Annex C – SSAV Team Biographies

Vice-Admiral (Retired) Gregory Maddison, CMM, MSC, CD, D Sc Mil (Hon)

Vice-Admiral Maddison joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968 and graduated from the Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Engineering and Management). His career included command of HMCS Athabaskan, the First Canadian Destroyer Squadron, NATO's Standing Naval Force Atlantic where he was responsible for enforcing a maritime embargo in the Adriatic Sea, Maritime Forces Atlantic and Commander of Canada's Navy. Vice-Admiral Maddison concluded his career as the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (2001-2005) responsible for operations both domestically and abroad. Since his retirement in 2005, Vice-Admiral Maddison has been involved in a number of Boards both in the corporate and volunteer sectors. He mentors senior officers and public servants attending the year long National Security Programme. Vice-Admiral Maddison is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College in Toronto and the National Defence College in Kingston. He was also the first Honorary Commandant for Canada's Special Forces Command and has received an Honorary Doctorate of Military Science from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Major-General (Retired) David Neasmith, OMM, MSC, CD, M Sc

Major General Neasmith joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1980, began at Collège Militaire Royale in Saint-Jean and graduated from the Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Math and Physics).  An Army Signals Officer, his career included command of the Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment, the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group and Land Force Atlantic Area.  Overseas he has served as the SFOR Chief of Military Communications in Bosnia-Herzegovina; and as the Assistant Commanding General responsible for overseeing the development of the Afghanistan Ministry of Defence and the Afghanistan National Army.  Major General Neasmith’s last appointment in uniform was as the CAF J6, Chief of Staff (Information Management), and Branch Leader of the Communications and Electronics Branch.  He retired from the CAF in 2015.  Major General Neasmith is a Distinguished Graduate of the United States National War College at National Defense University, in Washington, D.C. where he earned a Masters of Science in National Security Strategy.

Brigadier-General Virginia Tattersall, CD, M Sc

Brigadier- General Tattersall joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1985 and graduated from the Royal Military College with a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and History). An Army Logistics Officer she commanded the Mission Closure Unit/Op ATHENA Mission Transition Task Force and is currently Commander Canadian Materiel Support Group, and will soon be appointed Deputy Commander of CDA/MILPERSGEN, RMC’s superior headquarters. Staff appointments have included J3 CANOSCOM HQ and J-34 Strategic Joint Staff. Brigadier-General Tattersall has served overseas with the United Nations Transitional Authority Cambodia, United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Golan Heights and Op ATHENA Afghanistan. Brigadier-General Tattersall is a Distinguished Graduate of the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy in Washington D.C where she earned a Masters of Science in National Resource Strategy.

Colonel A.M.C. Bouchard, MSM, CD, CCFP, MD

Colonel Annie Bouchard joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 under the Medical Officer Training Plan obtaining her Doctorate in Medicine from the Université de Montréal in 1993. Highlights of her career include serving as the Canadian medical officer in the American-led International clinic as SHAPE HQ, Commanding Officer 5 Field Ambulance and as a senior staff officer in the Directorate of Medical Policy. Colonel Bouchard’s overseas tours include service with the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haïti, Officer Commanding the Role 1 health services support for OP ATHENA, Commanding Officer of the Medical Platoon with the Disaster Assistance Relief Team in Haïti in 2010. Currently she holds the appointment of Army Command Surgeon. Colonel Bouchard is a graduate of the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

Lieutenant-Colonel M.J. Dow, CD, MA, LLB

Lieutenant-Colonel Marla Dow joined the Canadian Forces in 1988. A graduate of Royal Roads Military College, the Royal Military College, and the University of Ottawa, she served an Intelligence Officer before becoming a Legal Officer. As a member of the Office of the Judge Advocate General, she has provided legal advice on issues ranging from Defence governance to military personnel policy, the release and disclosure of information to cyber policy. Lieutenant-Colonel Dow completed a tour as an exchange officer to the US Army JAG’s Legal Center and School, deploying briefly to the Multi-National Force-Iraq HQ in Baghdad, and also served with the International Security Assistance Force HQ in Afghanistan. She is currently the legal advisor to the office of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Gauthier, CD, MAPScS

Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Gauthier joined the Canadian Armed Forces in July 2000 as a Roman Catholic Chaplain.  He holds a BA in Education from the University of Laval and an MA in Pastoral Sc Counselling from the University of Ottawa.  He was a high-school teacher and served as pastoral associate in the Quebec Diocese prior his service in the Canadian Armed Forces.  His postings include 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry, Chapel Life Coordinator, Senior Base and Brigade Chaplain and as a Clinician Chaplain working in the Operational Trauma and Stress Support Center (OTSSC). He has served two tours in Afghanistan (Op APOLLO, Senior Chaplain JTF-A HQ 6-09 Op ATHENA), and as the Chaplain supporting the Third Location Decompression Program in Guam and Cyprus. Lieutenant Colonel Gauthier recently served as Command Chaplain for Canadian Joint Operational Command and Canadian Special Operations Force Command.  He is currently the Royal Canadian Navy Command Chaplain and the Senior Mental Health Clinician Chaplain Advisor for the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service.

Chief Warrant Officer Colleen Halpin, MMM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Colleen Halpin joined the Canadian Forces in 1986. A Traffic Technician by trade she has been posted to Chatham N.B., National Defence Headquarters, 2 Service Battalion, 2 Air Movements Squadron, and 3 Canadian Support Group. Key positions held include Cadre Sergeant Major for Traffic Training Cadre at the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics, Unit Master Warrant Officer for 4 Canadian Forces Movement Control Unit, Squadron Chief Warrant Officer 2 Air Movements Squadron and most recently Wing Chief Warrant Officer 22 Wing North Bay. Her overseas deployments include UNPROFOR, Macedonia/Kosovo, SFOR Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Lebanon; and Kyrgyzstan.  In 2016, Chief Warrant Officer Halpin was appointed Vice Chief of Defence Staff Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer Christian Thibault, MMM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Christian Thibault joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Administrative Clerk in November 1982. He has served with 440 Transport and Rescue Squadron, Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), and at CFBs Edmonton, Calgary and Kingston. Key positions held include Fort Sergeant Major at the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College Fort Frontenac, 4 Wing Cold Lake Administration Chief Warrant Officer, Canadian Forces Support Training Group/CFB Borden Chief Warrant Officer and Formation Chief Warrant Officer at the Canadian Defence Academy.  Chief Warrant Officer Thibault’s overseas tours include Croatia and Bosnia. Chief Warrant Officer Thibault is a graduate of the Non-Commissioned Member Executive Professional Development Program at RMC Kingston. Currently he is the Military Personnel Command Chief Warrant Officer, and will soon be commissioned as an Officer through the Special Requirements Commissioning Plan, promoted to the rank of Major, and assume a new role at RMC as a senior mentor to the College’s Naval and Officer Cadets.

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