Transfer for Joint Co-operative Research and Development

  • Cyber capabilities and related expertise are critical to defending Canada against 21st century threats from adversaries.
  • In these Estimates, the Communications Security Establishment is transferring $80,000 to National Defence to support joint research on quantum computing and communications.
  • This important research will help ensure that Canada stays informed of the latest developments in cyber security and signals intelligence.

Key Facts

  • This funding will go toward the following research projects:
    • Scalable Quantum Computing: $40,000
    • Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Optics and superconducting Circuits: $40,000
  • These research proposals were made as part of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Discovery Grant Supplement Program, established in conjunction with Defence Research and Development Canada.  


  • Funding through these Estimates will enable researchers who have already received a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Discovery Grant Supplement Program to apply for a top-up. In this case, the supplements are for research in quantum technology.
  • The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is supporting research and development projects related to quantum technology to ensure it is able to assess threats and opportunities posed by advances in this field.
  • These funds are being transferred to NSERC through National Defence’s Estimates because CSE does not have the required transfer payment authority. In accordance with Treasury Board Secretariat direction, CSE is able to use National Defence’s authority to do this transfer.
  • Grants enable CSE to leverage external, cutting-edge expertise, increase CSE’s presence and reputation in this field, and will serve as a workforce multiplier.

Version 5; 2020-02-26 – Source: Director Budget draft tab; D Parl A Supps A 2019-20 note, “Canadian Armed Forces Cyber Activities

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