You protect them every day. So do vaccines.

Why are vaccines given on a specific schedule?

Vaccination schedules are carefully studied and designed to give the best possible protection for children against serious diseases, when they’re the most vulnerable to them. This includes supporting your baby’s developing immune system.

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What are vaccines made of?

Vaccines are made of a combination of ingredients. Every one serves a specific purpose, from preserving the vaccine to making it more effective.

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How can I make the vaccination appointment easier for my child (and me)?

From cuddling your baby to distracting your child with a toy, there are many strategies that can be used before and during the appointment to help reduce pain and anxiety.

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Deciding to vaccinate

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Vaccine safety, concerns and side effects

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Diseases that vaccines prevent

List of vaccine-preventable diseases, their symptoms and possible complications

When to vaccinate your child

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What to expect at the vaccination appointment

Tips for before, during and after the vaccination