Once your agreement is approved

End of Wildfire special measures

Starting November 5, 2023 - the temporary changes to the Work-Sharing program implemented during the Wildfires will no longer be in effect. Agreements with a start date after November 5, 2023 will be under the regular Work-Sharing program. Active agreements starting on or before November 5, 2023 will not be impacted. Employers with questions related to the end of the Wildfire special measures may send inquiries to edsc.dgop.tp.rep-res.ws.pob.esdc@servicecanada.gc.ca.

Data Gateway

Data Gateway is a secure web-based file transfer tool that gives employers the ability to send information about their employees electronically to Service Canada.

Benefits of using the Data Gateway:

To register for Data Gateway access you need to contact the Employer Contact Centre. Once you are registered, you will receive a user ID and password by email. The email will also provide you with your utilization report and amended utilization report templates and links to:

To protect your employees’ personal information, please do not send any documentation including Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) by email or by fax.

Only the enrolment sheet and utilization reports are to be submitted via Data Gateway. Any documents submitted that are not in the appropriate format will be rejected by the processing centre.

Data Gateway

Utilization report

Employers who enter into a Work-Sharing agreement must complete a utilization report every week, starting with the week of implementation of the Work-Sharing agreement, in order to:

Employers must:

To obtain a copy of the utilization report template, please contact the Employer Contact Centre.

If the Work-Sharing agreement includes more than 500 employees, please contact the Regional Work-Sharing Unit that processed your Work-Sharing agreement for this utilization report.

If you need to change information on a utilization report that has already submitted to Service Canada, you will need to complete and submit a utilization report amendment.

Employers must:

You will find the utilization report amendment document in the email sent to your business when your Data Gateway account was setup. If you do not have this email, contact the Employer Contact Centre to request the document.

Please refer to the How to complete your utilization report for step-by-step guidance.

Utilization Report

Enrolment sheet

Employers must complete the enrolment sheet and submit it via Data Gateway to Employment Insurance upon signing a Work-Sharing agreement. The enrolment sheet lists all employees participating in Work-Sharing, their Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) and their normal weekly hours.

Please note that the enrolment sheet details must exactly match the employees listed in the Attachment A EMP-5101 at the time of signing the agreement. If you need to modify the list of participants (remove/add/substitute), you must make changes to the Work-Sharing agreement.

As the employer, you may submit the enrolment sheet through the Data Gateway or by courier.

Enrolment sheet

Making changes to a Work-Sharing agreement

The following changes require prior approval from Service Canada:

You cannot implement changes until you receive approval from Service Canada.

Employers wishing to make changes to their Work-Sharing agreement must :

Extension to the agreement

The length of a Work-Sharing agreement is a minimum of 6 weeks and can last up to 26 weeks. An employer may request an extension up to 12 weeks to a maximum agreement duration of 38 weeks.

Extensions are not automatic. Employers must submit a request to extend their agreement at least 10 business days prior to the end date of their initial agreement.

Extension requests must be submitted to Service Canada via the applicable Regional Work-Sharing Unit by completing the following:

Service Canada must assess and approve your application request for an extension. Upon approval of your extension, you must sign a new Work-Sharing agreement document.

Adding, deleting and substituting Work-Sharing unit members

When adding or removing participants from the Work-Sharing unit, employers must complete the Work-Sharing application form EMP5100 and must include an updated Work-Sharing Unit Attachment A EMP5101 form reflecting the changes.

Once both forms are completed and all representatives agree to the change(s), the employer must submit the forms by email to the appropriate Regional Work-Sharing Unit for approval. The employer representative must include the employee representative and/or union representative in their email amendment request.

You must notify the appropriate Regional Work-Sharing Unit in writing immediately should any Work-Sharing unit members leave the company. This includes the following reasons for employee departure:

In the email notification, you must include:


Employers may have planned shutdowns when they cease or suspend operations or activities. During a Work-Sharing agreement, shutdowns require Service Canada approval in advance and should be included on the application for Work-Sharing. If not approved at the time of the application to the Work-Sharing program, a shutdown request should be sent to the Regional Work-Sharing Unit for approval at least 10 business days in advance of the planned shutdown. Shutdown cannot occur without first getting Service Canada approval or it may result in the termination of the agreement.

Please note: Shutdowns do not result in an extension to the duration of the Work-Sharing agreement.

Training activities

Skills enhancement

Skills enhancement, whether on-the-job training or off-site courses, may take place during the period of a Work-Sharing agreement. Training activities for members of the Work-Sharing unit may be included in the recovery measures.

Employee training may take place during the non-working days/hours of the Work-Sharing agreement. Employment Insurance does not compensate salary costs of employees taking part in training activities during normal scheduled working hours/days.

The employer cannot intentionally reduce the scheduled working hours of employees in a Work-Sharing unit in order to allow employees to take part in training.

Employees attending training during non-working days/hours may receive Employment Insurance Work-Sharing benefits. However, employee attendance is optional.

Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship is a formal training program of skills acquisition in a trade, consisting of alternating periods of on-the-job and classroom training, and leading to certification as a journeyperson. 

Each province and territory has its own government office that oversees apprenticeship training and certification for that province or territory.

Employees must be referred to apprenticeship training by a designated authority. When attending apprenticeship training, the employee must be removed from the Work-Sharing unit.

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