Contracting Policy Notice 2015-3 Trade Agreements: Thresholds Update - Second Update

Contracting Policy Notice 2015-3


To: Functional heads, Finance and Administration of all Departments and Agencies

Subject: Update of Thresholds for International Trade Agreements


The thresholds in effect from , to , for procurements subject to various international trade agreements are set out in the table below. The thresholds for the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) do not change.

(CAN$ , to )
(Departments and Agencies)
Crown Corporations
Trade Agreement Goods Services Construction Goods Services Construction

Table 1 Notes

Table Note 1

Under the Canada-Chile and Canada-Colombia agreements, there are “extended transparency” commitments to provide suppliers with information regarding procurements for which they are not eligible to bid but where (1) an open-tendering process is used, and (2) the procurement value exceeds CAN $124,000 for Chile and CAN $150,000 for Colombia.

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Table Note 2

Government procurement chapter of the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement comes into force on January 14th, 2016

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Annex 502.1A 25,000 100,000 100,000 25,000 100,000 100,000
Annex 502.3 N/A N/A N/A 500,000 500,000 5,000,000
Bilateral Agreements
Chiletable note 1 89,600 89,600 8,500,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Colombiatable note 1 89,600 89,600 8,500,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Honduras 89,600 89,600 8,500,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Koreatable note 2 100,000 100,000 8,500,000 N/A N/A N/A
Panama 89,600 89,600 8,500,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Peru 161,800 161,800 8,500,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Canada/US 28,900 89,600 11,600,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
Canada/Mexico 89,600 89,600 11,600,000 448,100 448,100 14,300,000
WTO-GPA 221,400 221,400 8,500,000 604,700 604,700 8,500,000


Every two years, the thresholds in the international trade agreements are updated. This Contracting Policy Notice amends the thresholds in Contracting Policy Notice 2013-5 to provide new thresholds, which are expressed in Canadian dollars. All thresholds are for the period , to . The thresholds for the AIT remain unchanged.

New Requirements

Procurements subject to international trade agreements and the AIT must publish Notices of Planned Procurements through the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS), which is provided by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) via the Tenders page on the website. 


  1. The trade agreements to which this Contracting Policy Notice pertain have been hyperlinked in the table above.
  2. Canadian International Trade Tribunal Procurement Inquiry Regulations
  3. Treasury Board Contracting Policy


  1. For matters of content with respect to government procurement obligations contained in any of the international trade agreements, please contact Global Affairs Canada:

    1-800-267-8376 (toll-free in Canada)
    613-944-4000 (in the National Capital Region and outside Canada)

    If you are hearing impaired or if you have a speech impediment and use a text telephone, you can access the TTY service from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time by calling 613-944-9136 (in Canada only).

    Facsimile: 613-996-9709

    Write to

    Enquiries Service (BCI)
    Global Affairs Canada
    125 Sussex Drive
    Ottawa ON  K1A 0G2

  2. For information with respect to the AIT, please contact the AIT Secretariat:

    Telephone: 204-987-8094
    Facsimile: 204-942-8460

    Write to

    Suite 850, 444 St. Mary Avenue
    Winnipeg MB  R3C 3T1

  3. For information with respect to the Treasury Board Contracting Policy, please contact TBS Public Enquiries.
Elisa Mayhew
Assistant Comptroller General
Acquired Services and Assets Sector
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

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