Frequently asked questions about acquiring surplus military materiel

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Donations and monuments

Question: What is the difference between an artefact and a monument?

Answer: Artefacts and monuments are both options considered for the preservation of Canadian military history and heritage.

Artefacts are a type of alternate application considered prior to disposal where materiel is offered to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) units or federal museums for retention as military artefacts for purposes of display. Artefacts remain under the control of the DND/CAF.

Monuments are materiel that is offered to non-profit organizations such as Legions, Veteran's associations and museums for display. Monuments are donated to recipients, and do not remain under the control of the DND/CAF.

Information and steps for requesting a donation or monument can be found at How to request a donation of surplus military materiel.

General disposal

Question: Who manages the disposal of surplus DND/CAF materiel?

Answer: The Directorate of Supply Chain Operations (DSCO) manages the overall disposal program for departmental surplus materiel. The level at which individual disposal projects are managed depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to the value of the surplus materiel, whether it is locally or centrally managed and if it contains controlled goods. When the disposal of surplus materiel involves sales, GCSurplus in PSPC is responsible for managing the sale.

Other questions

Question: How do I register under the Controlled Goods Program?

Answer: The Controlled Goods Program is managed by the Controlled Goods Directorate of PSPC and information, including registration forms and requirements, can be found on the Controlled Goods Program Website.

Disposal links

Question: Where can I find more information on the DND/CAF disposal process?

Answer: The following pages are related to the DND/CAF disposal process in some capacity, and may be of use to clients looking for more information on a number of subjects.

Contact us

For questions related to disposal processes please contact the Directorate of Supply Chain Operations.

E-mails sent to this address will be forwarded to the appropriate contact within the directorate.

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