Other reuse and disposal methods for surplus military materiel

Alternate Applications

Alternate Applications are the reuse and reclassification of military materiel within DND/CAF when it is no longer required for its intended purpose.

Though not a disposal option (DND/CAF retains control of the materiel), alternate applications for materiel are part of the disposal planning process. Some examples of alternate applications include:

  • the conversion of materiel into military artefacts in order to preserve Canada's military heritage
  • the use of materiel in research or testing establishments
  • the use of stripped and demilitarized materiel as hard targets


A transfer is the movement of DND/CAF materiel at fair market value, book value or without remuneration, to eligible recipients inside of the federal government.

Transfer to Other Government Departments (OGD) involves the transfer of materiel on a potentially recoverable basis from the DND/CAF to an OGD.

This option would be used when deemed to be in the interest of the Crown and/or as a cost avoidance measure.

Transfer request process

The transfer process varies depending on the individual circumstances of each situation. To inquire about a transfer request, please contact the Directorate of Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) with the following information:

  • the materiel you are interested in
  • point of contact information (name, telephone number, email address, mailing address)
  • the proposed new end use of the materiel

DSCO will review your request and staff it to the appropriate approval authority. Further direction will be given at this point depending on the availability of the materiel and the individual circumstances of the request.

Note: The time to transfer materiel varies from several weeks to over a year depending on the materiel involved and the individual circumstances of each case. Please take this into consideration when initiating a transfer request.


A trade-in is the offering of surplus DND/CAF materiel as partial payment during the procurement process for the purchase of new items.

As part of the life-cycle management of major weapon and support systems, agreements for the trade-in of surplus materiel with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or other approved parties can be put in place as part of the procurement process.

Conversion to waste

Conversion to waste is the conversion of DND/CAF materiel to a waste product and occurs through destruction, recycling, and discarding (garbage) and must be done in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Conversion to waste is only utilized if it is in the best interest of the Crown, a cost minimizing option or as required by policy.

Other disposal programs

Computers for School Program (CFSP)

All non-classified surplus personal computers with MS-DOS, Windows or Macintosh operating systems and all associated equipment is offered first for transfer to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for the Computers for Schools Program (CFSP) prior to any other disposal action being considered. If not required by the CFSP, then surplus personal computers and related equipment can then be sold through GCSurplus.


Electronic and electrical equipment is considered e-waste when it is at the end of life, due either to age or condition. Guidance for the disposal of e-waste can be found in the PSPC Guideline for the Disposal of Federal Surplus Electronic and Electrical Equipment.

Contact us

For questions related to disposal processes please contact the Directorate of Supply Chain Operations.

E-mails sent to this address will be forwarded to the appropriate contact within the directorate.

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