33 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (33 CF H Svcs C) Kingston

Clinic Announcements

The clinic will be closed April 7 and 10, 2023. 


Important - all visitors, regardless of their reasons for presenting at the 33 CF H Svcs C facility must enter through the main entrance and be screened by the front desk. You will also be required to switch to a medical grade mask upon entry to the facility and for the duration of your visit (neck gaiters and bandanas are not an acceptable mask).

For emergencies anytime, you are reminded to report to the nearest ER, or call 911. 


In order to improve care and patient safety, all patients will now be requested to present their NDI20 or other government issued identification when seeking care at the 33 CF H Svcs C (Kingston).

No show/missed appointments - Medavie Blue Cross

Effective November 2018, the benefit code for missed medical and dental appointments has been terminated from the respective four Programs of Choice. Missed appointments will no longer be covered for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members under the Federal Health Claims Processing Service. Should the civilian health providers choose to bill for a "no show" or missed appointment, they will be directed by Medavie Blue Cross to bill the member directly. 

About the unit

33 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (33 CF H Svcs C) is located at Canadian Forces Base(CFB) Kingston Building ME-40, 26 Somme Ave, Kingston. This Health Services Centre is one of 32 Canadian Forces (CF) clinics across the country whose role it is to provide health services to CAF members and other entitled personnel.

33 CF H Svcs C has a detachment located on Royal Military College campus at 1 Point Frederick Drive, Kingston, Ontario.

Our Mission is to provide high quality patient-centered primary care focused on the health of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community we serve.

Clinic Feedback

Clinic Feedback

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are important to us. If you have non-medical feedback please send them to our Client Feedback email: P-KGN.33H.ClFdback@intern.mil.ca


COVID-19 Testing

COVID Testing

COVID-19 Symptomatic Testing

Members are encouraged to complete at home Rapid Antigen Detection Tests (RADTs). This can be obtained from their Chain of Command (CoC) or a number of civilian pharmacies/stores free of charge. If members test positive on their RADT, they are to self-isolate for 5 days AND until they have had 24 hours of symptom improvement (48 hours if GI/stomach symptoms). Members may return to work after this period but is recommended to wear a medical grade mask for an additional 5 days.

Symptomatic members that test negative on a RADT should contact the clinic during sick parade (0730) to have a PCR test arranged if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • They are living/working in communal settings (i.e. those on training/course);
  • Work at 33 CF H Svcs C/1 Dent Det;
  • Are planning on deploying in the next 90 days (including those on HR); or
  • Had COVID-like symptoms within the last 90 days but never confirmed on RADT or PCR test.

Symptomatic members that test negative on a RADT and do not meet the above criteria should self-isolate until they have had 24 hours of symptom improvement (48 hours if GI/stomach symptoms).

These members are not required to contact the clinic unless they have clinical concerns.

COVID-19 COVID-19 Pre-Surgical Testing

If you have a surgery coming up that requires a COVID test prior, please contact your CDU clerks and they will book your test 48-72 hrs prior to your surgery date.

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

To book a COVID-19 vaccine (primary series or booster dose) appointment, entitled CAF members can book online.


Members who do not have access to DWAN should contact their CoC to arrange booking.

Phone: (613) 541-5010 ext 7517 OR 2516

Entitled members include:

  • Regular Force
  • Res Force Class B (greater than 180 days)/Class C
  • Other (as per DHSO guidance and approval)

Appointments will be held at 33 CF H Svcs C.

If, under extenuating circumstances, members cannot make their appointment they should contact 613-541-5010 ext 7517 or 2516 as soon as possible.

Proof of Vaccination

For QR Code Inquiries, contact Medical Records. 

Phone: (613) 541-5010 ext 2194 OR 4212

Any of the following remain valid as proof of COVID vaccination for CAF members: 

  • Vaccination booklets
  • International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis
  • Vaccination record slips
  • Vaccination record business cards

Members can refer to the following link for more information:

COVID-19 vaccines for Defence Team members - Canada.ca

For more information about the vaccine rollout please visit:

Administrative Services and Support
Federal Health Claims Processing - Blue Cross

Federal Health Claims Processing – Blue Cross

Federal Health Claims Processing located in Room 1001 on the 1st floor of 33 Health Services Centre and can assist you in obtaining reimbursement for your approved medical expenses.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 0800-1500hrs

Contact Information

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 5597

Email: 33HSvscFHCPS@forces.gc.ca

Fax: (613) 541-4100


For further information please refer to the updated policy, or for comments and questions you may also contact the following:

Medavie Blue Cross (for assistance with the client portal):

Phone: 1-888-261-4033 (Canada)

The medical finance section can assist you in obtaining reimbursement for your medical expenses or by emailing scans to the Health Services Clerk in Contact Information.

Pharmacy Reimbursements: Reimbursements for prescriptions can be submitted at the pharmacy.

Dental: Dental is responsible for their own Blue Cross claims processing. Please see the dental clinic for dental related claims or call their duty phone for after hours emergencies.

No show/missed appointments - Medavie Blue Cross

Effective immediately, the benefit code for missed medical and dental appointments has been terminated from the respective four Programs of Choice. Missed appointments will no longer be covered for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members under the Federal Health Claims Processing Service. Should the civilian health providers choose to bill for a ‘no show’ or missed appointment, they will be directed by Medavie Blue Cross to bill the member directly.

Use of Blue Cross without approval

When a member is in need of health services, they must rely on the CAF health system for the provision of all of their medical and/or dental requirements. If the required service is not available, the member will be referred to a civilian provider to receive the proper service. A CAF member should always return to their respective CDU to discuss a consultation to ensure that any referral is appropriate and covered in the spectrum of care . As some services require a preauthorization, the 33 CF H Svcs C will provide the member and/or the provider with a preauthorization number. Without preauthorization the member may be required to pay out of pocket and no reimbursement will be issued.

Medavie-Bluecross Client Member Portal

Medavie-Bluecross Client Member Portal

Register to the Client Member Portal

If not already done previously, members must register with the full name that appears on their Blue Cross card.

  1. Go to www.medavie.bluecross.ca/myinfo;
  2. Click on “Let us help” to create an account;
  3. Select “CAF” members;
  4. Click on “register now:” and follow the instructions; and
  5. Once you have registered, please verify your eligibility in the “claims and payments” section.

Find entitlement dates:

  1. Once logged in to the Medavie Blue-Cross (MBC) portal, go to the home page of your account;
  2. Scroll down to “claims and payments”, then click on “More claims and payment history”
  3. For program of choice, select “14- Vision (eye) care”, then click on “Search”;
  4. The search results will show you the most recent claims on your account, please verify the date of your last eye exam and eyewear; and
  5. If it has not been 24 months since your last claim, then you are not eligible until you reach the 24 months point. However, if a member choses to split the $375 allocation into two claims, the 24 months starts upon submission of the first claim.

Find the amount you are entitled to claim:

  1. Go to the home page of your account and scroll down to “Coverage and Claims”
  2. Click on “Search Benefits”;
  3. In the benefit grid search, Enter province of “Ontario” and Program of choice: “14 – Vision (eye) care”;
  4. For eyewear, click on benefit code 630010. When you scroll down, you will find the amount ($375.00) you are entitled to;
  5. For Eye exams, click on benefit code 600014. When you scroll down, you will find the amount ($140.00) you are entitled to.
Vision Entitlements

Vision Entitlements

Optical Supplies and Services (Ophthalmology)

Further to a Spectrum of Care Committee decision in September 2019, the Canadian Forces Health Services Group amended the Optical Supplies and Services Instruction 4020-05. Health Services Centre Kingston is pleased to inform you that changes to the entitlements and process have been implemented, and are summarized as follows:


Members are entitled to receive prescription eyewear to a maximum reimbursable amount of $375.00 every two (2) years. You are now at liberty to acquire frames and prescription lenses of your choice (clear or tinted, i.e. sunglasses), or new lenses in a current frame through the supplier of your choice. Frames must still be in accordance with the CAF Dress Instructions. Glasses or lenses will not be replaced within the two year waiting period, however, regardless of changes to prescription.

Eye examinations:

Members will receive funding for eye examinations every two (2) years, or as required for occupational requirements, to a maximum reimbursable amount of $140.00. Members experiencing a change in their vision within the two year period should see their primary care provider.

Obtaining optical services:

The pre-authorization form (DND 1615) for optometric exams, frames and/or lenses is no longer required. Members must self-register on the MBC Client Member Portal to review claims history and confirm entitlement dates prior to accessing vision care services. For detailed instructions on how to proceed, please see below. Entitled personnel can then obtain services and products through providers of their choice. As direct billing is not yet available for providers to invoice MBC on member’s behalf, it is likely that providers will request payment upfront from members. In this case, members shall bring original receipts to 33 CF H Svcs C room 1001 Federal Health Claims Processing to submit their claim for reimbursement.

Medical Records

Medical Records

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 0730-1530hrs

Contact Information

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 2194 or 4212

Fax: (613) 541-4487


Dental Services

1 Dental Unit Detachment Kingston is located on the second floor of the 33 CF H Svcs C building ME40.

Hours of Operation

Regular clinic: Monday to Friday: 0730 - 1500 hrs

Sick Parade: Emergency dental care is provided at 0730 - 0830 hrs Monday to Friday.

IMPORTANT:Service is provided on a first come, first-served basis. To ensure you are seen in a timely manner please report as early as possible. Patients requiring urgent care will be given priority.

Contact Information

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 5543

After Hours Emergency Procedure

After Hours Emergency Procedure

All Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Dental Detachments provide 24 hours / 7 days a week service. When in the Kingston area, outside of regular working hours, dental services can be obtained by contacting the Kingston Garrison Duty Centre.

Treatment provided by a civilian practitioner outside the above guidelines is subject to the conditions outlined in CFAO 35-3 and must be pre-approved by the Duty Dental Team. If you require emergency treatment outside of the local area, please contact the Duty Dental Team through the Base Duty Centre.

Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment Procedure

Dental enrolment and re-enrolment exams are mandatory for Regular Force members and are available by appointment at their respective dental clinic.

If you are a member of the reserve force and require an enrolment exam (for members on Class B over 180 days, Class C service, active aircrew or on other occasions as required) contact the dental clinic to schedule an appointment.

Release Procedure

Release Procedure

Release exams are not mandatory. However, for members desiring an exam prior to release, an appointment can be scheduled during normal clinic hours.

IMPORTANT: Release does not provide any priority for completion of outstanding treatment. There is no required condition of dental fitness upon release. Unfinished work will not be completed beyond a member's effective date of release.

Screening Procedure

Screening Procedure

Screening exams for military members are provided Monday to Friday during normal clinic hours and require scheduled appointments.

Screening exams for dependants and other civilians are not provided by the CAF Dental Detachment. Such screenings must be completed in accordance with CFAO 35-5.

Annual Phase One Exam Procedure

Annual Phase One Exam Procedure

All CAF members are reminded that it is ultimately the member's responsibility to ensure they obtain a Phase One exam.

Unit Command Teams are reminded they have a responsibility to ensure their personnel are deployable and dentally fit.

All regular force members, reserve class "C", and reserve class "B" over 180 days can receive a Phase One exam in accordance with QR&O 35.04.

No Shows

No Shows

Failing to show for an appointment will result in a notification to the member’s Unit RSM.

Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 0730 – 1200 hrs, and 1300 – 1530 hrs.

Members can present to Diagnostic Imaging for in-house x-ray services, and any Ultrasound, MRI, CT, specialty radiology is booked in person by presenting requisition to radiology staff.

Contact Information

Phone: 613-541-5010 Ext. 5510

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 0745-1200 hrs, urgent cases in afternoons only

Contact Information

Phone: 613-541-5010 Ext. 5741



Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 0745 – 1200 hrs and 1300 – 1500 hrs , Wednesday 0745 – 1200 hrs (closed Wednesday afternoon)

Contact Information

Phone: 613-541-5010 Ext. 8800

Prescription & Renewal

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS: Can be ordered by phone 613-541-5010 ext. 8800 or in person. Orders will require 2 business day to process.

PRESCRIPTION RENEWALS: Must be ordered by a Clinician.

Civilian Pharmacies

Civilian Pharmacies are to be utilized for AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES ONLY. A member's Blue Cross card must be presented at Civilian Pharmacies.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

New Injury:

Physio Sick Parade 0730 – 0930 hrs (register through CDU Sick Parade)


You must call reception or show up in person to the Physical Rehabilitation section to book your initial assessment.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 0730 – 1530 hrs

Contact Information

Phone: 613-541-5010 Ext. 5456

Mental Health

Mental Health


33 CF H Svcs C (Kingston) offers Mental Health Services in different sections:
  • Mental Health Intake Services (MH Intake);
  • Psychosocial Services (PSS); and
  • General Mental Health (GMH).

Hours of Operation

Mental Health Intake Services: Walk-in or same-day appointments Monday to Friday 0730-1200 & 1300-1500 hrs

All other Mental Health Services: Monday to Friday 0730 to 1200hrs & 1300-1500 hrs

Contact Information

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 5776

After Hours Mental Health Care

After Hours Mental Health Care

24/7 Mental Health Emergency Care: 911 or nearest emergency room, follow up with your CDU the next business day.

  • Chaplain Services (Padre): (613) 541-5010 Ext. 4041
  • Military Police: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 2044
  • CF Member Assistance Program :1-800-268-7708
  • NPF Employee and Family Assistance Program:1-800-387-4765
  • Sexual Assault Centre Kingston : 1-877-544-6424
  • Kingston Interval House :(613) 546-1777
  • Adult Mental Health Services Crisis line : (613) 544-4229 or toll free 1-866-616-6005
Other Mental Health Resources

Other Mental Health Resources (During Business Hours)

  • Kingston Military Family Resources Centre (KMFRC): (613) 541-5010 Ext. 5195 KMFRC Website
  • KMFRC Family Mental Health Services: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 4811
  • OSISS Peer Support Coordinator: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 4393
  • Sexual Misconduct Response Centre:1-844-750-1648 Sexual Misconduct Response Centre Website
  • Family information Line :1-800-866-4546
  • Conflict Resolution Centre : (613) 541-5010 Ext. 5641
Preventive Health

Preventive Health

General Information

Preventive Medicine (PMed) provides advice to members and units on all matters relating to public health, hygiene and sanitation and occupational health and safety. These services include hygiene inspections, communicable disease tracking and consultation, air quality assessment, mould investigation, indoor pest investigation, environmental surveys (sound surveys, illumination surveys and indoor air quality) and providing travel health information related to deployments and leisure travel.

Hours of Operations

Monday to Friday 0730 – 1530 hrs (May differ, Op Tempo dependent)

Contact information

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext 5512 or 5514

E-mail: HSvcsPMED@forces.gc.ca

Travel: Operationnal and Personal

Travel: Operationnal and Personal

PMed provides pre-travel briefings for operation and leisure.

Briefing include deployment immunization recommendations, food and water discipline, personal hygiene, insect discipline and endemic disease information including malaria, Zika and rabies; and environmental and recreational hazards. Pre-deployment IS3 are sent out via email to all members deploying.

Appointments for pre-deployment briefings are through the Clinic Ops & Trg at:


Appointments for leisure travel health briefings at:

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

For Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety concerns in the workplace, please contact your Unit General Safety Officer (UGSO). If the UGSO requires support from PMed then the UGSO should contact PMed at:




So long as asbestos remains intact, there is no risk to the exposure to this material. If it becomes broken, chipped or frayed then it may be potentially harmful. For information or concerns regarding asbestos local RPOU as well as the Preventive Medicine office should be contacted

For more information about Asbestos:

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Where a potential health hazard is suspected, it is vital that RP Ops Det be the initial contact and notified through the CE Work Order (CF 141) process to conduct a preliminary investigation. It may be possible to eliminate many of the false alarm complaints through adjustment of temperatures, cleaning and/or minor repairs on HVAC equipment. If the action taken by the RP Ops Det/HVAC shop does not resolve the problem, then all preliminary investigation reports and documentation will be provided to the BGSO/PMed who may initiate the official IAQ investigation Process. Any recommendations that fall out of the PMed investigation will be forwarded to RP Ops Det to ensure appropriate action is taken to resolve the IAQ problem.

If employee health issues persist after the above recommended actions are taken, then a request can be initiated to the PMed Section. Note that PMed will request copies of all the documentation regarding when the system was last inspected, maintained and certified as serviceable. This is to allow them to possibly narrow down the cause of the concern and also to demonstrate that the appropriate research has been conducted by the organization.

It is important to realize that not all employees will be satisfied with indoor environmental quality. Many factors can impact on the employee’s perception of IAQ (e.g., personal preferences for differing temperature, humidity and lighting levels; pre-existing health conditions; personal and work-related stress). All of these can impact on the comfort levels, which would not be remediated by an exhaustive IAQ investigation. While efforts should be made to accommodate employee's needs, a full investigation may not be warranted for isolated or unrelated issues.



Responsibility for mould removal from the workplace falls on local management and/or RP Ops Det, and should follow the process outlined below. Once identified, RP Ops Det will follow internal RP Ops Det SOP Section C-3 “Dealing with Mould”. There is no requirement for PMed involvement in non-health-related mould incidents.

Reference: Mould in the workplace, a Basic Guide, First Edition, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Clean up Recommendations

Clean-up and mould remediation for level 1- small isolated areas (10 sq. ft. or less):

  1. Respiratory protection is recommended (e.g., N95 disposable respirator. Hand and eye protection should also be worn);
  2. The work area should be unoccupied and well ventilated;
  3. Contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned should be removed from the building in sealed plastic bags. There are no special requirements for the disposal of mouldy materials;
  4. Containment of the work area is not necessary. Dust suppression methods, such as misting (not soaking) surface prior to remediation, are recommended;
  5. Be cleaned with a damp cloth and/or mop with a detergent solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water); and
  6. All areas should be left dry and visibly free from contamination and debris.

For more information on mould:

Heat Advisories

Heat Advisories

Heat index is monitored using a Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer located outside 33 CF H Svcs C which monitors air temperature, radiant temperature and evaporation factors to calculate an index.

Compare the Heat Stress WBGT readings to the Directorate Force Health Protection (D FHP) work/rest cycle and fluid intake recommendations below:

CF H Svcs GP Policy and Guidance, D FHP Advisory 4440-22 OCCMED 2012-01, Heat Stress Prevention Advisory (DWAN Only)

Communicable Diseases and required reporting

Communicable Diseases and required reporting

CAF members who test positive for a communicable disease (CD) identified by D FHP and/or local Public Health Authority regulations will be contacted by the PMed Dept as per the mandatory reporting process. Some common CDs include, but are not limited to: most Sexually Transmitted Infections, Rabies, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Escherichia Coli, COVID-19 and SARS/MERS.

Lyme Disease: There has recently been an increase in the number of ticks testing positive for Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria which causes Lyme disease, in the geographical area which includes CFB Kingston.

The Preventive medicine office has established a Lyme disease briefing raising awareness to units. This briefing covers preventative measures in order to avoid tick bites. Furthermore, the department provides Permethrin treatment of uniforms to any unit deploying to areas where TBE and Lyme may be an increased risk.

Water Trailer Testing / Inspections

Water Trailer Testing / Inspections

For water trailer inspections, please book an appointment no less than two weeks prior to the required use of the water trailer(s).

Email: HSvcsPMED@forces.gc.ca

Pest Control

Pest Control

PMed will inspect and provide guidance on entry points of pests, possible types of pests, where traps should be set, type of traps used, clean up recommendations and further prevention for pests in the workplace. This will ensure that there is an Integrated Pest management Program in place.

If feasible, PMed will set and leave a small number of traps after their initial assessment to help units with their pest issue(s). However, PMed will not be returning to check the traps and/or dispose of the traps. If more traps are required, units will need to procure their own supply by going through their QM or with recommendations from PMed, contact RPOU for further pest control contracting as required.



Permethrin Pouch Treatment (PPT) must be done under the direction and supervision of a Preventive Medicine Technician (PMed Tech). PPT is carried out by appointment only at the PMed office from Mon-Wed, 0730-0830hr.

Members who have not shown up by 0830 hrs will have to rebook their appointments.

Call P Med office to book appointments. These can be done individually or by group of four due to lack of work space and room for hanging uniforms to dry.

The treatment process is as follows:

  • Member(s) report to the PMed office between 0730 hrs and 0830 hrs on the day of their apps.
  • They are to bring all issued arid CADPAT. Only uniforms (shirts and pants) are to be treated.
  • Members return the following morning or an agreed upon time) to pick up uniforms.




Monkeypox continues to spread globally and in Canada. As of 29 Jul, 745 cases have been confirmed across Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon). To date, the majority of Canadian cases have been among men, specifically in the gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men communities; three cases in Canada have occurred amongst women. However, anyone can get infected and spread monkeypox if they come into close contact with someone who has the virus, regardless of sex, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Anonymous sex and sex with multiple partners were the most commonly indicated exposures among those infected; globally, 94% of all transmissions are following a sexual encounter. Having multiple sexual partners may increase your overall risk of infection. However, monkeypox is not a sexually-transmitted disease: it is primarily transmitted through direct contact with a case whilst they are infectious, or through direct contact with contaminated objects like clothing.

For more information: Monkeypox: Symptoms, getting tested, what to do if you’re infected or were exposed



You can help reduce your risk of becoming infected with or spreading the monkeypox virus by:

  • Staying home and limiting contact with others if you have symptoms, or as recommended by your health care provider
  • Avoiding close physical contact, including sexual contact, with someone who is infected with or may have been exposed to the monkeypox virus
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and objects in your home, especially after having visitors

To lower your overall risk of getting infected with and spreading the monkeypox virus, we recommend:

  • Having fewer sexual partners, particularly those who are anonymous, even when they don't have symptoms
  • Using condoms
  • Practising safer sex

A vaccine exists that can reduce the risk of monkeypox. It does not eliminate the risk entirely, about 85%, so measures like practising safer sex are critical to protecting yourself and others.

In many locations, local civilian public health is offering vaccination against monkeypox, and members of the Defence Team (including CAF members) may be eligible to receive the vaccine through them, according to local public health guidance. In Kingston, the criteria and contact information to obtain the vaccine through KFL&A Public Health can be found at: Monkeypox Vaccine - KFL&A Public Health website. Many CAF members are in locations where local public health is not yet offering monkeypox vaccine. CAF Health Services can consider arranging for vaccination for you if you are at risk of monkeypox based on the following criteria:

  • Any person who self-identifies as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, and at least one of the following, where the risk factor occurred in locations with known cases of monkeypox:
    • Have received a diagnosis of bacterial STI (i.e., chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis) in the past 2 months
    • Have had 2 or more sexual partners within the past 21 days or may be planning to
    • Have attended venues for sexual contact within the past 21 days (e.g., bath houses, sex clubs) or may be planning to, or who work/volunteer in these settings
    • Have had anonymous/casual sex in the past 21 days (e.g., using online dating/ hookup apps) or may be planning to
    • Engage in sex work or may be planning to, and their sexual contacts
  • Any person who has prolonged or intimate contact with a person who has monkeypox, including any of the following:
    • Skin/mucosa (such as eyes, mouth, throat, genitalia, anus, or rectum) to skin contact with a case (regardless of the case's lesion location)
    • Skin/mucosa contact with a case's bodily fluids (blood, saliva, semen), secretions, skin lesions or scabs
    • Skin/mucosa contact with surfaces or objects contaminated by a case's secretions, bodily fluids, skin lesions or scabs
    • Face-to-face interaction with a case, without the use of a medical mask by the case or contact
Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms

Monkeypox is usually a self-limited viral infection with a rash that may be painful. Most people recover on their own after a few weeks. In some circumstances, people can become very sick and could die.

People usually develop symptoms 5 to 21 days after being exposed to the monkeypox virus. Symptoms typically last from 2 to 4 weeks and may pass through several stages, like invasion and skin eruption.

The rash generally appears 1 to 3 days after the onset of fever, and lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. It can be painful and could affect any part of the body, such as the:

  • Mouth
  • Genitals
  • Perianal area
  • Face
  • Arms and legs
  • Feet
  • Hands

The rash usually lasts between 14 and 28 days and changes through different stages. It finally forms scabs that later fall off.

General symptoms which can last from 0 to 5 days can happen before or with the rash, such as:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Exhaustion

You are contagious from the onset of the first symptoms until the scabs have fallen off on their own and the skin is healed. You will generally have to isolate and be excluded from the workplace until then.

If you have symptoms:

  • Isolate at home away from others
  • Contact 33 CF H Svcs C or a local health care provider for care

Please contact 33 CF H Svcs C for more information. Our Preventive Medicine team has briefing decks and resources to help units learn more about monkeypox and prevent spread.

Primary Care
Care Delivery Units (CDU)

Hours of Operation

Sick Parade Hours: Monday to Friday 0730 - 1000hrs

Booked Appointment Hours: Monday to Friday 1000 - 1500 hrs, no booked appointments after 1200 hrs on Wednesdays


The CDU is an interdisciplinary team of military and civilian health care providers who work collaboratively to meet the health needs of its CAF members and units, ensuring seamless continuity of care over time.

Elements that constitute the CDU


All CAF personnel are rostered to a Care Delivery Unit (CDU) where a multidisciplinary clinical team provides care in a collaborative manner to our patients. Patients from certain units or groups are rostered together in the same CDU to allow specialized mission-focused care for that unit.

CDU Staff

CDU Staff

The CDU core team generally consists of a mix of civilian and military physicians, Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP) along with three military Medical Technicians, a Primary Care Nurse (PCN), and two civilian administrative support staff. The team is generally augmented by in-house physiotherapists, pharmacists and mental health professionals who provide care either in collaboration with the team or through direct intervention.

Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care

Within the CDU, each patient with chronic or ongoing health care needs will be assigned to a primary clinician to maintain continuity of care but at different times the patient might be seen and treated by other members of the CDU care team. The goal of this collaborative team approach is to ensure the patient sees the “right clinician” at the “right time” to address their needs in a flexible, efficient, and holistic manner. Therefore, the patient may see a med tech, PCN, NP, or a PA instead of a physician, depending on the patient’s health issue(s). The CDU staff may refer directly to a pharmacist, a physiotherapist or a mental health provider following a brief triage, without requirement to wait for a physician prescription or referral.

Choice of Clinician

Choice of Clinician

Uniformed personnel must receive their care from the CFHS or from specific health care providers designated by the CFHS. Preferences for care providers can be discussed with the CDU Primary Care Nurse for consideration, but ultimately the ability of a clinician to provide appropriate care to the patient will be the deciding factor in assigning clinicians.

Preferences may be considered for:

  • Male or female providers;
  • French-speaking or English-speaking providers / translators as available; and
  • Provider with special skills or knowledge (e.g. able to perform joint injections, gender reassignment, etc.).


Sick Parade Service

Sick Parade Service

Sick Parade is not the same as a civilian acute care emergency room. Any member with injuries or illnesses that pose imminent risk to life or limb should seek care at the nearest civilian Emergency Department, or contact 911 immediately.

Register for your Sick Parade with your CDU clerk on arrival Sick Parade is accessed via the CDU clerk, Monday to Friday 0730 – 1000 hrs. The CDU clerk will ask a few short questions and inform you of next steps.

Sick Parade is generally utilized to manage acute health care needs that are new onset issues (less than 48 hrs) or sudden worsening of chronic issues. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recent Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cold / Influenza-like symptoms that have lasted longer than 10 days (or worsened in the last 48h), Fever 39C or higher, earaches, difficulty swallowing
  • Severe pain
  • Shortness of breath / wheezing
  • Acute mental health issues

Sick Parade should generally not be utilized for the following:

  • Chronic issues (existed beyond 72hrs)
  • Prescription refills – plan ahead for refills by booking appointments in advance
  • Chit extensions – plan ahead by booking follow-up appointments in advance
  • Administrative needs

**Note – Unit Chains of Command may grant up to two continuous calendar days of sick leave without recommendation of a Medical Officer (QR&O Vol 1, Ch. 16.16)

COVID-19 Symptomatic Testing

Members are encouraged to complete at home Rapid Antigen Detection Tests (RADTs). This can be obtained from their CoC or a number of civilian pharmacies/stores free of charge. If members test positive on their RADT, they are to self-isolate for 5 days AND until they have had 24 hours of symptom improvement (48 hours if GI/stomach symptoms). Members may return to work after this period but is recommended to wear a medical grade mask for an additional 5 days. These members are not required to contact the clinic unless they have clinical concerns.

Urgent Care Outside of Sick-Parade

Availability of Urgent Care services vary day-to-day. Contact the CDU to which you are rostered for available options. Notify the Primary Care Nurse (PCN) if you will be accessing emergency services from the nearest civilian centre. All members admitted to civilian hospital without prior notice will call the CDU clerk on the day following their discharge from hospital, or next working day.

Primary Care Nurse

  • 613-541-5010 Ext. 2365
Booked Appointments

Booked Appointments

Appointments can be booked with a clinician at your CDU by contacting the CDU reception by phone or email. It is recommended that you avoid calling between 0700-0900 hrs when the phone lines are busy responding to sick parade requests. Wait times for appointments vary but generally range from 2-4 weeks. Providing the CDU Clerk a general overview of what issue(s) you would like to discuss with the clinician will allow them to determine what type of appointment is required and weather a virtual or in-person appointment is most appropriate. Please do not email or contact clinicians directly to schedule appointments as you will be re-directed to the CDU Clerk. Missed calls may not be rescheduled the same day and are the same as an appointment “no-show” and may result in a notification being sent to your CoC.

Appointment types available:

  • Initial Assessments / Consults
  • Follow-up assessments
  • Administrative appointments (Chits, MELs etc)
  • Prescription renewals
  • Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs / Medicals) – including Aircrew & Dive Medicals
  • OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN screening appointments
  • Release Medicals
  • SISIP Medicals 
Periodic Health Assessment (PHAs Medicals)

Periodic Health Assessment (PHAs Medicals)

A Periodic Health Assessment serves as a means for the CAF to assess members’ health at regular intervals to both plan appropriate preventive health care and confirm that there is no medical condition that would prevent the member from meeting the CAF Operational Fitness Standard or performing the duties required for their occupation, as outlined in the CAF Generic and MOSID task statements.

PHA General Information

PHAs generally include a Part 1 & Part 2 assessment, which may or may not be completed on the same day.

The Part 1 assessment is conducted with a Medical Technician to assess baseline vital signs, height & weight, visual acuity, hearing acuity and also includes a generic patient questionnaire to be completed prior to your Part 1 appointment. Blood work may be required for your PHA depending on your age and any known health conditions.

The Part 2 assessment is a visit with a Health Care Practitioner for review of the questionnaire and examinations completed during the part one and for a full assessment of overall health and wellbeing. Your primary care provider may also discuss some forms of cancer screening, which include but are not limited to:

  • Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP test);
  • Breast Cancer Screening (mammogram); and
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening (various methods – 50 years and over)

Important information before your PHA Appointments:

  • If you will be undergoing blood work, you must abstain from alcohol consumption for 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • You are encouraged to drink water up until the time of your part 1 appointment.
  • You may take your prescribed medications as usual.
  • Bring a list of all medications you take regularly.
  • Contact Lenses should not be worn for 12 hours prior to your Part 1 medical; bring your eyeglasses (if applicable).
  • Part 1 appointments take roughly 30 minutes to complete.
  • Part 2 appointments take roughly 60 minutes to complete.

PHA Periods of Validity:

  • Aircrew / Diver / Submariner: Valid 1 Year
  • Under 40 Years old: Valid 5 Years
  • Over 40 Years old: Valid 2 years
  • Recruit Medicals on enrolment: Valid 2 years

PHA Required Forms:

  • DND 2552: Generic Health Assessment (Part 1) (accessible only on the National Defence network)
  • CF HSS Hearing Assessment
  • DND 2452: Aircrew and Diver Health Examination (Aircrew / Dive only)(accessible only on the National Defence network)

*Completing these forms in advance helps to keep appointment schedules on time.

OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN Medical Screenings

OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN Medical Screenings

OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN Screenings are conducted within the CDUs. Upon receipt of your OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN posting screening message and associated form from your unit Orderly Room, you should contact the Psychosocial Services Department to schedule the psychosocial screening for you and your family. You will also be required to contact the Community Health Nurse to review the immunization records for you and your dependents. Next, you may contact the CDU to schedule an appointment with the Primary Care Nurse (PCN) to ensure that you understand the medical screening process and how to complete the required forms.

The following documentation is required for OUTCAN / Isolated INCAN screening appointments:

  • DND 4164 – Outside Canada Posting Checklist (if applicable)
  • DND 4176 – Posting Screening for Isolated Posting & Isolated Units (if applicable)
  • DND 4342 – *Statement of Health for Dependant Postings Outside Canada or Isolated Locations within Canada – Signed by their healthcare provider
  • Vaccination Records for each dependent on your MPRR if they are accompanying you on the posting

*required for each dependent on your MPRR, regardless of whether or not they will be proceeding to the posting location with you or not)

Contact Information


  • (613) 541-5010 Ext 5563/5508
  • Fax: (613) 540 8196


  • (613) 541-5010 Ext 5564/5522
  • Fax: (613) 588-4888


  • (613) 541-50101 Ext 3232;

CDU4 (Det RMC)

  • (613) 541-50101 Ext 6994/6310
  • Fax:613 541-6891

Primary Care Nurse

  • 613-541-5010 Ext. 2365

CDU 1 Units CDU 2 Units CDU 3 Units CDU 4 Units (Det RMC)

Base (CFB Kingston)

1 Wing

2 MP Regt

76 Comm Regt (Det)








1st CAN Div Hq

21 EW Regt

70 Comms Gp

77 Line Regt

2 MP Det



CA Int Regt










Brockville Riffles

HMCS Cataraqui

Transition Centre



1 Dent

RMC Staff and Cadets

Case Management

Case Management

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 0730-1600 hrs

Contact Information

Phone: 613-541-5010 Ext. 8479


Case Management (CM) is the professional practice approach used by health systems to improve continuity of care, reduce health care costs, enhance clinical conditions, prevent costly complications, reduce duplication and gaps in services, strengthen informal support networks, and improve an individual’s satisfaction with health care.

CM does not replace any primary care services, but rather is designed to co-ordinate multiple services provided to an individual. It is a process model that provides a mechanism for managing cases across the continuum of care, thereby providing a seamless, integrated care process.

Both regular and primary reserve force personnel who are being medically released, have been placed on a permanent or temporary medical category, and/or have complex health care needs, are eligible for the Nurse Case Management Program via referral from a treating clinician.

Q & A

What is Case Management?

Case Management is a collaborative and client centered process for providing services associated with the coordination of health care, health care related activities and benefits for ill and injured CAF members.

Who is a Nurse Case Manager?

A Nurse Case Manager is a registered nurse who is part of the primary care team within the Canadian Forces Health Services.

What Do Nurse Case Managers do?

Nurse Case Managers assist members to navigate the health care system by coordinating their care as they return to duty or transition to civilian life and the provincial health care system.

What are the benefits?
  • You will learn more about CAF services, programs and benefits available to you.
  • Your health care needs will be monitored and coordinated to ensure continuity.
  • If you are medically releasing, the Nurse Case Manager will provide support and guidance on how to access civilian health care.
  • You may receive assistance in applying for related benefits.
Who is eligible and how is a member referred?

Canadian Armed Forces members who have complex health care needs and/or are medically releasing. Referrals are completed by the primary care clinician.

33 CF H Svcs C - Royal Military College Detachment

33 CAF H Svcs C - Royal Military College Detachment

Primary Care

Primary Care

Sick parade Monday to Friday 0730-0930 hrs

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 6310 or 6994

  • Acute injuries/illnesses, usually less than 48 hrs

Booked Appointment Hours: Monday to Friday 1000-1500 hrs, no booked appointments after 1200 hrs on Wednesdays


Immunization - Flu Shots - Allergy Clinic

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 6310 or 6994

  • Call for appointment


Hours of Operations Monday to Friday 0745-1200 hrs, 1300-1400 hrs.

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 6109

  • Can process external requisitions
  • Please seek laboratory technician for pre-procedure testing instructions
  • No appointments required


Sick parade Monday to Friday 0730-0930 hrs

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 6994

Appointment Monday to Friday booked appointments 0730-1500 (last appointment is 1130/1430). Sick parade 0730-1030 (last appointment is 1000 hrs). No appointments Wednesday afternoon. Clinic is closed from 1200-1300 hrs every day.

  • By referral only: Obtained either through physiotherapy sick parade or through Primary Care Provider
  • May be outsourced (varying hours)
Mental Health

Mental Health

Sick parade Monday to Friday 0730-1000 hrs

  • Usually can be seen same or next day with Duty Social Worker.
  • Self-referred via sick parade or referral by primary care provider.
  • May be outsourced (varying hours)

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 6994

Appointments Monday to Friday 0800-1500 hrs, no booked appointments after 1200 hrs on Wednesdays.



Hours of Operations Monday to Friday 0730-1600 hrs. Closed from 1200-1300 hrs.

Phone: (613) 541-5010 Ext. 7196

  • Over the counter medication available
  • Refills must be requested by phone a minimum of 48hrs prior to pickup
  • For all RMC Students and Staff, Prescriptions and OTC requests brought to the CFB Kingston Base Pharmacy will be redirected to Det RMC Pharmacy unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • All prescriptions must be filled at Det RMC pharmacy; should only be using civilian pharmacies for urgent after-hours prescriptions
After hours Emergency Services

After hours, members need to use Emergency Services at local hospitals.

Kingston General Hospital (24h)
76 Stuart St,
Kingston, ON
K7L 2V7

Hotel Dieu Hospital (8am to 8pm)
166 Brock St,
Kingston, ON
K7L 5G2

Lennox & Addington County General Hospital (24h)
8 Richmond Park Dr,
Napanee, ON
K7R 2Z4

According to KMFRC (Kingston Military Family Resources Center), the only Walk-In clinic in the area still accepting Blue Cross walk-ins is CDK Family Medicine Walk-In Clinic (only at their location on Princess Street).

CDK Family Medicine Walk-In Clinic
175 Princess Street,
Kingston, ON
K7L 1A9

Clinic Hours
9AM-5PM weekdays
10AM -2PM weekends


A list of pharmacies accepting Blue Cross Medavie in the area can be found on the Find a Health Professional link from the Medavie Blue Cross website. Be aware that certain prescriptions medications require pre-authorization from the CFDEC (Canadian Forces Drug Exception Centre) to be accepted by Blue Cross even in those participating pharmacies. Members will need to seek that information from their CAF Pharmacy.

Command Team

33 CAF H Svcs C CO Major Raoul Mathias CD

Clinic Comanding Officer

Major Raoul Mathias

33 CAF H Svcs C CSM MWO Julie Terence-Pittman CD

Clinic Sergent Major

Master Warrant Officer Julie Terence-Pittman, CD

Contact information

33 Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Centre (Kingston)
CFB Kingston, Bldg ME-40
26 Somme Ave, Kingston ON, K7K 7B4
613-541-5010, extension 7900

Base Duty Office: 613-539-2251

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