Joining a PRPP


If you have a valid Canadian social insurance number (SIN), you can participate in a pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) if you:


The PRPP Act applies to PRPPs within the legislative authority of the federal government. Each province must enact its own legislation for PRPPs to be available to individuals not covered in the criteria above. For more information on how to contact the federal and provincial supervisory authorities, see Pension supervisory authorities.


You can be enrolled into a PRPP by either:

Once enrolled, a PRPP account is created under your SIN. You choose the amounts to be contributed from your pay cheque. Your contributions, your employer's contributions, and any lump-sum contributions, are all pooled together and credited to your account.

Since the amount that can be contributed is based on the earned income you report on your income tax and benefit returns from prior years, it is important to file a return each year when participating in the PRPP to keep your RRSP deduction limit up-to-date.

For more information, see Where can you find your RRSP deduction limit

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