Agriculture, food, forestry and fishing regulations

Agriculture, food, forestry and fishing regulations

Business activity regulations relating to food, animals, plants, grain, fishing, aquaculture and forestry.

Services and information

Food regulation

Regulations relating to food products and food service businesses in Canada.

Animals regulation

The regulation of animal feeds, animal products and veterinary biologics.

Plants regulation

Plant protection, plant breeders' rights, variety registration, fertilizers and more.

Services for food related import permissions

Domestic and import related food permissions including licences, permits, exemptions and export certifications.

Products requiring pre-market approval

Reviewing and processing applications for products requiring pre-market approval.

Grain regulation, programs and services

Services and fees that regulate and protect primary, terminal and process elevators and grain dealers.

Grain industry directives

Policies, trade memos and orders that guide and direct the grain industry.

Oversight: Farm products marketing agencies

Regulatory expertise and supervision of operations for the egg and poultry sectors.

Farm products promotion and research agencies

Guidelines for establishing promotion and research agencies for farm products.

Commercial fishing

Fishery openings and closures, licencing, regulation, import/export and management plans.

Aquaculture business and licences

Licences and permits related to aquaculture operations in provinces and territories, sites and maps.

Aquaculture regulations and policies

Laws and policies governing aquaculture activities, compliance, regulatory reform and research.

Sustainable forest management in Canada

Sustainable forestry in Canada and the related requirements for forestry companies.

Mandatory measurement accuracy inspections

Measurement accuracy inspections for specific industry sectors and device type.

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