Reserve Force compensation

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If as a member of the Reserve Force you become ill or injured on Class A, B or C service and continue to be after the end of your contract, you may eligible for compensation.

Who is eligible

You may be eligible if:

  • you are a member of the Reserve Force on Class A, B or C service
  • you suffer from an injury, disease or illness that:
    • is attributable to military service; and
    • continues beyond the period of reserve service during which it occurred

How to apply

  • report the service-related injury or illness to your Chain of Command
  • the Chain of Command completes a Report on Injuries or Exposure to Toxic Material or Substances (CF 98) form and forwards the report to Director Casualty Support Management (DCSM)
  • the Chain of Command completes a DND 663 form to report a Hazardous Occurrence to the Director General Safety (if applicable)
  • the Unit and Medical Officer completes DND 2398 form if you decide to seek compensation as a result of a loss of wages and and forwards the DND 2398 for Brigade/Group Commander (Wing Commander for Air Force Personnel and NAVRES HQ for Navy Personnel) recommendation and signature. The Brigade/Wing is to forward the DND 2398 for Division Commander (D Air Res for Air Force Personnel) recommendation and signature.  The Division/D Air Res/NAVRES HQ is to forward the completed DND 2398 to DCSM for adjudication.
  • DCSM makes a decision and informs your Unit and Chain of Command. If the DCSM:
    • approves the request, they issue a message with compensation instructions
    • rejects the request, they provide a justification the Chain of Command in writing



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