Transfers to or from a deferred profit sharing plan

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Amounts can be transferred to or from a deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP) if the transfer is permitted under the Income Tax Act and the plan terms. The only direct transfers that can be made to a DPSP are from another DPSP.

Direct transfers from a DPSP

Subsection 147(19) of the Act allows for a direct tax-free transfer of a lump-sum amount from a DPSP. Direct transfers can be made on behalf of an employee participating in an employer’s DPSP or a spouse or common-law partner of an employee where a lump-sum amount is paid because of the death of the employee or a settlement because of a breakdown in the marriage or common-law partnership. The list of registered plans that a lump-sum amount can be transferred to are:

Indirect transfers from a DPSP

An amount can be transferred from a DPSP to another registered plan, if the amount is included in the income of the beneficiary that is requesting the transfer. This amount would then be offset by the deduction which is available under paragraph 60(j) of the Act.

A deduction under paragraph 60(j) applies if:

This deduction applies if a beneficiary receives a DPSP payment while resident in Canada when the beneficiary withdraws from the plan, retires from employment, or when an employee or former employee dies.

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