Plant, seed and forestry product imports

Importing plants, forestry and horticulture commodities, including grain, seeds and plants with novel traits.

Services and information

Importing plants and plant products

Import permits, guidelines and procedures for importing plant products into Canada.

Updates on import requirements

Import requirements for products such as food, plants and animals using the Automated Import Reference System.

Forestry commodity imports

Firewood, regulated forestry pests, tree, seed and wood packaging materials.

Importing Canadian forestry products

Guidance on Canadian forestry management for importers of Canadian timber products.

Avoiding the import of illegal forestry products

How to avoid importing illegally harvested forestry products from other countries.

Grain and field crop imports

Directives and import requirements for grain and field crops.

Horticulture imports

Import permits and requirements for horticulture commodities, including plants and bulbs.

Import regulations for plants with novel traits

How to import or apply for the environmental release of plants with novel traits.

Importing seeds

Requirements, pre-clearance procedures and authorized importers of seeds into Canada.

Permits for trade in protected species

International and Canadian requirements for the import and export of endangered species.

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