Live animal and animal product imports

Importing terrestrial and aquatic animals, animal by-products, semen and embryos, endangered species.

Services and information

Terrestrial animal imports

Policies, advance notice requirements and other information about importing animals.

Updates on import requirements

Import requirements for products such as food, plants and animals using the Automated Import Reference System.

Import policies for terrestrial animals

Animal health policies and import requirements for used equipment and live animal waste.

Animal product and by-product imports

Policies and requirements for the importation of animal products.

Importing live animals

Policies and conditions for live animals, including criteria for quarantine facilities.

Semen and embryo imports

Policies, procedures and requirements for the importation of animal semen and embryos.

Aquatic animals imports

Requirements for importing susceptible and non-susceptible aquatic animals.

Aquatic invasive species regulations

Regulations regarding aquatic invasive species, including prohibited and controlled species.

Broiler hatching egg and chick imports

Permits, notices to importers, tariff rate quota tables, quota holders and forms.

Permits for trade in protected species

International and Canadian requirements for the import and export of endangered species.

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