 2011-2012, they are provided as a downloadable PDF file. Please email the Service, Innovation and Integration Branch.

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