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Record of employment on the web (ROE Web) is a secure portal that allows you to create and submit records of employment (ROEs) online for your business, instead of completing paper forms.

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If you already have an ROE Web account, choose an option to sign in:

Forgot your sign in information?
  • If you forgot your GCKey sign-in information: Select “Sign in with GCKey” and follow the instructions to recover your GCKey information on the Welcome to GCKey page
  • If you forgot your online banking sign-in information: You must recover your sign-in information with your bank before you can sign in to ROE Web
  • If you have new GCKey or bank sign in information: You will need to recover access to your ROE Web account:
    1. Select “Sign in with GCKey” or “Sign in with your bank” above
    2. You will be directed to the GCKey or your bank’s sign in page. Follow the instructions to sign in. Once signed in you will be directed back to the ROE Web page
    3. Read and agree to the ROE Web Privacy Statement and Terms of use
    4. You will be directed to a page that offers the option to recover access to an existing ROE Web account (option 2)
    5. Provide your User Reference Number
    6. If you forgot your User Reference Number (URN)

      Select the “Forgot my User Reference Number?” link. Enter the email address associated to your account and answer your security questions. You will receive your URN by email.

    7. Answer your security questions
    8. Confirm your new username and password
    9. You will be directed to your ROE Web account


If you are a new user and don't have an ROE Web account, choose an option to register:

  • Register with GCKey

    GCKey is a unique electronic credential issued by the Government of Canada. It lets you securely access ROE Web and multiple other Government online services.

    What is GCKey

    Do you have a GCKey already?

    • Yes, I want to sign in to ROE Web using my existing GCKey
    • No, I want to sign up
  • Register with your bank

Support for employers

Visit Record of employment for guides and help on ROEs and support on how to use the ROE Web platform.

To contact us, visit the Employer Contact Centre page.

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