List of registered journalism organizations

Use the table below to confirm whether a journalism organization is registered as a qualified donee or if its qualified donee status has been revoked.

A registered journalism organization (RJO) is a qualified donee; therefore, it can issue official donation receipts and the Income Tax Act also allows registered charities to make gifts to an RJO.

A revoked journalism organization is no longer a qualified donee; therefore, it cannot issue official donation receipts, and is not eligible to receive gifts from registered charities.

To find out about the obligations of these qualified donees, go to Advantages and obligations of applying for qualified donee status.

List of registered journalism organizations


Effective date
of registration

Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante, coop de solidarité 899355515RR0001 Registered 2023-01-01 Québec, QC 812672939RR0001 Registered 2021-06-21 Montreal, QC  
La Gazette de la Mauricie 120390612RR0002 Registered 2023-09-06 Trois-Rivières, QC  
La Presse Inc.              
Montreal, QC     
Le Devoir Inc. 103333514RR0001 Registered 2023-10-01 Montreal, QC  
New Canadian Media 849157532RR0002 Registered 2021-05-06 Ottawa, ON  
Presse-Ouest Ltée 104295647RR0002 Registered 2021-04-01 Winnipeg, MB  
Services d'information communautaire de la Vallée de la Châteauguay / Chateauguay Valley Community Information Services 796285138RR0001 Registered 2022-07-05 Ormstown, QC  
The Narwhal News Society 846488773RR0001 Registered 2020-10-01 Victoria, BC  
The Local TO Publishing 711980086RR0001 Registered 2021-07-09 Toronto, ON  
The Canadian Jewish News 105201149RR0001 Registered 2022-07-01 Concord, ON  

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