Most requested services for GST/HST

    Find out how to use this service and file your return.
  • GST/HST Access code
    You can change your access code to a number of your choice by using GST/HST Access Code Online.
  • GST/HST calculator (and rates)
    FUse this calculator to find out the amount of tax that applies to sales in Canada, and access the GST/HST provincial rates table.

Services and information

When to register for and start charging the GST/HST

Find out if you have to register and start charging the GST/HST.

Open or manage an account

Register for, change, or close a GST/HST account.

Charge and collect GST/HST

Determine which rate to charge, manage receipts and invoices, and learn what to do with the tax you collect.

Complete and file a GST/HST return

Calculate your net tax, and complete, file, or correct a return.

Remit (pay) the GST/HST you collected

When and how to remit (pay) the tax, including by instalments.

Claim a GST/HST rebate

All rebates available, charging GST/HST in error, and FCTIP.

Confirming a GST/HST account number

How to confirm the GST/HST account number of a supplier, and how to use the GST/HST registry.

Apply for a GST/HST credit

Find out if you can apply, payment dates, and how to calculate.

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