British Columbia – Provincial corporation tax

What's new for corporations

Lower rate

The lower rate of British Columbia income tax is 2%.

The income eligible for the lower rate is determined using the British Columbia business limit of $500,000.

Higher rate

The higher rate of British Columbia income tax is 12%. This rate applies to all income not eligible for the lower rate.

For more information, see Dual tax rates.

Reporting the tax

You can use Schedule 427, British Columbia Corporation Tax Calculation, to help you calculate your British Columbia tax before the application of credits. You do not have to file it with your return.

For more information, see the schedule, and sections 14, 14.1, and 16 of the British Columbia Income Tax Act.

On line 240 of Schedule 5, Tax Calculation Supplementary – Corporations, enter the amount of tax calculated.

Claiming the credits

British Columbia offers different tax credits. Details of each credit can be found in the following pages and their associated schedules:


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