DAOD 5009-0, Personnel Readiness

1. Introduction

Date of Issue: 2017-04-24

Application: This DAOD is an order that applies to the officers and non-commissioned members of the Canadian Armed Forces in the Regular Force and the Primary Reserve (CAF members).

Approval Authority: Chief of Military Personnel (CMP)

Enquiries: Director General Military Personnel (DGMP)

2. Definitions

personnel tempo (incidence d'absences)

The frequency and duration of military duties away from home.

Note – The accumulation of absences from home can be due to operational deployment, individual or collective training, or incremental tasking. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 21042)

readiness (préparation)

The state of being appropriately prepared to meet specified personal, professional and operational demands.

Note 1 – This concept applies in all aspects of personal and professional life.

Note 2 – Readiness encompasses notice-to-move levels, training, resources and support needed to meet operational demands. (Defence Terminology Bank record number 27069)

3. Policy Direction


3.1 CAF strategic objectives, capability requirements, plans and programs provide the need to collect, maintain and present accurate personnel readiness data. This data enables commanders to effectively screen and track the readiness of their CAF members.

3.2 A CAF member demonstrates their readiness for selection and assignment to a designated tasking, posting or deployment by having:

  1. acquired the necessary experience and skills;
  2. performed the required training;
  3. demonstrated that they are physically and mentally fit; and
  4. confirmed the status of various administrative processes.

3.3 Verification of the readiness state of CAF members is known as personnel readiness verification (PRV). PRV screening, as set out in DAOD 5009-1, Personnel Readiness Verification Screening, provides accurate, real-time data to support both personnel and operational decisions.

3.4 The establishment of a PRV screening and tracking system supports:

  1. the strategic intent of the Chief of the Defence Staff and the initiatives of the Strategic Joint Staff in respect of personnel readiness;
  2. force generator requirements to track personnel readiness and provide vital data when required;
  3. force employer requirements to account and care for deployed CAF members; and
  4. commanders and other decision-makers by providing them with accurate human resource data.

Policy Statement

3.5 The CAF is committed to ensuring that:

  1. CAF members undergo required PRV screening; and
  2. there is a balance between personnel tempo (PERSTEMPO) and the needs of CAF members by establishing supporting policies, standards, instructions and activities.


3.6 The CAF must:

  1. establish protocols, procedures and memoranda of understanding with appropriate organizations to ensure that relevant personnel readiness standards are defined and implemented;
  2. institute and maintain a PRV screening and tracking system;
  3. ensure individual PRV results are kept up-to-date and accurate;
  4. monitor the PERSTEMPO of CAF members; and
  5. ensure that personnel readiness policies and procedures, including software, are based on sound protocols and relate to operational needs.

4. Consequences

Consequences of Non-Compliance

4.1 Non-compliance with this DAOD may have consequences for the CAF as an institution and for CAF members as individuals. Suspected non-compliance may be investigated. The nature and severity of the consequences resulting from actual non-compliance will be commensurate with the circumstances of the non-compliance.

5. Authorities

Authority Table

5.1 The following table identifies the authorities associated with this DAOD:

The ... has or have the authority to …
  • issue policies, instructions and standards in respect of personnel readiness and PRV.
  • approve revisions to personnel readiness standards and PRV tracking that involve readiness indicator change.
force generators
  • determine and oversee how best to prepare CAF members to meet the requirements for designated taskings, postings and deployments; and
  • ensure that CAF members having the critical competencies are in the right place at the right time to achieve the desired effects.
force employers
  • advise and set the requirements for personnel readiness tasks within their area of responsibility.

6. References

Other References

  • DAOD 5009-1, Personnel Readiness Verification Screening
  • DAOD 5023-1, Minimum Operational Standards Related to Universality of Service
  • DAOD 5023-2, Physical Fitness Program
  • CANFORGEN 118/05, Screening and Reintegration for Canadian Forces
  • CANFORGEN 082/07, PERSTEMPO Policy For CF International Operations
  • Canadian Joint Operations Command Directives for International Operations (CDIO): 1000 series – Personnel
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