Annex B: NATO security clearance letter template

The following is a template of the letter to be provided by a NATO organization in support of NATO personnel security clearances for personnel employed in Canadian company awarded a NATO contract.

To whom it may concern,


1. [Insert name and full address of Canadian contractor] are conducting work for [Insert name of NATO Agency/Organization] on [Insert subject and brief details of the contract].

2. The work requires the above mentioned contractor's personnel involved in the contract to have access to NATO classified information at the level of CONFIDENTIAL or above and/or unescorted access to [Insert details of establishment/s]

3. It is requested that the personnel listed at Annex be vetted in accordance with C- M(2002)49 to obtain a NATO Personnel Security Clearance to be permitted access to information and material marked up to and including NATO SECRET.

Signed by an appropriate authorized employee of the NATO Agency

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