Benefits for Indigenous peoples

Benefits for Indigenous peoples

Information about benefits and programs for Indigenous peoples, including education and training, income assistance and more.

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Taxes and benefits for Indigenous peoples

Benefits and credits, tax-exempt income, COVID-19 related benefits, doing your taxes

Aboriginal Ambassadors in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Supplement Program

Pays expenses for Aboriginal students or fellows to travel to Canada's Aboriginal communities to promote interest in the natural sciences and engineering

Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year

Offers Aboriginal youth a one-year education and leadership experience through the Royal Military College of Canada

Aboriginal Summer Training Programs

Offers Aboriginal youth six weeks of military training with the option – but no commitment - to join the Canadian Forces

Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Program

Offers an introduction to military training, careers and lifestyle to Aboriginal people interested in the Canadian Forces

On-reserve Income Assistance Program

Offers support to help ensure First Nations youth who are able to work have the support, skills and training required to gain employment

Legal Studies for Aboriginal People Program

Find out how you can receive a bursary if you are Métis or Non-Status Indian and wish to attend law school

Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit

Provides coverage for a limited range of health-related goods and services to support First Nations people and Inuit

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program – On Reserve

Provides financial assistance towards mandatory repairs on eligible houses if you are a low-income homeowner who meets program criteria

Post-Secondary Student Support Program

Provides financial assistance to Status Indians or recognized Inuit for a range of post-secondary programs

University and College Entrance Preparation Program

Provides financial assistance to Status Indians or recognized Inuit for courses to achieve the academic requirements for admission into a post-secondary degree or diploma program


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