We bring in the experts, you bring the technology. Then, it’s play time.


Sandboxes are the opportunity to get your product in front of national defence experts and demonstrate its capabilities. Be in the room to demonstrate your savvy in solutions development and receive observational feedback from DND, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) experts and potential users.

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Tip: Want to learn about the Sandbox process from A to Z? Explore current or past Sandboxes challenges on the “Opportunities” tab for more detailed information.

How it works

What are we looking for?

Sandboxes are an opportunity for innovators to demonstrate their solutions in the presence of national defence experts and users. We are interested in assessing and advancing solutions that have already successfully completed the work and testing associated with Solution Readiness Level 5 (SRL 5) or higher at the time of application. This ensures that solutions are ready for the integrated SRL 6 or higher testing that DND/CAF expects in a Sandbox.(Learn more about SRLs)

What do innovators get?

The scenario and environment are provided by the Department of National Defence (DND) and the CAF. Participants can interact and receive observational feedback from DND/CAF experts and potential users.

How much funding is available?

The Sandboxes element doesn’t provide funding directly, but will partially reimburse costs related to travel, shipping, and other costs incurred related to the sandbox. You can find details within the individual Sandbox challenges.

Who can apply?

We accept solutions from small and large companies, academia, non-profit organizations and individuals. Even international organizations and companies can apply. Federal government employees, departments/agencies and federal Crown Corporations are not eligible to submit applications.

How do I apply?

All Sandboxes will be published on the IDEaS Opportunities Page and the Sandbox Opportunities Tab. Visit the “How to Apply” tab on the posted challenge’s webpage to understand the process and submit your application.

Please note that IDEaS does not accept unsolicited proposals.

What happens after a Sandbox?

After the Sandbox is concluded a written report will be provided to each Participant documenting the observations from DND/CAF on the Participant’s solution.

Attendance at a Sandbox, or even successful demonstrations within the Sandbox, does not imply any intent or commitment that DND/CAF will undertake any further activity with any solution or organization. It is a one-time Sandbox event only. It is completely up to the Participant what they do with the information learned during the Sandbox.

DND/CAF will internally consider the observations of all Sandboxes in order to monitor any progression towards solving the specific challenges and how that may or may not influence further force development planning, considerations, and priorities internal to IDEaS and across DND/CAF.