Canada Student Loans - Medical and parental leave: Apply

From: Employment and Social Development Canada


Before you apply, let your school know that you are taking leave from your studies.

To apply for leave or to extend your leave:

If applying for medical leave, or changing from parental to medical leave, complete section A of the Medical form (PDF, 648 KB). Have a medical professional complete and sign section B of the form.

Note: For full-time students taking leave, the benefit will apply to both your full-time and part-time student loans. For part-time students, the benefit will apply to your part-time student loans.

Extending your leave

You can extend your leave twice, for 6 months at a time, up to a maximum of 18 months. For more information, please consult: How long you can be on leave.

To extend your leave, apply within the following time periods:

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