1. In conclusion, the SSAV Team assesses that overall RMC is delivering on its mission of producing well educated officers to serve as leaders in the CAF.  There are however, issues with the delivery of the ROTP-RMC programme to include the associated standards and how they are enforced, the selection process and rank levels for the Training Wing leadership positions that are in direct contact with the N/OCdts, the governance framework that supports RMC, and some of the infrastructure and facilities that need attention.  These issues inhibit creating the optimal training and learning environment for N/OCdts at RMC and should be addressed as a priority.
  2. The conduct of the RMC SSAV has truly been an intense, demanding and enlightening journey for the entire Team.  The highlight has been the people the Team was privileged to encounter: hundreds of impressive and promising young N/OCdts, Training Wing Officers and Non-Commissioned Members, academic staff, and support staff serving RMC, as well as the dedicated Officers and Non-Commissioned Members at CDA/MILPERSGEN headquarters.
  3. The SSAV Team would not have been able to fulfill its mandate without the outstanding support, cooperation and conviviality of the entire RMC community, and in particular the College’s most important constituents – the N/OCdts.  The SSAV Team expresses sincere appreciation to the Commandant, Brigadier-General Sean Friday; Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal; the Team’s civilian and academic advisor, Dr. Phil Bates; the Deputy Commandant, Colonel Stephen Hall; the Director of Cadets, Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Renahan; the RMCC Board of Governors; CDA/MILPERSGEN staff; the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group; and many others, for their commitment, collaboration, and intellectual integrity.   
  4. The work of the SSAV Team was greatly enabled by the support of the Commander, Military Personnel Command/Chief of Military Personnel, Lieutenant-General Christine Whitecross, as well as that of the Acting Commander, CDA/MILPERSGEN, Brigadier-General Steve Whelan.  The Team would like to recognize the hospitality, open discussion and insight afforded by the leadership and staff of CMR SJ during the Team’s visit in January. 
  5. Finally, the SSAV Team must acknowledge the tremendous feedback received from members of the CAF and external stakeholders including former RMC staff, ex-cadets and parents who have all provided insightful and important views and opinions and who clearly care deeply about the institution.
  6. It is assessed that the environment exists for the contents of this report to generate positive change, contribute to optimizing the training and learning environment at RMC and ensure this important national institution continues to produce the highest quality of well-educated and well-trained junior officers for the benefit of the CAF, the Profession of Arms and Canada for generations to come.

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