Annex A  – CDS Letter to MND

August 2016
The Minister

Staff Assistance Visit to Royal Military College of Canada

Reference our earlier discussion, I continue to have growing concerns about the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC).  As the Chief of the Defence Staff I must be assured that the climate at RMCC is contributing to the healthy development of our future officers and leaders.

While there are a number of investigations ongoing at RMCC that include boards of inquiry (BOI) into the deaths of the officer-cadets, and an OAG performance audit into the viability of RMCC, I do not believe they will provide me with answers to the questions I have. Therefore I have ordered the VCDS to initiate a Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) to RMCC. The SAV will be responsive to the VCDS with a remit due to me in December 2016.

They will look at many aspects of RMCC life to include the chain of command, the staff and tensions between the military and academic wings of RMCC. Once I receive the SAV response I will be in a better position to issue direction and guidance,

I will keep you updated throughout on this very important and sensitive issue.

J.H. Vance

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