Line 23600 – Net income

Your net income is used to calculate federal and provincial or territorial non-refundable tax credits.

The CRA also uses your net income (and your spouse's or common-law partner's net income if you are married or living common-law) to calculate amounts such as the Canada child benefit, GST/HST credit, social benefits repayment and certain other credits.

Enter your spouse's or common-law partner's net income on page 1 of your return under "Information about your spouse or common-law partner" if this applies to you. Report your spouse's or common-law partner's net income, even if it is zero.

If the amount that you calculate for line 23600 of your return is negative, you may have a non-capital loss. Complete Form T1A, Request for Loss Carryback, to calculate your loss and any amount that you may want to carry back to your 2020, 2021 or 2022 returns. Do not file an amended return for the years that you want to apply the loss to.

Completing your tax return

Claim on line 23600 of your return the result of:

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