Health science, research and data

Health data, science, research, statistics, determinants of health, and monitoring and surveillance.

Services and information


Public Health infobase, health in Canada surveys, alcohol, tobacco and drug use surveys, reports, data, and research.

Health science and research

Career resources, funding, advice and decision making, emerging technology, National Microbiology Laboratory, health research importance, and promotion.

Determinants of health

Social and health factors, inequalities, population health approach and implementation.

Monitoring and surveillance

Surveillance reports and programs, research on food and nutrition, opioids, Fluwatch, tobacco, radiation, diseases and infections, and physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

Health statistics

Centre for Population Health Data, tools and reports, Canada's health statistics, articles and reports.

Science of health blog

The Health Portfolio's science and research activities, partnerships, reports, publications, and opportunities for professional development.

COVID-19 statistics

Archive of geo-enabled data, tools and reports on COVID-19 in Canada.

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