Transfer for Climate Risk Assessment at Comox Airport

  • The Transportation Asset Risk Assessment Initiative – run by Transport Canada – provides funding to assess the impacts of the climate change on federal transportation infrastructure.
  • In 2019, National Defence applied to have a climate risk assessment completed at the Comox Airport through this initiative.
  • Through these Estimates, Transport Canada is transferring $85,000 to National Defence to carry out this assessment. 
  • This assessment will focus on climate change’s effects on the Comox Airport roadway, airfield, runways, linear infrastructure, and building structures.
  • This will help National Defence determine how it can further strengthen the infrastructure at Comox Airport and increase its resiliency to climate change.  

Key Facts

  • The Comox Airport is housed at 19 Wing Comox, in Comox, British Columbia.
  • Comox Airport is used by both military and civilian airlines.
  • 19 Wing Comox will be the first National Defence property to undergo a climate risk assessment as a result of the 2019 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.


  • Transport Canada provides funding through this program to assess the impacts of the changing climate on federally-owned transportation assets such as bridges, ports and airports and provide information that can be integrated into asset management and infrastructure investment plans.
  • The program aims to make Canada’s transportation system stronger and more resilient. It also supports the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, which was developed to meet emission reduction targets, grow the economy, and build resilience to a changing climate.

Version 5; 2020-02-26 – Source: Director Budget draft tab; D Parl A Supps A 2019-20 note, “National Defence Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.”

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