Data, surveillance and research on opioids and other substances

Links to evidence guiding the Government of Canada's response to the overdose crisis.

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Get the latest data

Access the most recent data on opioid- and stimulant-related harms in Canada (Last updated: September 2023)

  • Apparent opioid and stimulant toxicity deaths
  • Opioid- and stimulant-related poisoning hospitalizations
  • Emergency Medical Services responses to suspected opioid-related overdoses

Joint statement on the crisis

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, and Dr. Yves Léger, the Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health of New Brunswick, share their perspectives on these data, the overdose crisis and actions needed to prevent further substance-related harms in Canada.

Read the joint statement (Last updated: September 2023)

Federal actions on opioids

Read about the Government of Canada's actions to address the overdose crisis and help save lives, including:

  • government funding for projects
  • increased access to treatment and harm reduction programs
  • awareness, prevention and enforcement efforts

Read more about Federal actions on opioids (Last updated: June 2023)

Reports, studies and surveys

Read the Government of Canada's studies and published reports on the overdose crisis at the national level.

Public Health Agency of Canada

Other reports, studies and surveys

Health Canada

Statistics Canada

Canadian Institute for Health Information

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Provincial and territorial information

Provincial and territorial differences exist in the impact of the opioid crisis and in their response. To find out more, please refer to the links below:

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