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Test Drives

The Department of National Defence will put your tech through its paces.


Test Drives takes your product through the final stage of the innovation journey towards commercialization. We acquire your solution so that DND/CAF can assess the readiness of your product in a real world environment for a military audience.

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How it works

How do Test Drives work?

Test Drives are an opportunity for Innovators to offer their solutions that have reached a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to address a challenge faced by DND/CAF personnel (Learn more about TRLs). The solutions will be tested in a real world environment. Where possible, selected innovators may be able to observe the testing. Selected innovators will receive feedback on their technology following the testing.

An open call for proposals will be issued for a specific Test Drive challenge to allow multiple proposals to be submitted. The contracts signed by successful applicants will outline the purchase, lease, rent, loan or other arrangement with the innovator to acquire their technology in a limited quantity for controlled testing based on a DND/CAF test plan. The contract will also reference any requisite training, repair, maintenance, and other support services.

In some cases, solutions that have successfully concluded their development under another component of the IDEaS program (i.e. Competitive Projects) and reaches the appropriate TRL level may be invited to submit a proposal for evaluation to transition directly into a Test Drive. This approved process allows for successful and innovative solutions to progress through IDEaS, without the challenge being re-published and without a repeat of an open call for proposals.

There are no commitments from DND/CAF to enter into full scale procurement of the solution following the Test Drive.

Who can apply?

We accept solutions from small and large companies, academia, non-profit organizations and individuals. Even international organizations and companies can apply. Federal government employees, departments/agencies and federal Crown Corporations are not eligible to submit applications.

What are the criteria for being selected?

The criteria that will be used during the evaluation and selection process will be shared in the solicitation documents associated with each Test Drive Call for Proposals. Proposed solutions must have already successfully completed TRLs 1-6 or higher at the time of application, in order for CAF to conduct the TRL 7 and higher “Real world testing” during the Test Drive.

How do I apply?

Test Drives Challenges will be published on the IDEaS Opportunities Page and the Test Drive Opportunities Tab. Visit the “How to Apply” tab on the posted challenge’s webpage to understand the process and submit your application.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) publishes the Test Drive Calls for Proposals. All relevant documentation including the solicitation guide, proposal forms, and questions, is published on behalf of the Department of National Defence on PSPC’s website,

Please note that IDEaS does not accept unsolicited proposals.

What happens after a Test Drive?

Where possible, innovators will receive feedback after a Test Drive is completed, subject to any security restrictions. Regardless of the test results, there is no commitment by DND/CAF or the innovator to enter into full scale procurement of the solution. Such a decision would be undertaken within the normal procurement methods of DND/CAF outside of the IDEaS program, should DND/CAF decide to pursue the solution following the Test Drive.