7.0 Conclusion

We are committed to investing in our people. Building on the wealth of existing wellness initiatives at the DND/CAF, the Defence Team Total Health and Wellness Strategy drives the DND/CAF a step further. It cultivates a holistic approach to advance common objectives and identify opportunities to align and integrate resources in support of optimal health and wellness outcomes.

This strategy moves beyond traditional approaches to workplace health that focus on physical and mental dimensions and compliance with occupational health and safety. This strategy represents a comprehensive approach to wellness, which:

  • Includes all dimensions of health within the workplace and one’s personal life, which must be dynamically balanced to achieve optimal wellness outcomes;
  • Identifies the types of organizational supports necessary to maximize the improvement of health and wellness outcomes; and
  • Targets all spheres of influence (Individual, Leadership and Organization) to create fundamental change to improve wellness.

Relying on evidence-based research, the Defence Team Total Health and Wellness Strategy creates a foundation to understand the wellness needs of Defence Team members across all dimensions of health which will lead to significant improvements to the health and wellness of the organization and its workforce. Our success relies on the collective efforts of the organization, its leaders, and all Defence Team members. We must all commit to promoting a culture of wellness at the DND/CAF.

The DND/CAF is committed to advocating a wellness culture through our efforts to express our shared values and ensuring Defence Team members are supported by a range of systems, programs, and services which facilitate the integration of wellness practices into their daily lives. Taking care of our people remains a top priority. Our success depends on the wellness of all members of the Defence Team. As such, we are committed to supporting every member of the team to be fit and resilient at home and at work.

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