You protect them every day. So do vaccines.

Protect your child with routine vaccination

You want to protect your child by keeping them safe and healthy. Childhood vaccinations can help you do that. Routine vaccinations have been around for decades and are safe and proven to help protect against vaccine-preventable diseases. We’ve got the facts to help you make an informed decision.

About vaccines

Vaccination and the immune system, vaccine effectiveness, safety and side effects

Learn more about vaccines

Diseases that vaccines protect against

Childhood vaccines are proven to help protect children against 14 preventable diseases

Learn more about the 14 vaccine-preventable diseases

Childhood vaccination schedule

Timing of vaccinations, get your child's vaccination schedule, guidance for common concerns, common childhood diseases

Learn more about the childhood vaccination schedule

Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Allergic and stress-related reactions, how we make sure vaccines are safe, vaccine ingredients

Learn more about vaccine safety and possible side effects

Know what to expect

Locate your local, provincial or territorial public health unit to access your child’s vaccine record

When to vaccinate your child, who is at increased risk of severe outcomes, additional doses, possible side effects

Have your child's vaccine record ready and know how to help your child with needle fear and potential side effects

Printable resources

An easy-to-use guide that answers your questions about your child's vaccination

Youth get many vaccinations while in school, and knowing what they're for and why it's important is worth understanding

Data that compares 6 common vaccine-preventable diseases before and after routine vaccination

How childhood vaccines keep your child safe

Transcript and access to described video

Vaccination stories

Charlotte's story

Two-year old Charlotte relies on community immunity to stay healthy

Transcript of Charlotte's story

Colton's story

Colton's story about why he counts on you to get your annual flu shot

Transcript of Colton's story

Laurie's story

Laurie's story about having the measles when she was 12

Transcript of Laurie's story

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