Statement of account and payment on existing balance remittance voucher – PD7D(X)

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What is a PD7D(X)

The PD7D(X) is a notice that is generated as per your request when there is an existing balance owing.

The PD7D(X) consists of both:

How often is a PD7D(X) sent

The PD7D (X) is only sent as per your request if there is an existing balance owing.

What to do if you received a PD7D(X)

If you received a PD7D(X), you must use it to remit (pay) your existing balance.

If a partial payment is made on a balance owing, the CRA will send you an updated Notice of assessment (PD7D) with a new arrears remittance voucher and an updated balance including the interest.

You cannot use the PD7D(X) to remit current payroll remittances. You must use the PD7A to remit (pay) current remittances.

Learn more: Statement of account for current source deductions – Regular and quarterly remitters – PD7A.

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