How to request a donation of surplus military materiel

A donation is the provision of surplus DND/CAF materiel, without remuneration, to eligible recipients external to the federal government. Normally materiel is donated only if it is deemed to be in the interest of the public, in the interest of preserving historical and heritage considerations or as a cost minimizing measure. Donations can be made to:

  • other levels of Canadian Government such as provincial or municipal or to First Nations, other national governments, Treaty Organization of which Canada is a member, such as the United Nations (previously known as a gratuitous transfer)
  • recognized charitable or non-profit organizations
  • recognized charitable or non-profit organizations outside of Canada as approved by Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy)

Process to request donation of monument

The preservation of military monuments is an important aspect of safeguarding Canada's military heritage. Surplus materiel suitable for display purposes may be donated to recognized charitable or non-profit organizations such as museums, Legions, Veterans' associations and municipalities as static monuments.

  • Send a request for donation to the Minister of National Defence (MND).
  • The MND will approve or deny the request based on the availability of surplus materiel and other considerations. Only approved requests will proceed to step 3. If the request is denied, written notification will be sent to the originator.
  • Upon the receipt of approval, the originator must contact the individual identified on the MND’s response. At this point, the Directorate of Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) will be engaged to take over the file. The following information will need to be provided at this time:
    • Name and title of the person who will be the signing authority for all documents. Only one person can sign.
    • Point of contact information (phone number, email address and mailing address) of the person in charge. This can be different from the signing authority.
    • Civic address of where the monument will be placed.
  • For controlled goods, the transfer of ownership is subject to potential receiving organizations being registered under the Controlled Goods Regulations (CGRs). For registration, please contact the Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD). This process takes 6-8 weeks.

      Note: DSCO will not be able to proceed until such time as the registration confirmation has been obtained from the CGD.

  • The US Department of State approval is required for all controlled materiel with US Origin. DSCO will provide a Department of State Proforma (DSP) 83 form or an End User Agreement (EUA) to be signed and returned by your signing authority for onward transmission to the US Department of State for retransfer approval. This process can take anywhere from 1 - 4 months to complete.
  • Once DSCO receives the US Department of State approval, we will provide you with a donation agreement listing the terms and conditions reference to the donation, which is to be signed and returned by the same individual who signed the DSP 83 or EUA.
  • Non-US origin controlled materiel may also require retransfer approval depending upon the country of origin.
  • Once DSCO receives the signed donation agreement, we will prepare the documents to have the equipment shipped to the nearest base where you can arrange pick up. At this time, DSCO will provide you with point of contact information in order for you to arrange for the pick-up.
  • In order to complete the file, please contact DSCO to inform us that the equipment has been delivered to its final destination.

Points to consider when requesting a donation

  • Recipients of donations are responsible for all associated costs, including transportation, cosmetic restoration, mounting and ongoing upkeep of the materiel. A business case may be required to further support requests for complex materiel.
  • The recipient is responsible to transport the equipment from the nearest DND base to their location. You will be given contact numbers so that you can arrange your transportation to coincide with DND's offloading. DND will have a crane and will only offload the vehicle one time from our truck to yours or from our truck to the ground. Once the equipment has been offloaded to the ground it is the recipient’s responsibility and cost to re-hire the crane.
  • It is recommended that you have a cement pad or pedestal to place the equipment on for outdoor display.
  • The time required to process a file can take anywhere from 4-8 months if everything goes according to plan. Be sure to keep this in mind if the materiel is required for a specific date of importance. It is recommended that you start the process at least one year in advance.
  • Under the donation agreement, you are not authorized to loan or transfer the equipment to a third party without the written approval from DND.

Contact us

For questions related to disposal processes please contact the Directorate of Supply Chain Operations.

E-mails sent to this address will be forwarded to the appropriate contact within the directorate.

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