Support for Canadian defence and security exporters

National Defence supports the Government of Canada’s export market development activities, in close coordination with Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), Export Development Canada (EDC) and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Canada’s international materiel cooperation activities often foster interest in Canadian defence products and technology, as well as assist in understanding the future requirements of foreign defence partners. National Defence also welcomes foreign delegations to Canada, which can often provide an opportunity to showcase the capabilities resident in the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian defence and security industry.

Canadian defence and security exporters looking for ways to connect with foreign markets can contact the International and Industry Programs Division.

Canadian Defence Attaché Network

Canadian Defence Attachés (CDAs) are the Canadian Armed Forces' official representatives abroad. Attachés advise their ambassadors on defence matters affecting Canada's relations with the countries to which they are accredited; provide on-the-ground reporting on a wide range of issues to National Defence staff back home; and work with Canada’s Trade Commissioners at post to identify and facilitate Canadian defence industry export opportunities. The CDAs are an essential part of the Department of National Defence’s effort to maintain and advance Canada’s international defence materiel relationships with allies and partners. Canadian Defence Attachés are based in 30 countries around the world. In addition to their country of primary accreditation, most Canadian Defence Attachés are also cross-accredited to a number of neighbouring countries.

In support of Canada’s international defence materiel relationships, the CDAs:

  • assist in managing government-to-government bi-lateral cooperative programs and activities
  • assist, in cooperation with Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, Canadian defence manufacturers in understanding and accessing foreign defence markets
  • assist in marketing surplus CAF equipment
  • facilitate Canadian industry access to relevant officials within the Ministries of Defence of accredited countries
  • support Canadian industry at key defence industry events in accredited countries
  • raise awareness in accredited countries of Canadian defence industrial capabilities
  • provide reports on accredited country defence budget information, items of interest, and trade issues to Canadian industry

Should you have any questions about how the Canadian Defence Attaché Network could assist you in pursuing business opportunities abroad, please contact the International and Industry Programs Division.


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