You protect them every day. So do vaccines.

You do all you can to keep your children safe and healthy. So you may have questions about vaccines, especially given all the conflicting information surrounding them. We're here to help you get the facts to make an informed decision.

Fact or Fiction? Vaccines eliminated
polio in Canada.

Fact. Canada was certified "polio-free" in 1994.

Read why vaccines are necessary.


A shot of science.

Most vaccines can’t be given orally because saliva and the digestive process break down the active components. Luckily, a quick shot is all you need!

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Fact or Fiction? New vaccines are developed and approved every few months.

Fiction. On average, it takes 10 years of research, development and testing before a vaccine can be approved by Health Canada.

Learn about vaccine safety.


Learn how to protect those you love. Get the facts.

Deciding to vaccinate

How vaccines work, vaccine effectiveness, why vaccines are needed, how vaccines are given

Vaccine safety, concerns and side effects

Vaccines and autism, vaccine side effects, vaccine reactions, vaccine safety, vaccine ingredients

Diseases that vaccines prevent

List of vaccine-preventable diseases, their symptoms and possible complications

When to vaccinate your child

Your child's vaccination schedule, where to get vaccinated, what to do if you move or travel abroad

What to expect at the vaccination appointment

Tips for before, during and after the vaccination