Statement of account for current source deductions – Accelerated remitters – PD7A(TM)

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What is a PD7A(TM)

The PD7A(TM) is sent to accelerated remitters. You will not receive a PD7A(TM) if you remit (pay) electronically.

The PD7A(TM) consists of both:

How often is a PD7A(TM) sent

The frequency of when the PD7A(TM) depends on how often remittances of current source deductions are made. The PD7A(TM) is sent as soon as a:

A PD7A(TM) will not be issued when a NIL remittance reply is received via TeleReply or over My Business Account.

If you did not remit electronically or pay employees only once per month, the PD7A-RB remittance voucher can also be used to remit.

What to do if you received a PD7A(TM)

If you received a PD7A(TM), you must use the PD7A(TM) to remit (pay).

Learn more and view the sample: PD7A(TM) – Statement of account for current source deductions.

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