Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find NATO contract opportunities?

NATO contract opportunities are posted on NATO websites. The two main webpages are:

More information on how to do business with NATO can be found at the following websites:

2. How can I register with NATO agencies?

For the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), companies wishing to register with the agency must be registered in the NSPA’s source file. See question three for more information.

For the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA), companies cannot directly register with the agency. Instead they must contact their national authorities or national delegation to NATO regarding every business opportunities they wish to bid on. Additional information can be found on the NCI Agency Procurement Methods and Eligibility Requirements page.

3. I’m interested in bidding on a NSPA opportunity. How should I start?

Companies wishing to bid on NSPA opportunities must first register their company within NSPA source file. This process is required to validate that your company is indeed Canadian and operating from Canada. This process takes approximately two weeks, is only required once, and identifies companies as eligible for all future NSPA bid opportunities.

Information on registering in the source file can be found on the NSPA - Supplier Registration page.

Once registered with NSPA source file, your company will receive a username to logon. 

Companies on the source file can access NSPA opportunities in three locations:

4. I’m interested in bidding on a NCIA opportunity. How should I start?

There are four main steps to bid on NCIA business opportunities:

  1. Companies find a Notice of Interest (NOI) on the NCIA Bulletin Board.
  2. Companies request to be included on the bidders list for the upcoming Invitation for Bid (IFB) from the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO, referencing the IFB number as posted on the NOI
  3. The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO nominates the companies for inclusion on the list of potential suppliers for that specific NOI through a Declaration of Eligibility (DoE) to NCIA
  4. Once nominated, companies will receive the specific IFB package from NCIA and can then bid on it

Please note that this process must be repeated for each NOI the company is interested in.

5. Are there any specific requirements to bid on NATO opportunities?

Any specification to a NATO procurement would be indicated in the Invitation for Bid (IFB). Companies should pay special attention to the NATO security screening required to bid on opportunities.

6. How can I get a NATO security screening?

Information on NATO security requirements (personal security requirements and facility security requirements) can be found in Chapter 9: Security requirements for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Companies should contact the Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO, who will act as your sponsor to initiate the NATO security screening process required to bid on a specific NOI. Find out how to obtain security screening and comply with contract security requirements.

7. Do you have any tips to offer?

There are a number of ways you can improve your bid:

  • Provide a logical and coherent submission that is easy for the evaluation team to read and understand.
  • Include enough details to show you have a good understanding of the problem and technical approach presented in the solicitation.
  • Answer the question "how are you going to accomplish this requirement?"
  • Offer an accurate explanation of your company's qualifications and capabilities as they relate directly to the requirements identified in the solicitation.
  • Focus on technology you have already delivered, not on aspirational capabilities. Submitting a bid is serious business.
  • Submit your bid on time and ensure it is complete.
  • Follow all terms and conditions in the contract provisions.
  • Stick to the IFB, and don’t impose any conditions that would modify it.
  • Avoid imposing any conditions that would limit your liability.
  • Avoid limiting NATO’s rights under any article.
  • Acknowledge any material amendments to an IFB.
  • Ensure you are a qualified bidder before submitting (from a participating Nation, nominated by a participating Nation when required, registered with NSPA when required, etc.).

8. I still have questions. Who can I contact for further help regarding NATO business process or opportunities?

National Defence has representatives within the Canadian Delegation to NATO and the main NATO procurement agencies to assist Canadian companies when accessing and navigating NATO procurement opportunities. Please contact one of the following for more information:

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