Transitioning to the public service

Are you a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member planning to transition to the Public Service within the Department of National Defence (DND)? Ensure a smooth transition by reviewing the following items at least two months before you plan to leave the CAF.

Before transitioning from the CAF to the Public service within DND, contact HR Connect RH (accessible only on the National Defence network) at 1-833-747-6363 to book a consultation with a Compensation agent to discuss your transition plan.

Note: As part of the out-clearance for CAF members who are Lieutenant-Colonel (LCol)/Commander (Cdr) and above who are planning to transition to the Public Service, must fill out the DND 2840 form (accessible only on the National Defence network) and send it to the Conflict of Interest (COI) Section  by email at for post-employment guidelines. The COI team will provide the relevant recommendations to ensure you do not place yourself or the department in a conflict of interest situation.


Contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre at 1-800-267-0325 to discuss the details of your CAF pension. Then, contact the Public Service Pension Centre at 1-800-561-7930 to discuss the options that are relevant to your personal situation, including your consideration to transfer your CAF pension to the Public Service Pension Plan (PSSA).

Important: Pension contributions are capped at a maximum of 35 years of combined Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (CFSA)/RCMP and Public Service Pension Plan (PSSA) pensionable service.


We recommend you take the time to review the Benefits Guide for former CAF Members [PDF - 407.3KB] as this guide covers such things as salary on appointment, application for continuous employment, pension surrender, benefits, leave, probationary period and relocation.

For additional information, review the public service group insurance benefits plans which are available to you as a public servant. You may wish to defer adhering to the medical and dental care plans as a CAF Pensioner since plan contribution rates are less costly under the Public Service plans.

Ex-military leave credits

To obtain recognition of prior service as a CAF member, for the purpose of determining vacation leave entitlements only, employees must submit a copy of their Member Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) after their release or an MPRR confirming the date of their release. You will need to submit a Pay Action Request (PAR) through the Human Resource Services and Support (HRSS) (accessible only on the National Defence network) portal. Login to HRSS and go to: Submit Pay Action > Submit PAR. Ensure to complete all mandatory fields on the PAR form, including:

Important: a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) card is required to access the HRSS system. If you do not have access to the Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN) or require assistance navigating the HRSS system call HR Connect RH (accessible only on the National Defence network) at 1-833-747-6363.

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