Annex B - Release Administrator Checklist

Release Authority for Release Benefits Administration (RBA)

After receiving your release information, the Release Administrator will:

  • Confirm the Release Authority
  • Confirm your Release Item
  • Confirm your Release Date
  • Upload Release Authorization Documents
  • Upload Release Authorization Acting Letter (if required)

Prepare For Your Initial Interview

Before your Initial Interview, the Release Administrator will:

  • Upload the following documents (as applicable):
    • DND Arrears Verification Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA) 300
    • Enrolment Form(s) CF 444
    • Severance Pay/Rehabilitation Leave Worksheet
    • Reserve Force Retirement Gratuity (RFRG)
    • Previous Canadian Forces Severance Pay (CFSP)
    • Payment in Lieu (PiL) Election Calculation Form
    • Previous Qualifying Service Calculation Notification (DND 1112)
    • Documents for Pay Forfeiture
    • Statement of Reserve Service (CF 1007)
  • ·         Confirm Mandatory Documents in Personal File
    • Member's Birth Certificate
    • Enrollment Form CF 444 (the most recent)
    • Promotion Message (the most recent)
    • Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB) Form (CF 2196)
  • Print the following documents
    • Human Resources Management System (HRMS)/Guardian Member Personnel Record Résumé (MPRR)
    • Statement of Understanding (SOU)
    • Certificate of Service (More than 10 years (CF 54) printed at RBA)
  • Financial Reconciliation
    • Update Alternate PON to 005
    • Review and Post any outstanding transactions
    • Review Miscellaneous Information
    • Update Individual Notes
    • Update Allotments Menu
    • Update Pay Arrangement
    • Review Address
    • Review Personal Data
    • Review Pay Status History
    • Review Continuous Allowances
    • Review Continuous Deductions
  • Calculate member's last pay

Conduct Initial Interview

During the Initial Interview, the Release Administrator will:

  • Discuss Out-Clearance Process related to:
    • Medical Part 1 and 2
    • Dental Appointment
    • Base Personnel Selection Officer (BPSO)
    • Permanent Married Quarters (PMQ)/Ration & Quarter (R&Q) (if applicable)
    • SISIP
    • Base Supply to return kit
    • MESS
    • Non-Public Fund (NPF)
    • Claims
    • Cashier
    • Mobile Support Equipment (MSE)/Transport
    • Access Passes (Building/Parking)
    • Personnel Support Programs (PSP)/Sports Store
    • Designated Travel Card (DTC)/BMO Card
    • Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC)
    • VAC
    • Person Liability Clearance Card (PLCC)
  • ·Discuss the following:
    • Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CFIRP) Benefit – Intended Place of Residence (IPR)
    • CFIRP Benefit – IPR Relocation Move
    • Legion Membership
    • Medical Insurance – Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) coverage
    • Dental after Release – Pensioner’s Dental Services Plan
    • Mandatory Transition Course
    • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    • Transfer to another CAF Component
    • Supplementary Death Benefit (SDB)
    • HG&E in Long Term Storage at Release
    • Pay Allotments
    • Debt to the Crown
    • CFSP calculation by RBA – suggest member seek professional financial advice
    • CFSP – CRA Letter/Notice of Assessment
    • CFSP – Payment Instruction for the Transfer of Funds
    • Statement of Ordinary Residence (SOR) on Release
    • Security Clearance
    • Exit Survey
    • Departure with Dignity (DWD) Entitlements (i.e., who will be the OPI for your DWD and when)
  • Review the following:
    • MPRR
    • Pension Benefit application process
    • Certificate of Service Application
    • Release Transfer Notification Message (RTNM) message
  • Confirm the following:
    • Retirement Leave
    • Leave Cash Out
  • Prepare NDI 10 (Temp ID Card)
  • Give you a copy of SOU
  • Confirm contact information after release
  • Explain what happens at Final Interview
  • Schedule Progress Interview

Conduct Progress Interview

Between your Initial Interview and Final Interview, the Release Administrator will contact you to:

  • Confirm Pension Package forms have been completed, mailed, and received at Pension Centre
  • Confirm Out-Clearance is progressing
  • Confirm Final Interview Appointment
  • Check if you have used any leave or if you are planning to take any leave before your release date
  • Confirm kit return status
  • Confirm SISIP
  • Confirm if any other issues have been identified that would undermine a successful transition

Prepare for Final Interview

Before your Final Interview, the Release Administrator will:

  • Print the following documents:
    • Release or Transfer Notification Message
    • HRMS/Guardian MPRR
    • Copy of SOU for Signature
    • Copy of Declaration of IPR (or election)
    • Copy Supplementary Reserve Application (if applicable)
    • CF WILL/WILL Certificate after Signature
    • Admin Cancellation of SC TBS/SCT 330-47
    • Copy of security caution certificate
    • Release Digest (DND2520)
    • Debt to the Crown letter (MFSI7)
    • Release Aide-Memoire
  • Prepare the following documents:
    • Certificate of Service Trained BOT or BRT (CF 2279)
    • Certificate of Service Untrained (CF 707)
    • Certificate of Svc (CF54) Received
    • Records of Employment (ROE)
    • Banking Information
    • Final Pay Calculation
    • Retirement Leave Request Authorization (CF100)
    • Leave Cash-out Form

Conduct Final Interview

During the Final Interview, the Release Administrator will:

  • Finalize and provide you with a copy of your Release or Transfer Notification Message
  • Discuss the following:
    • Funeral Benefits
    • Survivor Benefits
    • Hospitalization/Sick Leave while on Retirement Leave
    • Rank/Title after Release
    • Wearing the Uniform after Release
    • Administration while on Retirement Leave
    • Banking instruction DND2520/2517
  • ·         Provide the following:
    • Copy of Declaration of IPR (or Election)
    • Copy for Signature (Supplementary Reserve Application Form CF 1117)
    • Acknowledgement  of Receipt of Documents on Release
    • Copy of Release Digest/summary
    • Certificate of Service
  • Explain and Provide a Copy of SOU for Signature
  • Issue Record of Employment (ROE) (RBA will issue for those with 30+ days of Retirement Leave)
  • Administrative Cancellation of Security Clearance TBS/SCT 330-47
  • Provide Copy and Sign Security Caution Certificate
  • Review and sign MPRR
  • Issue NDI 75 – Veteran Service Card
  • Collect the following:
    • NDI 10/20
    • Geneva Convention ID Card (if applicable)
    • Personal Liability Clearance Card
    • MP ID Card (if applicable)
    • Building Pass(es)
    • Any Classified Material
    • CRA Notice of Assessment (NOA)/CRA Letter


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