Importing and exporting dangerous goods

Importing explosives, nuclear substances and equipment, hazardous waste and the risks involved.

Services and information

Importing, exporting and transporting explosives

Applying for annual and single use permits for the import, export and transportation in transit of explosives.

Importing, exporting and transporting fireworks

Required permits for authorized fireworks, plus a list of prohibited fireworks.

Nuclear substance import and export controls

Licencing and compliance requirements for nuclear substances and prescribed equipment and information.

Exporting and importing hazardous waste and recyclables

Regulations for the import and export of hazardous waste and recyclable materials.

Importing ozone depleting substances

Permits, reporting forms and fact sheets for the import of ozone depleting substances.

Importing products containing mercury

Regulations on the prohibited import and manufacture of mercury products, including exempted products.

Importing new chemical and polymer substances

The assessment criteria for new chemical and polymer substances prior to import.

Importing new micro-organisms and microbial substances

Assessing new micro-organisms or microbial products for risks to the environment or health.

Importing pest control products

The evaluation, labelling requirements and fact sheets for imported pest control products and pesticides.

Transporting dangerous goods

Safety standards, regulations and advice on the transportation of dangerous goods.

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