Locations of Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO)

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Site ID Site Name Coast Status
AB900-001 / 0539-X001 Airdrie - Bombing Range AB In Assessment
AB900-002 / 0539-X002 Airdrie - Airfield AB In Assessment
BC900-001 / 0445-X003 Vancouver - Spanish Banks Demolitions Training BC In Assessment
BC900-002 / 0088-X001 Tree Island (Sandy Island) BC In Assessment
BC900-010 / 0513-X002 Alliford Bay - RCAF Station BC Closed
BC900-011 / 0513-X003 Alliford Bay - Scottish Beach BC Closed
BC900-012 / 0486-X002 Ucluelet - Amphitrite Point BC In Assessment
BC900-014 / 0019-X001 Armstrong - Rifle Range BC In Assessment
BC900-021 / 0551-X001 Bella Bella - Seaplane Base BC In Assessment
BC900-022 / 0551-X002 Bella Bella - PBR BC In Assessment
BC900-026 / 0445-X001 Vancouver - Blair Rifle Range BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-027 / 0026-X001 Boundary Bay - CFS Ladner BC Closed
BC900-031 / 0026-X002 Boundary Bay - Tsawwassen Air Force Range BC Closed
BC900-036 / 0576-X002 Burnaby - Magazines BC Assessment Complete
BC900-043 / 0324-X001 Prince Rupert - Casey Point BC Assessment Complete
BC900-052 / 0432-X001 Tofino - Wickaninnish Bay BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-053 / 0448-X001 Victoria - Clover Point Rifle Range and Searchlight Site BC In Assessment
BC900-054 / 0522-X001 Coal Harbour - RCAF Station BC In Assessment
BC900-063 / 0088-X008 Kye Bay BC In Assessment
BC900-064 / 0088-X009 Denman Island BC In Assessment
BC900-065 / 0088-X010 Seal Island (Sandy Island) BC In Assessment
BC900-066 / 0088-X011 S16 Combined Operations School / Sandwick Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-067 / 0088-X012 Navy Beach BC In Assessment
BC900-069 / 0088-X014 Lazo Beach BC In Assessment
BC900-070 / 0329-X002 Patricia Bay - South Saanich Bombing Range BC In Assessment
BC900-073 / 0077-X005 Chilliwack - Cultus Lake West Site BC Closed
BC900-082 / 0324-X007 Prince Rupert - Douglas Point BC In Assessment
BC900-091 / 0136-X001 Esquimalt Harbour - Fisgard Island BC Closed
BC900-092 / 0432-X002 Tofino - Florencia Bay Range BC In Assessment
BC900-094 / 0523-X003 Fort Nelson - No. 3 Staging Unit BC Assessment Complete
BC900-104 / 0291-X002 Gabriola Island BC In Assessment
BC900-105 / 0291-X003 Gabriola Reefs BC In Assessment
BC900-107 / 0448-X003 Victoria - Gordon Head PBR BC In Assessment
BC900-114 / 0513-X005 Alliford Bay - Hecate Strait Air-Firing Range BC In Assessment
BC900-121 / 0212-X004 Kamloops - Kamloops Rifle Range BC In Assessment
BC900-122 / 0212-X005 Kamloops - No. 15 "X" Depot BC In Assessment
BC900-123 / 0212-X001 Kamloops - RCN Armament Depot BC Assessment Complete
BC900-125 / 0212-X007 Kamloops - No. 21 Magazine Detachment BC In Assessment
BC900-137 / 0298-X001 Lantzville BC In Assessment
BC900-141 / 0283-X001 Vancouver - Lynn Creek Naval/Army Supply Depot BC In Assessment
BC900-149 / 0298-X002 Maude Island BC In Assessment
BC900-150 / 0554-X001 Patricia Bay - Mayne & Saturna Island RCAF Range BC In Assessment
BC900-159 / 0291-X005 Neck Point BC In Assessment
BC900-160 / 0291-X006 Nanaimo - Timberlake BC In Assessment
BC900-161 / 0088-X015 Oyster River BC Assessment Complete
BC900-162 / 0291-X007 Camp Nanaimo BC Assessment Complete
BC900-165 / 0291-X009 Diver Lake BC In Assessment
BC900-168 / 0292-X001 New Westminster - Army Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-173 / 0283-X002 Vancouver - Ambleside Park AA Guns BC In Assessment
BC900-174 / 0283-X003 Vancouver - Port Atkinson CD Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-179 / 0553-X002 Otter Point - Army Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-181 / 0329-X004 Patricia Bay - Small Arms Ranges BC In Assessment
BC900-201 / 0316-X006 Port Alberni - Military Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-214 / 0323-X001 Prince George - Artillery Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-215 / 0323-X003 Prince George - Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-216 / 0323-X002 Prince George - Rifle Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-218 / 0323-X004 Prince George - Tabor Mountain BC Assessment Complete
BC900-230 / 0324-X017 Prince Rupert - HMCS Chatham - Main Site BC In Assessment
BC900-232 / 0324-X019 Prince Rupert - 10 Mile Post BC In Assessment
BC900-233 / 0324-X020 Prince Rupert - Fairview Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-234 / 0324-X021 Prince Rupert - Galloway Rapids BC In Assessment
BC900-236 / 0324-X005 Prince Rupert - Dundas Point BC Assessment Complete
BC900-239 / 0324-X002 Prince Rupert - Frederick Point BC Assessment Complete
BC900-240 / 0324-X022 Prince Rupert - Practice Bombing Range BC In Assessment
BC900-253 / 0352-X002 Revelstoke - Rifle Range BC In Assessment
BC900-256 / 0329-X008 Saanich Inlet - Underwater Weapons Range BC In Assessment
BC900-259 / 0372-X001 Salmon Arm - Rifle Range BC In Assessment
BC900-272 / 0077-X008 Chilliwack - Rocket and Grenade Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-277 / 0499-X003 Terrace - Terrace Mountain BC Assessment Complete
BC900-278 / 0499-X004 Terrace - No.18 Staging Unit BC In Assessment
BC900-279 / 0499-X005 Terrace - RCAF transmitter site BC In Assessment
BC900-280 / 0499-X006 Terrace - Lakelse Lake BC Assessment Complete
BC900-281 / 0499-X007 Terrace - Second World War Army Camp BC Assessment Complete
BC900-282 / 0499-X008 Terrace - Rifle Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-283 / 0499-X009 Terrace - Field Firing Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-285 / 0499-X010 Terrace - RCAF BC Assessment Complete
BC900-286 / 0499-X011 Braun's Island BC Assessment Complete
BC900-287 / 0324-X003 Prince Rupert - Tobey Point BC Assessment Complete
BC900-288 / 0432-X005 Tofino - RCAF Sea Bombing and Anti-Sub Area BC In Assessment
BC900-289 / 0432-X006 Tofino - Airport BC In Assessment
BC900-298 / 0432-X015 Tofino - Army Camps BC In Assessment
BC900-303 / 0086-X002 Colwood - Triangle Mountain BC In Assessment
BC900-305 / 0486-X005 Ucluelet - Seaplane Base BC In Assessment
BC900-315 / 0200-X001 Vancouver - Jericho Beach PBR BC Assessment Complete
BC900-316 / 0354-X001 Vancouver - Steveston CD Battery BC Assessment Complete
BC900-317 / 0283-X004 Vancouver - Narrows North Bridge CD Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-322 / 0445-X004 Vancouver - Stanley Park CD Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-323 / 0445-X005 Vancouver - Lapointe Pier Ordnance Depot BC In Assessment
BC900-346 / 0448-X005 Victoria - Mount Douglas BC In Assessment
BC900-347 / 0448-X006 Victoria - Gordon Head Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-348 / 0554-X003 Patricia Bay - Galiano Island RCAF Range BC In Assessment
BC900-349 / 0448-X007 Victoria - Trial Islands BC In Assessment
BC900-351 / 0448-X009 Victoria - RCAF Offices BC Assessment Complete
BC900-352 / 0329-X010 Patricia Bay - Bazan Bay Anti-Aircraft Site BC In Assessment
BC900-354 / 0329-X011 Patricia Bay - North Saanich Bombing Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-355 / 0086-X003 Colwood - Military Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-357 / 0136-X002 Esquimalt Harbour - Fort Rodd Hill BC Closed
BC900-368 / 0324-X024 Prince Rupert - York Island BC In Assessment
BC900-373 / 0447-X002 Vernon - Coldstream Ranch BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-374 / 0447-X005 Vernon - Cosens Bay BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-375 / 0447-X003 Vernon - Commonage BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-376 / 0447-X004 Vernon - Goose Lake Range BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-377 / 0447-X001 Vernon - Madeline Lake (formerly Glenemma Range) BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-394 / 0499-X015 Terrace - Armoured Train route BC Assessment Complete
BC900-395 / 0499-X016 Terrace - Copper Mountain BC Assessment Complete
BC900-396 / 0499-X017 Terrace - Lake Kitsumgallum BC Assessment Complete
BC900-397 / 0499-X018 Terrace - Kleanza BC Assessment Complete
BC900-398 / 0499-X019 Terrace - Thornhill Mountain BC Assessment Complete
BC900-399 / 0323-X006 Prince George - Moore's Meadow BC Assessment Complete
BC900-400 / 0323-X007 Prince George - Old Airport BC Assessment Complete
BC900-401 / 0323-X008 Prince George - Golf Course BC In Assessment
BC900-402 / 0323-X009 Prince George - South Fort George BC In Assessment
BC900-403 / 0323-X013 Prince George - Fraser River Bridge BC In Assessment
BC900-404 / 0323-X014 Prince George - 9639 BC In Assessment
BC900-405 / 0323-X015 Prince George - 9739 BC In Assessment
BC900-406 / 0323-X016 Prince George - 9833 BC In Assessment
BC900-408 / 0447-X007 Vernon - Kalamalka Lake BC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
BC900-409 / 0324-X026 Prince Rupert - Barrett Point Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-410 / 0088-X017 Yorke Island BC Assessment Complete
BC900-411 / 0212-X010 Kamloops - 37 Ordnance Ammunition Depot BC In Assessment
BC900-413 / 0291-X011 Cowichan Lake BC In Assessment
BC900-414 / 0291-X012 Crash Site - Mount Whymper BC In Assessment
BC900-415 / 0291-X013 Nanaimo - Underwater Ammo Disposal BC In Assessment
BC900-416 / 0283-X005 Batchelor Bay Place BC In Assessment
BC900-417 / 0493-X001 Roger's Pass BC In Assessment
BC900-418 / 0523-X001 Fort Nelson - Clarke Lake BC Closed
BC900-421 / 0432-X017 Tofino - Clayoquot Range BC In Assessment
BC900-423 / 0007-X001 Esquimalt - Albert Head Offshore BC In Assessment
BC900-424 / 0324-X004 Prince Rupert - Verney Point BC Assessment Complete
BC900-425 / 0209-X001 Kelowna - Lake Okanagan Manhattan Point BC In Assessment
BC900-429 / 0432-X018 Tofino - Schooner Cove BC In Assessment
BC900-430 / 0432-X019 Tofino - Chesterman's Beach BC In Assessment
BC900-432 / 0486-X007 Ucluelet - Kennedy Lake BC In Assessment
BC900-433 / 0486-X008 Ucluelet - Port Albion BC In Assessment
BC900-436 / 0486-X001 HMCS THIEPVAL BC Closed
BC900-437 / 0635-X001 USAT BGEN M.G. Zalinski BC Assessment Complete
BC900-438 / 0136-X003 Haystock Islets BC In Assessment
BC900-440 / 0136-X004 Esquimalt - Witty's Lagoon BC Assessment Complete
BC900-441 / 0273-X001 Esquimalt - Mary Hill Battery BC Assessment Complete
BC900-443 / 0136-X005 Esquimalt - Belmont Battery BC Closed
BC900-449 / 0448-X011 Victoria - Beacon Point Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-450 / 0136-X006 Esquimalt - Saxe Point BC In Assessment
BC900-451 / 0448-X012 Victoria - Ogden Point Battery BC In Assessment
BC900-452 / 0329-X012 Patricia Bay - LAA & Aerodrome Defences - Sidney BC In Assessment
BC900-453 / 0576-X007 Burnaby - Willingdon Heights HAA BC In Assessment
BC900-457 / 0086-X005 Colwood - Parsons Bridge BC In Assessment
BC900-458 / 0329-X013 Patricia Bay - Wilson & Munroe HAA/Army Camp (Site 1) BC In Assessment
BC900-459 / 0329-X013 Patricia Bay - Army Camp 6 BC In Assessment
BC900-460 / 0329-X013 Patricia Bay - Army Camp 8 BC In Assessment
BC900-463 / 0448-X015 Victoria - Willows Camp BC In Assessment
BC900-464 / 0292-X005 New Westminster - Queen's Park BC In Assessment
BC900-465 / 0576-X001 Burnaby - Barnet Rifle Range BC Assessment Complete
BC900-466 / 0329-X016 Patricia Bay - Piers Island Bombing Range BC In Assessment
BC900-467 / 0329-X017 Patricia Bay - Saanich Obstruction Tower BC In Assessment
BC900-468 / 0077-X006 Chilliwack - Cultus Lake East Site BC Closed
BC900-469 / 0136-X007 Esquimalt Harbour - Cole Island BC Closed
BC900-470 / 0136-X012 Esquimalt Harbour - Munition Dumping Area CN 87 BC In Assessment
BC900-472 / 0026-X003 Boundary Bay - Tsawwassen Anti-Aircraft Practice Range BC Closed
BC900-473 / 0448-X016 Victoria - Telegraph Cove BC In Assessment
BC900-474 / 0448-X017 Victoria - Gordon Head Point BC In Assessment
AB900-012 / 0130-X046 Bittern Lake - PBR AB In Assessment
AB900-018 / 0243-X001 Medicine Hat - Bowell Practice Bombing Range AB Closed
AB900-023 / 0402-X001 Calgary - Sarcee Training Area (Tract 1 & Tract 2) AB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
AB900-030 / 0071-X010 Calgary - Rifle Range AB In Assessment
AB900-040 / 0695-X001 Camrose - Rifle Range AB Closed
AB900-042 / 0695-X002 Camrose - No. 131 Canadian Army (Reserve) Training Centre AB Closed
AB900-098 / 0512-X002 Grande Prairie - No. 132 CA(B)TC AB In Assessment
AB900-103 / 0412-X001 Hanna - Rifle Range AB In Assessment
AB900-110 / 0243-X005 Medicine Hat - Holsom Airfield AB In Assessment
AB900-114 / 0510-X001 Jasper - Maligne Lake Training Area AB Closed
AB900-115 / 0510-X002 Jasper - Airfield AB Closed
AB900-117 / 0510-X003 Jasper - Columbia Icefields Training Area AB Closed
AB900-118 / 0214-X001 Lethbridge - Kipp Rifle Range Danger Area AB In Assessment
AB900-119 / 0504-X001 Lac La Biche - Air Weapons Range AB In Assessment
AB900-122 / 0236-X002 Lethbridge - PBR No. 4 (McGrath) AB In Assessment
AB900-123 / 0236-X003 Lethbridge - PBR No. 5 (Raymond) AB In Assessment
AB900-124 / 0236-X004 Lethbridge - Airport AB In Assessment
AB900-130 / 0243-X006 Medicine Hat - POW Camp AB In Assessment
AB900-131 / 0243-X007 Medicine Hat - Airport AB In Assessment
AB900-132 / 0243-X002 Medicine Hat - Bowell Air-to-Ground Firing Range AB Closed
AB900-154 / 0346-X003 Red Deer - 600-yard rifle range AB In Assessment
AB900-172 / 0130-X044 Wetaskiwin - Army Training Centre AB In Assessment
AB900-173 / 0130-X045 Wetaskiwin - SA & Grenade Range AB In Assessment
AB900-175 / 0130-X028 Winterburn - Range AB In Assessment
AB900-177 / 0130-X001 Yekau Lake AB Assessment Complete
AB900-178 / 0071-X023 Calgary - Bragg Creek AB In Assessment
AB900-180 / 0512-X004 Grande Prairie - Airport (No. 1 Staging Unit/RCAF Station) AB In Assessment
AB900-181 / 0402-X004 Tsuu T’ina Nation - Mortar Pit AB Closed
AB900-195 / 0236-X007 Lethbridge - Blood Indian Reserve PBR No. 1 AB Assessment Complete
AB900-196 / 0243-X010 Medicine Hat - Intercity Salvage AB In Assessment
AB900-197 / 0243-X011 Medicine Hat - Gas City Metals AB In Assessment
AB900-200 / 0071-X001 Calgary-Weaselhead Natural Environment Area AB Assessment Complete
AB900-201 / 0402-X005 The 940 Area (formerly Harvey Barracks and Practice Lands) AB Closed
AB900-204 / 0402-X003 Calgary - Peripheral Lands AB Closed
AB900-209 / 0510-X004 Jasper - Mountain Motors Building AB Closed
AB900-211 / 0510-X005 Jasper - Edith Cavell Training Area AB Closed
AB900-212 / 0510-X006 Jasper - Tonquin Valley Training Area AB Closed
AB900-213 / 0510-X007 Jasper - Willow Auto Camp AB In Assessment
AB900-214 / 0510-X008 Jasper - Summer Training Camp AB Closed
AB900-215 / 0510-X009 Jasper - Sunwapta Cabins AB In Assessment
AB900-221 / 0243-X012 Medicine Hat - Rifle Range AB In Assessment
AB900-222 / 0510-X010 Jasper - Geikie AB Closed
AB900-223 / 0243-X004 Medicine Hat - First Street Armoury AB In Assessment
AB900-225 / 0243-X003 Medicine Hat - South Saskatchewan River AB Closed
AB900-226 / 0236-X008 Lethbridge - Blood Indian Reserve PBR No. 2 AB Assessment Complete
AB900-227 / 0236-X009 Lethbridge - Blood Indian Reserve PBR No. 3 AB Assessment Complete
AB900-233 / 0071-X034 Calgary - Federal Metals AB In Assessment
EC900-001 / 0683-X001 Argentia - Disposal Site EC In Assessment
EC900-002 / 0683-X002 Argentia - Harbour EC Assessment Complete
EC900-006 / 0683-X003 Charles Haskell - Wreckage Site EC In Assessment
EC900-007 / 0683-X004 Emerald Basin - Disposal Site EC In Assessment
EC900-012 / 0683-X009 Pennant Point EC In Assessment
EC900-013 / 0683-X010 MV British Freedom EC In Assessment
EC900-014 / 0683-X011 St. Lawrence River Disposal - Site 1 EC In Assessment
EC900-015 / 0683-X013 Sydney - Bomb Disposal EC In Assessment
EC900-016 / 0683-X014 Sydney - Disposal Centre EC In Assessment
EC900-021 / 0683-X018 St. Anne's Bay - Naval & Air Range EC In Assessment
EC900-022 / 0683-X019 Shelburne - Disposal Site EC In Assessment
EC900-023 / 0683-X012 SS ROSE CASTLE EC Closed
EC900-027 / 0683-X022 SS TRONGATE EC In Assessment
EC900-048 / 0683-X033 SS LORD STRATHCONA EC Closed
EC900-052 / 0683-X042 St. Lawrence River Disposal - Site 2 EC In Assessment
EC900-053 / 0683-X043 St. Lawrence River Disposal - Site 3 EC In Assessment
EC900-054 / 0683-X044 St. Lawrence River Disposal - Site 4 EC In Assessment
EC900-055 / 0683-X045 MV Athelviking EC In Assessment
EC900-056 / 0683-X046 MV Kolkhosnik EC In Assessment
MB900-009 / 0030-X001 Brandon - Artillery School MB In Assessment
MB900-013 / 0366-X002 Shilo - Carberry Airfield MB In Assessment
MB900-017 / 0078-X002 Churchill - Offshore MB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
MB900-020 / 0078-X001 Churchill - terrestrial MB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
MB900-070 / 0315-X006 Langruth - RCAF Range MB In Assessment
MB900-074 / 0488-X001 MacDonald - Gas Storage/Sewage Plant MB In Assessment
MB900-075 / 0488-X002 MacDonald - No. 3 B&GS PBR #2 MB In Assessment
MB900-076 / 0488-X003 MacDonald - No. 3 B&GS PBR #3 MB In Assessment
MB900-077 / 0488-X004 MacDonald - RCAF Aerodrome (Main Site) MB In Assessment
MB900-093 / 0556-X006 Paulson - PBR 6 MB In Assessment
MB900-094 / 0556-X007 Paulson - PBR 5 MB In Assessment
MB900-097 / 0556-X008 Paulson - PBR 3 MB In Assessment
MB900-098 / 0556-X009 Paulson - RCAF Station MB In Assessment
MB900-105 / 0315-X005 Portage-la-Prairie - Airport (BCATP and CFB) MB Closed
MB900-116 / 0315-X004 Portage-la-Prairie - Poplar Point PBR MB Closed
MB900-117 / 0315-X016 Portage-la-Prairie - Helicopter landing field MB Assessment Complete
MB900-119 / 0492-X001 CFB Rivers MB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
MB900-124 / 0366-X001 Spirit Sands MB Assessment Complete
MB900-125 / 0161-X014 Gimli - Sleeve Lake Air Gunnery & Bombing Range MB In Assessment
MB900-128 / 0519-X001 Oak Hammock Marsh - PBR MB Closed
MB900-136 / 0030-X020 Virden - Airport (No. 19 EFTS) MB In Assessment
MB900-137 / 0030-X021 Virden - Rifle Range MB In Assessment
MB900-151 / 0456-X014 Winnipeg - No. 103 CA(B)TC MB In Assessment
MB900-162 / 0030-X023 No.1 Air Navigation School - PBR MB In Assessment
MB900-164 / 0492-X002 Rivers MB Assessment Complete
MB900-168 / 0366-X008 Camp Hughes/Sewell MB In Assessment
MB900-169 / 0030-X011 Brandon - Rifle Range MB In Assessment
MB900-170 / 0488-X005 Macdonald - No. 3 B&GS PBR #1 MB In Assessment
MB900-171 / 0556-X011 Paulson - PBR 1 MB In Assessment
MB900-172 / 0556-X012 Paulson - PBR 2 MB In Assessment
MB900-174 / 0556-X013 Paulson - Air Firing and PBR 4 MB In Assessment
MB900-175 / 0556-X014 Paulson - PBR 7 MB In Assessment
NB900-001 / 0171-X001 Bellefleur - Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-015 / 0069-X010 Chatham - RCAF Base NB In Assessment
NB900-017 / 0069-X001 Chatham - Huskisson Range NB Assessment Complete
NB900-021 / 0131-X002 Edmundston - No. 71 Canadian Army Basic Training Centre NB In Assessment
NB900-022 / 0131-X001 Edmundston - Rifle Range NB Closed
NB900-025 / 0144-X002 No.70 Canadian Army Basic Training Centre NB In Assessment
NB900-029 / 0144-X006 Fredericton - Devon Range NB In Assessment
NB900-035 / 0069-X002 Chatham - Loggieville Practice Bombing Range NB Closed
NB900-038 / 0159-X004 McGivney - CFAD No. 32 NB In Assessment
NB900-041 / 0257-X003 Moncton - Barachois Cape PBR NB In Assessment
NB900-042 / 0257-X004 Moncton - Airport NB In Assessment
NB900-046 / 0257-X007 Moncton - Dominion Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-050 / 0069-X013 Miramichi - French Fort Cove Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-051 / 0334-X001 Pennfield Ridge - RCAF Station NB In Assessment
NB900-056 / 0442-X003 Pennfield - Lake Utopia PBR NB Assessment Complete
NB900-057 / 0395-X031 Musquash - PBR NB Assessment Complete
NB900-058 / 0069-X003 Chatham - Renous Ammunition Depot NB Assessment Complete
NB900-061 / 0422-X002 Sackville - Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-066 / 0395-X001 Saint John - Blue Rock LAA Gun Site NB Closed
NB900-067 / 0395-X002 Saint John - Park Ave (Loch Lomond) HAA Camp NB Closed
NB900-068 / 0395-X003 Sand Cove Rd AA Deployment Magazine NB Closed
NB900-069 / 0395-X004 Saint John - Saint’s Rest Rifle Range NB Closed
NB900-070 / 0395-X005 Saint John - Sea Street Barracks NB Closed
NB900-071 / 0395-X006 Saint John - Beaconsfield Rd HAA Camp NB Closed
NB900-076 / 0395-X007 Saint John - Courtenay Breakwater CD Battery NB Closed
NB900-079 / 0395-X008 Saint John - Partridge Island CD Battery NB Closed
NB900-081 / 0395-X009 Saint John - Smith Farm HAA Camp NB Closed
NB900-082 / 0395-X010 Saint John - Coldbrook Magazine Site NB Closed
NB900-083 / 0395-X011 Saint John - Indiantown Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-086 / 0395-X012 Saint John - Millidgeville Aerodrome NB Closed
NB900-090 / 0395-X013 Saint John - Fort Dufferin CD Battery NB Closed
NB900-092 / 0395-X015 Saint John - Fort Mispec CD Battery NB Closed
NB900-095 / 0395-X016 Grandview Ave AA Deployment Magazine NB Closed
NB900-097 / 0395-X017 Saint John - Coldbrook No. 7 Ordnance Depot NB Closed
NB900-099 / 0069-X014 St. Margarets - EOD Site NB In Assessment
NB900-105 / 0257-X009 Moncton - Scoudouc Aerodrome & Depot NB In Assessment
NB900-113 / 0414-X001 Sussex - Roachville NB Assessment Complete
NB900-114 / 0414-X003 Camp Sussex NB In Assessment
NB900-117 / 0434-X001 Tracadie NB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NB900-118 / 0442-X001 Utopia - Camp Utopia NB Assessment Complete
NB900-119 / 0442-X002 Utopia - Range Area NB Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NB900-120 / 0457-X002 Woodstock - Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-121 / 0457-X003 Woodstock - Militia Accommodation (Island Park) NB In Assessment
NB900-122 / 0144-X012 Fredericton - Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NB900-123 / 0395-X018 Saint John - East St. John School LAA Gun Site NB Closed
NB900-124 / 0395-X019 Saint John - Courtenay Breakwater LAA Gun Site NB Closed
NB900-125 / 0395-X020 Saint John - Navy Island LAA gun site NB Closed
NB900-126 / 0395-X021 Saint John - Courtenay Hill LAA Gun Site NB Closed
NB900-127 / 0395-X022 Saint John - Likely’s Beach LAA gun sites NB Closed
NB900-133 / 0334-X008 Bay of Fundy - Dumping Area NB In Assessment
NB900-134 / 0395-X023 Saint John - Red Head Battery & RDF Site NB Closed
NB900-136 / 0395-X024 Saint John - Barrack Green NB Closed
NB900-137 / 0395-X025 Saint John - Fort Howe NB Closed
NB900-138 / 0395-X026 Saint John - (Old) Black River Road Magazine NB Closed
NB900-139 / 0395-X027 Saint John - County Hospital/Post #6 NB Closed
NB900-140 / 0395-X028 Saint John - Mispec Beach Anti-Submarine station NB Closed
NB900-141 / 0395-X029 Saint John - Dry Dock Magazine and LAA Gun Site NB Assessment Complete
NB900-142 / 0395-X048 Saint John - Kennedy's Wharf LAA Gun Site NB In Assessment
NB900-144 / 0395-X030 Saint John - Duck Cove Barracks NB Closed
NB900-145 / 0395-X049 Saint John - Area X NB In Assessment
NB900-147 / 0144-X013 Fredericton - O’Dell Park 30 Yard Rifle Range and Garage NB In Assessment
NB900-150 / 0257-X016 Moncton - Dupuis Corner Air-to-Ground Gunnery Range NB In Assessment
NB900-152 / 0395-X051 Saint John - St. Martins NB In Assessment
NB900-155 / 0334-X009 Bay of Fundy - Air and Sea Ranges (T/U/CYD701) NB In Assessment
NB900-159 / 0069-X004 Chatham - Saint Margarets Air-to-Ground Range NB Closed
NB900-160 / 0069-X005 Chatham - St. Lawrence Air-to-Air Range NB Assessment Complete
NB900-166 / 0414-X005 Sussex - Rifle Range NB In Assessment
NL900-001 / 0516-X006 Botwood - #3 LAA Gun Position (Canning Rock) NL In Assessment
NL900-002 / 0516-X001 Botwood - King's Ridge NL In Assessment
NL900-008 / 0661-X001 Bell Island - Wabana Battery NL In Assessment
NL900-009 / 0172-X001 Bishop’s Falls - Ammunition Depot NL In Assessment
NL900-011 / 0516-X003 Botwood - Wiseman's Head CD Site NL In Assessment
NL900-012 / 0516-X002 Botwood - Phillip's Head CD Site NL In Assessment
NL900-013 / 0516-X008 Botwood - #4 LAA Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-028 / 0396-X001 Cape Spear Coastal Defence Battery and Rifle Range NL Closed
NL900-036 / 0396-X005 St. John's - Conception Bay Bombing Range NL Closed
NL900-048 / 0158-X001 Gander - Airport NL Closed
NL900-050 / 0158-X003 Gander - Bonavista Bay Bombing Range NL Closed
NL900-052 / 0158-X004 Gander - Soulis Pond Bombing Range NL Closed
NL900-057 / 0166-X002 Goose Bay - CYD 69 Gunnery Range (Air-to-Air) NL In Assessment
NL900-065 / 0166-X004 Goose Bay - Lake Melville Air-to-Ground Range NL In Assessment
NL900-069 / 0389-X002 Gulf of St-Lawrence - Air weapons range NL In Assessment
NL900-085 / 0516-X013 Lewisporte - 29th AA Battery NL In Assessment
NL900-087 / 0516-X015 Lewisporte - HAA Camp NL In Assessment
NL900-089 / 0516-X017 Lewisporte - CD Site NL In Assessment
NL900-090 / 0396-X006 St. John's - Logy Bay AA Position NL Closed
NL900-092 / 0396-X007 St. John's - Middle Cove Range NL Assessment Complete
NL900-095 / 0018-X004 Placentia Bay - United States Navy Ranges NL In Assessment
NL900-102 / 0065-X006 Rigolet - Coastal Battery NL In Assessment
NL900-103 / 0065-X007 Rigolet - Rigolet Narrows NL In Assessment
NL900-111 / 0396-X024 St. John’s - Campbell Ave AA Site NL In Assessment
NL900-115 / 0396-X028 St. John’s - RCAF Station Torbay NL In Assessment
NL900-129 / 0396-X040 St. John’s - Lester’s Field Army Camp NL In Assessment
NL900-131 / 0396-X041 St. John’s - Buckmaster’s Field NL In Assessment
NL900-132 / 0396-X010 St. John’s - Fort Amherst CD / AA Site NL Closed
NL900-134 / 0396-X041 St. John’s - Fort Chain Rock CD Site NL In Assessment
NL900-138 / 0396-X011 St. John’s - White Hills US Ammunition Depot NL Assessment Complete
NL900-139 / 0396-X045 St. John’s - Signal Hill CD Site NL In Assessment
NL900-140 / 0396-X012 St. John’s - Red Cliff CD Site NL Closed
NL900-147 / 0389-X001 Stephenville - Ernest Harmon Air Force Base NL Assessment Complete
NL900-148 / 0389-X004 Stephenville - Harmon AF Base Guns sites NL In Assessment
NL900-152 / 0326-X006 Whitbourne - Army Ammunition Magazine NL In Assessment
NL900-160 / 0396-X047 St. John’s - Calver’s Field Army Camp & AA Site NL In Assessment
NL900-161 / 0396-X048 St. John’s - Hill O’ Chips AA Site NL In Assessment
NL900-162 / 0396-X049 St. John’s - South Side Hills AA Site No. 3 NL In Assessment
NL900-164 / 0396-X050 St. John’s -  Brennan Building AA Site NL In Assessment
NL900-165 / 0396-X051 St. John’s - Governor’s Field AA Site NL Assessment Complete
NL900-167 / 0396-X052 St. John’s - Pennywell Rd AA Site NL In Assessment
NL900-168 / 0396-X004 St. John’s - Blackhead Road HAA Site NL Closed
NL900-172 / 0516-X018 Botwood - RCAF Station NL In Assessment
NL900-178 / 0065-X009 Cape Porcupine NL In Assessment
NL900-336 / 0389-X006 Stephenville - North and South Bunkers NL In Assessment
NL900-340 / 0491-X001 HMS Raleigh NL Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NL900-341 / 0683-X052 SS SAGANAGA NL Closed
NL900-342 / 0683-X051 SS PLM 27 NL Closed
NL900-343 / 0389-X008 Stephenville - Rifle Range NL In Assessment
NL900-344 / 0559-X001 Bell Island - Dominion Pier Bofors Position NL In Assessment
NL900-345 / 0661-X002 Bell Island - Scotia Pier Bofors Position NL In Assessment
NL900-346 / 0661-X003 Bell Island - Wabana Machine Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-347 / 0396-X002 St. John's - Windsor Lake Rifle Range NL Assessment Complete
NL900-348 / 0396-X053 St. John's - Naval Magazine Area (Site No. 6) NL In Assessment
NL900-350 / 0516-X005 Botwood - Botwood Harbour Disposal Site NL In Assessment
NL900-352 / 0158-X002 Gander - Deadman's Pond NL Closed
NL900-354 / 0158-X005 Gander - Freshwater Bay Bombing Range NL Closed
NL900-356 / 0516-X019 Botwood - RCN Wharf NL In Assessment
NL900-361 / 0166-X003 Goose Bay - North West River Transmitter Site NL In Assessment
NL900-364 / 0166-X001 Goose Bay - Goose Bay Airport Area NL In Assessment
NL900-367 / 0516-X022 Botwood - #1 LAA Gun Position (Church Hill/Rock) NL In Assessment
NL900-368 / 0516-X023 Botwood - #2 LAA Gun Position (Mill Point) NL In Assessment
NL900-369 / 0516-X024 Botwood - #5 LAA Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-370 / 0516-X025 Botwood - Caledonia Camp / #6 LAA Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-371 / 0516-X004 Botwood - Peter's Arm Rifle Range NL In Assessment
NL900-372 / 0516-X007 Botwood - #7 LAA Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-373 / 0516-X026 Botwood - #8 LAA Gun Position NL In Assessment
NL900-376 / 0065-X010 Rigolet - Temporary Bombing Range NL In Assessment
NL900-378 / 0396-X062 St. John's - Horse Cove NL In Assessment
NL900-379 / 0559-X002 Bell Island - Little Bell Island Target Area NL In Assessment
NL900-383 / 0396-X013 St. John's - Gull Pond Practice Bombing and Air-Firing Range NL Closed
NL900-385 / 0396-X014 St. John's - Torbay North Camp NL Assessment Complete
NL900-387 / 0396-X009 St. John's - Cape St. Francis RCAF Range NL Closed
NL900-391 / 0396-X008 St. John's - Pouch Cove Anti-Aircraft Training Area NL Closed
NL900-392 / 0396-X057 St. John's - Portugal Cove Road Ammunition Storage Area NL In Assessment
NL900-393 / 0396-X058 St. John's - Kenny's Pond Anti-Aircraft Camp NL In Assessment
NL900-394 / 0396-X003 St. John's - Police Rifle Range NL Assessment Complete
NL900-395 / 0396-X015 St. John's - Outer Cove Weapons Demonstration Area NL Closed
NL900-397 / 0396-X059 St. John's - Mundy's Pond Camp & TDMs NL In Assessment
NL900-398 / 0396-X016 St. John's - Beachy Cove AA Shoot & Impact Area NL Closed
NL900-399 / 0396-X017 St. John's - Broad Cove Manoeuvre & Impact Area NL In Assessment
NL900-400 / 0559-X003 Bell Island - Bell Beach CSL and Rifle Range NL In Assessment
NL900-402 / 0559-X005 Bell Island - Outpost No. 3 and LAA Site (Lance Cove) NL In Assessment
NL900-403 / 0559-X006 Bell Island - Outpost No. 2 and LAA Site (Ochre Cove) NL In Assessment
NS900-002 / 0016-X001 Amherst - Ordnance Depot NS In Assessment
NS900-008 / 0050-X001 Shelburne - Baccaro Point NS In Assessment
NS900-018 / 0417-X009 Sydney - Steel Plant AA Gun Emplacements NS In Assessment
NS900-021 / 0417-X010 Sydney - Whitney School NS In Assessment
NS900-022 / 0417-X011 Sydney-  Muggah Street NS In Assessment
NS900-024 / 0058-X007 Bedford - CFAD Bedford NS Assessment Complete
NS900-025 / 0685-X001 Bras D'Or Lake - East Bay (Ben Eoin) AFR/PBR NS Assessment Complete
NS900-027 / 0287-X001 Big Island - Bombing Range NS In Assessment
NS900-028 / 0685-X002 Bras D’Or Lake - Eskasoni First Nation NS Assessment Complete
NS900-032 / 0154-X001 Canso - Hazel Hill Gun Site NS In Assessment
NS900-034 / 0473-X001 Yarmouth - Chebogue Point Bombing Range NS Closed
NS900-045 / 0304-X001 Halifax - Cow Bay Air Firing and Practice Bombing Ranges NS Closed
NS900-050 / 0361-X002 Halifax - Imperoyal LAA Sites NS In Assessment
NS900-056 / 0361-X004 Halifax - Morris Lake HAA Gun Site NS Closed
NS900-057 / 0439-X003 Halifax - Burnside AA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-060 / 0361-X003 Halifax - Russell Lake HAA Site (Dartmouth) NS In Assessment
NS900-065 / 0177-X001 Halifax - Connolly Street HAA Gun Site NS In Assessment
NS900-071 / 0361-X008 Gaston Rd AA Temp Deployment Magazine NS In Assessment
NS900-074 / 0276-X001 Debert - Horse Point Marsh PBR NS Assessment Complete
NS900-075 / 0121-X004 Debert - Main Site NS Assessment Complete
NS900-076 / 0121-X011 Debert - Explosives Demolition Area NS Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NS900-077 / 0121-X005 Debert - Belmont Range NS Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NS900-080 / 0121-X008 Debert - Radio Station NS In Assessment
NS900-082 / 0121-X012 Debert - Staples Brook Range NS Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NS900-083 / 0174-X003 Debert - Spencer's Point PBR NS Assessment Complete
NS900-084 / 0121-X009 Debert - Colchester Inn NS In Assessment
NS900-086 / 0276-X002 Debert - Colquhoun Weapons Range NS Assessment Complete
NS900-092 / 0560-X001 Economy - Cobequid Bay BR NS In Assessment
NS900-093 / 0560-X002 Economy Point NS In Assessment
NS900-096 / 0417-X001 Glace Bay - Battery NS Closed
NS900-098 / 0174-X001 Debert - Great Village NS In Assessment
NS900-118 / 0178-X011 Halifax - Weapons Calibration Range NS Closed
NS900-124 / 0180-X002 Halifax - Lynch St LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-125 / 0180-X003 Halifax - Fort Needham LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-127 / 0176-X002 Halifax - Rockhead HAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-128 / 0177-X002 Halifax - Prince's Lodge HAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-130 / 0177-X003 Halifax - Fairview AA Temporary Deployment Magazine NS In Assessment
NS900-131 / 0178-X006 Halifax - Purcell's Cove HAA Site NS Closed
NS900-136 / 0361-X006 Halifax - Marion Heights LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-137 / 0361-X007 Halifax - Sugar Refinery LAA Site (Dartmouth) NS In Assessment
NS900-138 / 0178-X024 Halifax - Nova Scotia Technical College LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-139 / 0178-X025 Halifax - Greenbank LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-140 / 0178-X026 Halifax - Tower Road LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-142 / 0036-X003 Lunenburg - LAA Gun Site NS In Assessment
NS900-143 / 0178-X027 Halifax - Fort Charlotte LAA Site NS In Assessment
NS900-166 / 0178-X007 Halifax - Connaught Battery NS Closed
NS900-170 / 0178-X012 Halifax - York Redoubt NS Closed
NS900-171 / 0178-X013 Halifax - Strawberry Battery NS Closed
NS900-172 / 0178-X014 Halifax - Fort McNab NS Closed
NS900-173 / 0178-X015 Halifax - Ives Point Battery NS Closed
NS900-184 / 0178-X016 Halifax - Point Pleasant Battery NS Closed
NS900-185 / 0178-X017 Halifax - Fort Ogilvie CD Battery NS Closed
NS900-203 / 0010-X002 Hall’s Harbour NS In Assessment
NS900-207 / 0685-X003 Bras D'Or Lake - Johnstown Ammunition Depot NS Assessment Complete
NS900-210 / 0073-X003 Lawrencetown - Lloy Station CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-218 / 0036-X005 Lunenburg - Rifle Range NS In Assessment
NS900-222 / 0150-X010 Margaretsville - Bay of Fundy Air Firing Range NS In Assessment
NS900-225 / 0560-X003 Minas Basin - Bombing Range NS In Assessment
NS900-226 / 0318-X001 Mulgrave - Melford Point CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-232 / 0318-X006 Mulgrave - Havre Boucher CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-233 / 0318-X007 Mulgrave - Auld Cove CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-239 / 0514-X001 New Waterford - Lingan Battery NS Closed
NS900-244 / 0282-X005 North Sydney - Kelly’s Beach RCAF Base NS In Assessment
NS900-247 / 0282-X001 North Sydney - Oxford Point Battery NS Closed
NS900-248 / 0282-X008 North Sydney - North Bar CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-249 / 0282-X009 North Sydney - Jacksonville NS In Assessment
NS900-250 / 0282-X010 North Sydney - Stubbert Point NS In Assessment
NS900-251 / 0282-X002 North Sydney - Chapel Point Battery NS Closed
NS900-252 / 0282-X003 North Sydney - Cranberry Head NS Closed
NS900-261 / 0178-X009 Halifax - Porter's Lake Air Bombing Range NS Closed
NS900-268 / 0251-X001 St Margarets Bay - Air Gunnery Range NS In Assessment
NS900-274 / 0362-X001 Shelburne - Air Area CYD 707/Sea Area G NS In Assessment
NS900-276 / 0362-X004 Shelburne - Naval Installations (Main Site) NS In Assessment
NS900-280 / 0362-X006 Shelburne - Sand Point Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-281 / 0362-X007 Shelburne - Tea Chest Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-283 / 0362-X008 Shelburne - Government Point Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-284 / 0362-X009 Shelburne - McNutt Island Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-288 / 0417-X002 Sydney - Port Morien PBR NS Closed
NS900-296 / 0417-X003 Sydney - Low Point CD Battery NS Closed
NS900-297 / 0417-X004 Sydney - Point Petrie Battery NS Closed
NS900-300 / 0417-X021 Sydney - Cossitt Lake HAA Gun Site NS In Assessment
NS900-301 / 0417-X005 Sydney - Edward Point CD Battery NS Closed
NS900-308 / 0417-X026 Sydney - Crawley Creek NS In Assessment
NS900-313 / 0417-X031 Sydney - Westmount AA Gun Site NS In Assessment
NS900-315 / 0417-X006 Sydney - South Bar CD Battery NS Closed
NS900-317 / 0438-X002 Truro - Rifle Range NS In Assessment
NS900-324 / 0526-X001 Wallace - AA Site NS Closed
NS900-327 / 0150-X009 Greenwood - West Paradise Rifle Range NS In Assessment
NS900-340 / 0473-X002 Yarmouth - Port Maitland Practice Bombing Range (PBR) NS Closed
NS900-341 / 0473-X011 Yarmouth - RCAF Station and LAA Battery (Main Site) NS In Assessment
NS900-342 / 0473-X012 Yarmouth - 18 pounder battery NS In Assessment
NS900-351 / 0515-X001 Louisbourg - Wolfe Battery NS Closed
NS900-356 / 0134-X004 Halifax - Horne's Field Infantry Camp NS In Assessment
NS900-357 / 0304-X004 Halifax - Cow Bay Beach Range & Training Area NS Closed
NS900-359 / 0361-X010 Halifax - Woodlawn Outpost (Dartmouth) NS In Assessment
NS900-368 / 0282-X014 North Sydney - Wireless Hill NS In Assessment
NS900-369 / 0318-X010 Mulgrave - Beacon CD Battery NS In Assessment
NS900-371 / 0683-X049 SS CITY OF VIENNA NS In Assessment
NS900-372 / 0683-X050 SS Claire Lilley NS Risk Mitigation Ongoing
NS900-373 / 0521-X001 Berwick - PBR NS Closed
NS900-378 / 0474-X002 Bedford Basin Mortar Testing Range/Demo Training Area NS Closed
NS900-379 / 0560-X004 Minas Basin - US Naval Experimental Facilities NS In Assessment
NS900-380 / 0560-X005 Minas Basin - Mine Dumping Site NS In Assessment
NS900-382 / 0173-X002 Bay of Fundy - Surface Range CYD702 NS In Assessment
NS900-383 / 0150-X011 Margaretsville - Machine Gun (Turret) Range NS In Assessment
NS900-384 / 0685-X004 Bras D'Or Lake - Little Bras D'Or RCN Gunnery Range NS Assessment Complete
NS900-385 / 0685-X005 Bras D'Or Lake - RCN Torpedo Range NS Assessment Complete
NS900-386 / 0178-X002 Halifax - Fox Island Range NS Closed
NS900-388 / 0134-X005 Halifax - Elkins Barracks Beach Training Area NS Closed
NS900-389 / 0178-X010 Halifax - McNab Island PBR NS Closed
NS900-390 / 0362-X010 Shelburne - LAA Gun Site No. 3 NS In Assessment
NS900-391 / 0362-X011 Shelburne - LAA Gun Site No. 4 NS In Assessment
NS900-392 / 0417-X008 Browns Lake - Mortar Range NS Closed
NS900-393 / 0417-X007 Little Pond - Mortar Range NS Closed
NU900-047 / 0561-X001 Grey Goose Island - PBR NU Assessment Complete
ON899-004 / 0037-X002 Brockville - Metcalfe Farm ON Assessment Complete
ON899-028 / 0003-X001 Newmarket - RCOC returned stores depot ON In Assessment
ON899-030 / 0679-X002 Aylmer - Lake Erie PBR ON In Assessment
ON899-048 / 0025-X001 Borden - Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-052 / 0029-X001 Brampton - Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON899-058 / 0031-X006 Brantford - Training Area & Range ON In Assessment
ON899-059 / 0031-X001 Brantford - Airport ON In Assessment
ON899-060 / 0031-X002 Brantford - Hartley Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-064 / 0037-X003 Brockville - Burns-Baker Area ON In Assessment
ON899-065 / 0037-X001 Brockville - Landon Farm ON Assessment Complete
ON899-066 / 0037-X004 Brockville - Sherwood Springs ON In Assessment
ON899-067 / 0037-X005 Brockville - Lyn ON In Assessment
ON899-068 / 0037-X006 Brockville - North of North Parade Ground ON In Assessment
ON899-069 / 0037-X007 Brockville - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON899-071 / 0037-X009 Brockville - St. Mary's College ON In Assessment
ON899-074 / 0037-X010 Brockville - Yonge Mills ON In Assessment
ON899-075 / 0037-X011 Brockville - Mallorytown Landing ON In Assessment
ON899-076 / 0037-X012 Brockville - North Augusta ON Assessment Complete
ON899-077 / 0037-X013 Brockville - Cranberry Lake ON In Assessment
ON899-078 / 0037-X014 Brockville - Tincap ON In Assessment
ON899-079 / 0037-X015 Brockville - Fairfield ON In Assessment
ON899-082 / 0031-X003 Brantford - Burtch R1 ON In Assessment
ON899-091 / 0165-X001 Mer Bleue ON In Assessment
ON899-094 / 0064-X003 Carp - Relief Landing Field ON In Assessment
ON899-100 / 0070-X001 Chatham - Basic Army Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON899-101 / 0070-X002 Chatham - No.10 Internment (POW) Camp ON In Assessment
ON899-104 / 0081-X001 Cobourg - Ordnance Depot ON In Assessment
ON899-105 / 0081-X002 Cobourg - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON899-110 / 0462-X001 Wellers Bay ON Closed
ON899-112 / 0093-X002 Cornwall - No. 31 Basic Army Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON899-116 / 0266-X001 Demorestville ON In Assessment
ON899-126 / 0596-X002 Dunnville - RCAF Aerodrome ON In Assessment
ON899-128 / 0596-X003 Dunnville - Mohawk Point PBR ON In Assessment
ON899-129 / 0596-X004 Dunnville - Grand River Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-133 / 0518-X001 Dutton - Bombing Range (South Concession A) ON Assessment Complete
ON899-149 / 0319-X002 Fingal - Lake Erie Targets ON In Assessment
ON899-151 / 0518-X002 Dutton - Bombing Range (North Concession A) ON Assessment Complete
ON899-152 / 0524-X001 Melbourne Bombing Range ON Assessment Complete
ON899-153 / 0319-X005 Fingal - Bombing Range No. 4 ON In Assessment
ON899-154 / 0319-X006 Fingal - Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-155 / 0319-X007 Fingal - Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-174 / 0321-X003 Georgian Bay - Nobel Explosives Plant ON In Assessment
ON899-186 / 0031-X007 Brantford - Grand River Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON899-191 / 0153-X001 Guelph - Winter Fair Building ON In Assessment
ON899-192 / 0153-X002 Guelph - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON899-202 / 0182-X001 Hamilton - Mount Hope PBR ON In Assessment
ON899-208 / 0182-X012 Hamilton - Mount Hope Airport ON In Assessment
ON899-228 / 0509-X001 Jarvis - Evans Point AG Range ON Closed
ON899-230 / 0509-X002 Jarvis - Blott Point PBR ON Closed
ON899-231 / 0509-X003 Jarvis - Turkey Point PBR ON Closed
ON899-232 / 0509-X004 Jarvis - Hoover Point AG Range ON Closed
ON899-234 / 0509-X005 Jarvis - Port Ryerse PBR ON Closed
ON899-235 / 0509-X006 Jarvis - No.1 B&GS ON Closed
ON899-261 / 0213-X010 Kingston - Millhaven Bombing Range ON Assessment Complete
ON899-262 / 0213-X011 Kingston - Kingston Mills Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-265 / 0215-X002 Kitchener - Knollwood Park ON In Assessment
ON899-267 / 0319-X001 Lake Erie - Aerial Gunnery Range ON In Assessment
ON899-269 / 0197-X005 Lake Huron - Bombing & Gunnery Range ON In Assessment
ON899-283 / 0677-X003 Lindsay - Arsenal/RCOC Depot ON In Assessment
ON899-299 / 0221-X009 London - Airport ON In Assessment
ON899-303 / 0221-X012 London - Highbury Avenue Supply and Maintenance Facility ON In Assessment
ON899-304 / 0221-X013 London - Wolseley Barracks ON Assessment Complete
ON899-305 / 0221-X014 London - Cove Small Arms Range ON In Assessment
ON899-307 / 0221-X016 London - Thames Valley Training Camp ON In Assessment
ON899-308 / 0221-X001 London - Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON899-313 / 0221-X019 London - University of Western Ontario ON In Assessment
ON899-316 / 0269-X001 Long Branch Range/Canadian Small Arms School ON Assessment Complete
ON900-012 / 0301-X010 North Bay - Reserve Training Area ON In Assessment
ON900-015 / 0696-X001 Muskoka - Milford Bay ON In Assessment
ON900-019 / 0269-X003 Mississauga - No.15 Regional Ordnance Depot ON In Assessment
ON900-031 / 0266-X005 Mountain View - Hillier Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON900-032 / 0266-X006 Mountain View - No.6 Bombing and Gunnery School ON In Assessment
ON900-033 / 0314-X001 Mountain View - Athol Bay B&GS Target Area ON In Assessment
ON900-034 / 0314-X003 Mountain View - Lake Ontario B&GS Target Area ON In Assessment
ON900-035 / 0266-X007 Mountain View - Wellington Bay B&GS Target Area ON In Assessment
ON900-042 / 0508-X001 Newmarket - No.23 Army Training Centre ON Closed
ON900-048 / 0295-X004 Niagara-on-the-Lake - Camp Niagara ON Assessment Complete
ON900-063 / 0301-X013 North Bay - Bomarc Surface to Air Missile Site ON In Assessment
ON900-065 / 0118-X012 North Gower - Demolition Exercises ON In Assessment
ON900-068 / 0669-X003 Nottawasaga Bay - RCAF Firing & Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON900-073 / 0031-X004 Brantford - Onondaga Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON900-080 / 0305-X007 Oshawa - Airport ON In Assessment
ON900-085 / 0305-X001 Oshawa - Camp X ON Closed
ON900-121 / 0444-X001 Ottawa - Uplands ON In Assessment
ON900-155 / 0308-X013 Ottawa - CFB Rockcliffe ON Assessment Complete
ON900-178 / 0309-X001 Owen Sound - Sarawak Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-183 / 0509-X007 Jarvis - Peacock Point PBR ON Closed
ON900-189 / 0335-X008 Petawawa - Ottawa River ON Risk Mitigation Ongoing
ON900-191 / 0336-X002 Peterborough - Fair Grounds ON Closed
ON900-193 / 0336-X001 Peterborough - Range & Training Area ON Assessment Complete
ON900-195 / 0314-X004 Point Petre ON In Assessment
ON900-196 / 0311-X001 Camp Picton - No.4 PBR ON In Assessment
ON900-197 / 0311-X002 Camp Picton - No.2 PBR ON In Assessment
ON900-199 / 0311-X003 Camp Picton - Aerodrome ON In Assessment
ON900-201 / 0311-X004 Turret Training Range ON In Assessment
ON900-205 / 0311-X006 Prince Edward Point (Camp Picton PBR No.3) ON Assessment Complete
ON900-207 / 0423-X004 Mamainse Point - AA Range and Training Area ON Assessment Complete
ON900-210 / 0525-X001 Port Albert - PBR ON In Assessment
ON900-214 / 0386-X001 St. Catharines - Port Dalhousie Proving Range ON In Assessment
ON900-216 / 0317-X001 Port Hope - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-230 / 0266-X009 Sandhurst ON In Assessment
ON900-235 / 0423-X006 Sault Ste. Marie - Korah Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-239 / 0370-X002 Simcoe - Basic Army Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON900-240 / 0368-X004 Sioux Lookout - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-271 / 0404-X002 Stratford - Harmony Training Area ON In Assessment
ON900-272 / 0404-X003 Stratford - McLagan Barracks ON In Assessment
ON900-285 / 0430-X002 Thunder Bay - Current River Camp ON In Assessment
ON900-289 / 0430-X003 Thunder Bay - No.102 CA(B) Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON900-290 / 0430-X004 Thunder Bay - Airport ON In Assessment
ON900-293 / 0430-X006 Thunder Bay - Mount McKay Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-301 / 0433-X004 Toronto - RCAF No. 1 Equipment Depot/Supply Depot ON In Assessment
ON900-303 / 0433-X006 Toronto - Bren Gun Proof Range ON In Assessment
ON900-310 / 0269-X004 Toronto - Practice Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON900-335 / 0433-X032 Toronto - No.2 Ordnance Depot ON In Assessment
ON900-337 / 0433-X030 Toronto - No. 2 Ordnance Depot Detachment (Fort York) ON In Assessment
ON900-338 / 0433-X033 Toronto - No. 2 Ordnance Depot Detatchement (636 Bay) ON In Assessment
ON900-374 / 0305-X010 Uxbridge - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-385 / 0534-X001 Winchester - Air-to-Ground Range ON In Assessment
ON900-393 / 0455-X011 Wingham - Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-396 / 0503-X001 Winisk ON In Assessment
ON900-399 / 0489-X001 Ostrander Point ON Assessment Complete
ON900-412 / 0671-X004 Orillia - No. 26 Canadian Army (Basic) Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON900-423 / 0308-X018 Ottawa - Strathcona Park Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-425 / 0308-X020 Ottawa - Central Ordnance Depot ON In Assessment
ON900-431 / 0308-X025 Ottawa - Land Engineering Test Establishment (LETE) Orleans ON In Assessment
ON900-465 / 0308-X059 Ottawa - Anti-submarine Warfare Storage Facility ON In Assessment
ON900-500 / 0266-X012 Horse Point - Firing & Bombing Range ON In Assessment
ON900-505 / 0037-X016 Brockville - Brockville Country Club ON In Assessment
ON900-507 / 0295-X001 Niagara-on-the-lake Sewage Treatment Plant (east uxo site) ON Assessment Complete
ON900-512 / 0314-X006 Prince Edward Point - Underwater PBR ON In Assessment
ON900-513 / 0433-X054 Toronto - Solway Metal Sales ON In Assessment
ON900-515 / 0031-X008 Brantford - No. 20 Training Centre ON In Assessment
ON900-518 / 0335-X009 Spug Island ON In Assessment
ON900-521 / 0430-X008 Thunder Bay - Gresley Park Range ON In Assessment
ON900-528 / 0430-X015 Thunder Bay - Onion Lake ON In Assessment
ON900-536 / 0430-X017 Thunder Bay - McKenzie (MacKenzie) River Bridge ON In Assessment
ON900-543 / 0336-X015 Peterborough - Nassau Mills Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-546 / 0404-X006 Stratford - McKay's Farm ON In Assessment
ON900-548 / 0093-X003 Cornwall - Stormont Chemicals Factory ON In Assessment
ON900-550 / 0093-X005 Cornwall - Gillespie Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-552 / 0370-X008 Simcoe - Fairgrounds ON In Assessment
ON900-565 / 0182-X003 Hamilton - Proving Range ON In Assessment
ON900-566 / 0182-X018 Hamilton - Alexander Park Rifle Range ON In Assessment
ON900-572 / 0213-X015 Kingston - Amherst Island Range ON In Assessment
ON900-573 / 0749-X002 Dyers Bay - Disposal Site ON In Assessment
ON900-574 / 0749-X001 Georgian Bay - Naval Exercise Area LC ON In Assessment
PE900-001 / 0068-X001 Charlottetown - Basic Army Training Centre PE In Assessment
PE900-004 / 0068-X003 Charlottetown - PBR PE In Assessment
PE900-005 / 0068-X004 Charlottetown - RCAF Airport PE In Assessment
PE900-011 / 0068-X008 Charlottetown - Kensington Range PE In Assessment
PE900-013 / 0413-X004 Mount Pleasant - Hog Island Range PE Assessment Complete
PE900-021 / 0413-X002 Summerside - Rifle range PE In Assessment
PE900-024 / 0413-X003 Summerside - No.9 SFTS/RCAF Station PE In Assessment
PE900-035 / 0068-X010 Charlottetown - St. Dustan's University Range PE In Assessment
PE900-036 / 0413-X015 Mount Pleasant - No. 10 B&GS / No. 6 REMS PE In Assessment
PE900-037 / 0068-X011 Charlottetown - Prince Edward Battery PE In Assessment
QC900-469 / 0384-X001 Mont-Saint-Bruno QC Risk mitigation ongoing
QC900-001 / 0485-X001 Granby QC In Assessment
QC900-005 / 0202-X002 Bagotville - Arvida AA Gun Sites QC In Assessment
QC900-013 / 0061-X001 Bagotville - Air Firing Range (St. Honore) QC Closed
QC900-014 / 0061-X002 Lac St. Jean Firing Ranges (Air-to-Ground/Air-to-Air) QC Closed
QC900-031 / 0024-X001 Camp Bouchard - Military Facility QC In Assessment
QC900-033 / 0394-X001 St. Jerome - Training Centre QC In Assessment
QC900-035 / 0429-X011 Cap de la Madeleine - BCATP No.11 EFTS QC Closed
QC900-053 / 0398-X001 Delson - Ammunition Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-075 / 0484-X001 Gaspe - Sandy Beach/Fort Ramsay (Naval Base) QC Assessment Complete
QC900-076 / 0484-X001 Gaspe - Mountain Camp QC Assessment Complete
QC900-079 / 0484-X003 Gaspe - Fort Prével QC In Assessment
QC900-080 / 0484-X004 Gaspe - Fort Haldimand QC Assessment Complete
QC900-081 / 0484-X005 Gaspe - Fort Peninsula QC Assessment Complete
QC900-084 / 0484-X006 Gaspe - Point St. Pierre Gun Site QC Assessment Complete
QC900-100 / 0597-X001 Huntingdon - Army Training Centre QC In Assessment
QC900-103 / 0202-X004 Bagotville - Ile Maligne QC In Assessment
QC900-104 / 0201-X001 Joliette - Rifle Range QC In Assessment
QC900-114 / 0398-X003 L’Acadie - Ammunition Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-115 / 0568-X001 La Macaza - BOMARC Missile Site QC In Assessment
QC900-121 / 0398-X004 Lac Champlain - Bombing Range QC In Assessment
QC900-125 / 0531-X001 Lac Deschenes - Bombing Range QC Closed
QC900-131 / 0244-X001 Lac Megantic - Training Area QC Closed
QC900-140 / 0297-X001 Lac St Pierre - Priority Zone 525Ha QC Risk Mitigation Ongoing
QC900-153 / 0337-X010 Quebec City - Lauzon Military Camp QC In Assessment
QC900-157 / 0237-X001 Quebec City - Terrasse de Levis (Levis) QC In Assessment
QC900-161 / 0337-X002 Quebec City - Beaumont Battery (Levis) QC Closed
QC900-163 / 0337-X003 Quebec City - Gilmour's Pier LAA Gun Site (Lauzon) QC Assessment Complete
QC900-164 / 0237-X002 Quebec City - Fort de la Martiniere Lower Battery (Levis) QC Assessment Complete
QC900-165 / 0237-X003 Quebec City - Fort de la Martiniere Upper Battery (Levis) QC Assessment Complete
QC900-168 / 0237-X004 Quebec City - Fort No. 1 (Levis) QC In Assessment
QC900-172 / 0225-X002 Longueuil - Naval Armament Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-184 / 0149-X005 Lac Champlain - Missisquoi Bay Air-to-Ground Firing Range QC In Assessment
QC900-190 / 0259-X001 Mont Joli (Main Site) QC In Assessment
QC900-193 / 0259-X004 Mont Joli QC In Assessment
QC900-194 / 0259-X005 Mont Joli - BCATP Practice Bombing Range QC In Assessment
QC900-197 / 0260-X001 Montmagny - Army Training Camp QC Closed
QC900-222 / 0261-X024 Montreal - Saint Helen's Island QC In Assessment
QC900-226 / 0261-X028 Westmount Barracks (4350 Ste Catherine St West) QC In Assessment
QC900-246 / 0261-X048 Montreal - Salvage Depot (Brooke Avenue) QC In Assessment
QC900-253 / 0261-X055 Montreal - RCOC Salvage Depot (Sherbrooke St West) QC In Assessment
QC900-255 / 0261-X057 No.4 Division Ordnance Workshop (7190 Chateaubriand Ave) QC In Assessment
QC900-259 / 0261-X061 RCOC Salvage depot (4428 Ste-Catherine Ouest) QC In Assessment
QC900-285 / 0337-X017 Quebec City - Petit Riviere Proof Range QC In Assessment
QC900-287 / 0337-X019 Quebec City - Parc de l’Artillerie QC In Assessment
QC900-288 / 0337-X020 Quebec City - Municipal Airport (BCATP) QC In Assessment
QC900-291 / 0337-X023 Quebec City - Plains of Abraham Arsenal QC Assessment Complete
QC900-292 / 0337-X024 Quebec City - RCOC Rifle Testing Range QC In Assessment
QC900-293 / 0337-X025 Quebec City - Limoilou LAA Gun Site QC In Assessment
QC900-294 / 0337-X027 Quebec City - Bourg Royal HAA Gun Site QC In Assessment
QC900-319 / 0024-X004 Ste Anne des Plaines - No. 34 OAD Sub-Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-323 / 0337-X006 Quebec City - St Henri de Lévis PBR QC Assessment Complete
QC900-342 / 0337-X040 St Jean - La Prairie PBR QC In Assessment
QC900-343 / 0398-X010 St Jean - Field Training Area QC In Assessment
QC900-346 / 0394-X002 St. Jerome - 1952 Militia Training Site QC In Assessment
QC900-350 / 0597-X002 St. Lazare - Ammunition Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-356 / 0597-X003 St. Polycarpe - Ammunition Depot QC In Assessment
QC900-363 / 0364-X001 Sherbrooke - Sand Hill Rifle Range QC Closed
QC900-371 / 0364-X002 Sherbrooke - Rifle Range QC Closed
QC900-379 / 0364-X004 Sherbrooke - No.43 Training Centre QC Closed
QC900-382 / 0297-X004 Sorel - No.45 Training Centre QC In Assessment
QC900-384 / 0429-X012 Cap de la Madeleine - OTC Mortar shoot QC Closed
QC900-385 / 0429-X003 Trois Rivieres - St Thomas de Caxton Training Area QC Closed
QC900-386 / 0429-X004 Trois Rivieres - Les Vieilles Forges Training Area QC Closed
QC900-387 / 0429-X005 Trois Rivieres - Exhibition Grounds QC Closed
QC900-393 / 0429-X006 Trois Rivieres - 600 yd Rifle Range QC Closed
QC900-397 / 0597-X006 Valleyfield - Military Camp / Accommodation QC In Assessment
QC900-405 / 0357-X003 Saguenay - Explosives Area QC In Assessment
QC900-412 / 0191-X005 Buckingham - Chemical/Munitions Production Plant QC In Assessment
QC900-414 / 0061-X007 Bagotville - Parc Des Laurentides Plane Crash QC In Assessment
QC900-415 / 0429-X013 Cap de la Madeleine - Dominion Rubber Munitions Ltd. QC Closed
QC900-417 / 0244-X002 Lac Megantic - Agnes Rifle Range QC Closed
QC900-425 / 0429-X014 Cap de la Madeleine - Club de Tir du Cap QC Closed
QC900-428 / 0429-X015 Cap de la Madeleine - Electric Steels Munitions Factory QC Closed
QC900-430 / 0260-X002 Montmagny - General Car and Machinery Works Munitions Plant QC Closed
QC900-432 / 0075-X004 Chicoutimi - Basic Army Training Centre QC In Assessment
QC900-434 / 0429-X010 Trois Rivieres - St. Etienne Des Gres Training Area QC Closed
QC900-435 / 0364-X003 Sherbrooke - Sand Hill Mortar Range QC Assessment Complete
QC900-436 / 0394-X003 St. Jerome - Temporary Rifle Range (J.G. Gauthier Farm) QC In Assessment
QC900-437 / 0394-X004 St. Jerome - Temporary Rifle Range (Adelard Labelle) QC In Assessment
QC900-440 / 0297-X008 Sorel - Sorel Industries Munitions Plant QC In Assessment
QC900-442 / 0597-X008 Valleyfield - Explosives & Propellants Plant QC In Assessment
QC900-443 / 0597-X009 Valleyfield - Sulphuric Acid Plant QC In Assessment
QC900-456 / 0337-X043 Quebec City - Maheux Bay Examination Battery QC In Assessment
QC900-457 / 0237-X005 Quebec City - Fort No. 2 (Levis) QC In Assessment
QC900-458 / 0237-X006 Quebec City - Fort No. 3 (Levis) QC In Assessment
QC900-459 / 0237-X007 Quebec City - Lévis HAA Gun Site QC In Assessment
QC900-460 / 0337-X044 Louise Basin/Immigration Building LAA Gun Site QC In Assessment
QC900-461 / 0337-X004 Quebec City - Bienville LAA Gun Site QC Assessment Complete
QC900-462 / 0337-X005 Quebec City - Fort St. Jean Battery QC Assessment Complete
QC900-464 / 0202-X007 Bagotville - Chute-a-Caron AA Gun Sites QC In Assessment
QC900-465 / 0202-X008 Bagotville - Shipshaw LAA Gun Sites QC In Assessment
QC900-467 / 0337-X045 Charlesburg QC In Assessment
QC900-468 / 0337-X001 4250 Henri-Bourassa, Scrap Yard QC In Assessment
SK900-001 / 0415-X001 Abbey - Rifle Range SK In Assessment
SK900-003 / 0015-X002 Alsask - Canadian Forces Station SK In Assessment
SK900-030 / 0566-X001 Dafoe - Impact Area SK In Assessment
SK900-032 / 0566-X003 Dafoe - Turret Training Range SK In Assessment
SK900-033 / 0566-X004 Dafoe - BCATP No.5 & GS SK In Assessment
SK900-066 / 0688-X001 Maple Creek -  No. 121 Canadian Army Basic Training Centre SK In Assessment
SK900-078 / 0263-X002 Moosomin - Light Anti-Aircraft Battery SK In Assessment
SK900-081 / 0265-X004 Mossbank - RCAF Station SK In Assessment
SK900-083 / 0265-X006 Mossbank - Old Wives Lake Bombing & Gunnery Ranges SK In Assessment
SK900-084 / 0567-X004 North Battleford - Jackfish Lake PBR SK In Assessment
SK900-085 / 0567-X005 North Battleford - RCAF Training SK In Assessment
SK900-086 / 0567-X006 North Battleford - No. 35 SFTS/No. 13 SFTS SK In Assessment
SK900-090 / 0567-X011 North Battleford - Meota Beach Air Firing Range SK In Assessment
SK900-094 / 0532-X001 Pense - Bombing Range SK Closed
SK900-097 / 0322-X002 Prince Albert - Cheal Lake PBR SK Assessment Complete
SK900-104 / 0322-X003 Prince Albert - RCAF Station (Airport) SK In Assessment
SK900-105 / 0322-X001 Prince Albert - No. 122 Canadian Army Training Centre SK Assessment Complete
SK900-116 / 0348-X006 Regina - Exhibition Grounds - Main Site SK In Assessment
SK900-132 / 0348-X023 Regina - No. 14 "X" Depot SK In Assessment
SK900-147 / 0421-X011 Saskatoon - Rifle Range SK In Assessment
SK900-153 / 0415-X006 Swift Current - RCAF Station (Airport) SK In Assessment
SK900-155 / 0415-X007 Swift Current - Beverley Range SK In Assessment
SK900-162 / 0533-X001 Weyburn - Air to Ground Range SK Assessment Complete
SK900-163 / 0533-X005 Weyburn - RCAF Site SK In Assessment
SK900-170 / 0471-X005 Yorkton - RCAF Station (Airport) SK In Assessment
SK900-184 / 0421-X014 Saskatoon - Exhibition Grounds SK In Assessment
SK900-188 / 0533-X002 Weyburn - PBR SK Assessment Complete
SK900-190 / 0688-X003 Maple Creek - Rifle Range SK In Assessment
WC900-001 / 0684-X002 Estevan Point BC Closed
WC900-006 / 0684-X006 Pacific Disposal CN 106 WC In Assessment
WC900-007 / 0684-X007 Pacific Disposal CN 107 WC In Assessment
WC900-008 / 0684-X008 Pacific Disposal CN 21 WC In Assessment
WC900-009 / 0684-X009 Pacific Disposal CN 86 WC In Assessment
WC900-010 / 0684-X010 Pacific Disposal CN 85 WC In Assessment
WC900-011 / 0684-X011 Vancouver Island WC - Pacific Disposal CN 61 WC In Assessment
WC900-013 / 0684-X012 Barkley Sound - YTD-11 Dumping WC In Assessment
WC900-014 / 0684-X013 Holford Bay - YDT-11 Anchor Point WC In Assessment
WC900-020 / 0684-X017 Juan De Fuca Strait WC In Assessment
WC900-025 / 0684-X019 Nanoose Bay - Training Area and Torpedo Proofing Range WC In Assessment
WC900-032 / 0684-X001 Prince Rupert - Barrett Rock WC In Assessment
WC900-036 / 0684-X023 Air Crash CN 23 WC In Assessment
WC900-048 / 0684-X028 FY 42 Barge WC In Assessment
WC900-053 / 0684-X031 Sooke Harbour Crash / Cash Site WC In Assessment
WC900-058 / 0684-X036 Pacific Laurel WC In Assessment
WC900-071 / 0684-X048 Ammo Dumping Area No. 61 WC In Assessment
WC900-073 / 0684-X050 Becher Bay - Dumping Area WC In Assessment
WC900-076 / 0684-X052 Spoil Area 070 WC In Assessment
WC900-082 / 0684-X057 Ammo Dumping Area No. 62 WC In Assessment
WC900-102 / 0684-X071 Pacific Disposal CN 105 WC In Assessment
WC900-104 / 0684-X072 Dump Site 107 WC In Assessment
WC900-109 / 0684-X077 Georgia Strait - Explosives Area WC In Assessment
WC900-119 / 0684-X086 Barkley Sound - Naval Bombardment Range WC In Assessment
YT900-004 / 0468-X001 Whitehorse - Champagne Village YT In Assessment
YT900-018 / 0500-X001 Teslin YT Assessment Complete
YT900-019 / 0468-X002 Whitehorse - Lake Laberge YT In Assessment
YT900-020 / 0502-X003 Watson Lake - Airfield and WEE Testing Area YT Closed
YT900-021 / 0468-X003 Whitehorse - Airport (No. 5 Staging Unit/RCAF Station) YT Assessment Complete
YT900-022 / 0468-X004 Whitehorse - MacRae Rifle Range YT In Assessment
YT900-025 / 0502-X001 Watson Lake - Air to Ground Range YT Closed
YT900-026 / 0502-X002 Watson Lake - Frances Range YT Closed

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