About CRA's mobile apps for individuals

Getting started

I don't have a CRA user ID and password. How do I register for one?

Select the Log in option from the home screen of the MyCRA or MyBenefits CRA mobile web app. From the login page, you can register for a CRA user ID and password or you can choose to log in using a Sign-In Partner. For more information, see How do I register for a CRA user ID and password?


Once you complete the registration process, you will be issued a CRA security code. You will need this security code to view your personal information on MyBenefits CRA and to access the full suite of functions in MyCRA. Once you receive your security code, we recommend entering the code when you log in so you can access all the services available. If your code has expired or you have lost your code, call 1-800-959-8281 to get a new one.

Will I be asked for any personal information when I log in to MyCRA or MyBenefits CRA?

You will be asked to provide personal tax information if you have not registered for My Account, MyBenefits CRA, or MyCRA. For information on registering, go to How do I register for a CRA user ID and password? To access your tax information on MyCRA or your benefit and credit information on MyBenefits CRA, you will need to log in.

Who can use these apps?

These apps are for individuals only. If you are looking for secure services for businesses, go to CRA BizApp or CRA login services.

How do I add a shortcut to the app on my device's home screen?

Apple – Safari:

To add this web app to your home screen, tap the Action icon and press "Add to Home Screen."

Safari is the only browser that will let you add a shortcut to your home screen on an Apple device.

Android – Chrome and Standard Browser:

To add this web app to your home screen, open the browser option menu and press "Add to home screen." You can access the menu by tapping the top right menu icon or by pressing the menu hardware button (if your device has one).

Android – Firefox:

To add this web app to your home screen, tap the menu button (either below the screen on the device or in the top right corner of the browser) and then tap "Page." On the next menu, tap "Add to Home Screen."

Blackberry 10 – Standard browser:

To add this web app to your home screen, open the browser option menu and select "Add to home screen," then tap "Save."

Using the applications

What can I do with these web apps?

These apps allow you to get a quick snapshot of your personal tax information and manage select services. They also provide you with resources to help you file your taxes.

To learn more about the MyCRA features, go to Services in My Account.

The following features are included in MyBenefits CRA:

  • Secure services (login required)
    • view your next benefit and credit payments
    • view your last benefit and credit payments
    • update your address, phone numbers, and email address
    • view or update your marital status
    • view the list of children in your care or end care of a child
    • add or update your direct deposit information
    • check your application status (if applicable) for Canada child benefit
  • Resources (opens in new browser window)
    • non-personalized benefit dates
    • benefits calculator
I am using the same secure credentials for MyBenefits CRA and MyCRA as I do for My Account, so am I logging into My Account?

No. While you can access MyCRA, MyBenefits CRA, and My Account using the same login information, the services offered are different. MyCRA allows mobile users to view their recent tax information, pay their tax balance owing, and more. MyBenefits CRA gives you quick access to personalized benefit and credit information in a format specifically designed for mobile devices. My Account offers you a more extensive list of services. For a complete list of services available through My Account, go to Help with My Account.

Who do I call for support for the apps?

These apps are designed to work within a web browser with an active internet connection. If you are having difficulty launching the application due to connectivity issues, please contact your service provider or technical support team.

For all other enquiries, call 1-800-959-8281 for assistance.

Where can I read the terms and conditions for these applications?

You will see the terms and conditions when you access the secure portion of these apps for the first time. After that, view the terms and conditions by selecting “Terms and Conditions” from the menu.

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