What you need before you apply

End of Wildfire special measures

Starting November 5, 2023 - the temporary changes to the Work-Sharing program implemented during the Wildfires will no longer be in effect. Agreements with a start date after November 5, 2023 will be under the regular Work-Sharing program. Active agreements starting on or before November 5, 2023 will not be impacted. Employers with questions related to the end of the Wildfire special measures may send inquiries to edsc.dgop.tp.rep-res.ws.pob.esdc@servicecanada.gc.ca.

Now that you have reviewed your eligibility, please carefully read the important information below before applying.

Roles and responsibilities of representatives

It is important for those representing the parties to the agreement (employer, employer representative, employee representative and, if applicable, union representative) understand their role.


The employer must designate an employer representative that has signing authority for the business. The employer applies for Work-Sharing by completing both the Application for a Work-Sharing Agreement EMP5100 form and the Work-Sharing Unit Attachment A EMP5101 form. The employer will ensure all representatives (employer, employee and, if applicable, union) attest and agree to submit the completed application package.

Employer representative

The employer must designate an employer representative that has signing authority for the business. The employer representative must not be part of the Work-Sharing unit due to their responsibilities related to the agreement.

Specific details regarding the employer obligations and responsibilities (employer representative as their designate) during the Work-Sharing agreement are explained in After you apply - If your agreement is approved.

Employee representative/union representative

The members of each Work-Sharing unit must authorize an employee who will represent them in the agreement. Normally, the employee representative will be a member of the Work-Sharing unit. In a unionized workplace, the authorized employee representative may be a member of, and designated by the union. The employee’s confirmation of the representative chosen must be retained and a copy sent to the employer.

The employee representative and, if applicable, union representative act as the delegate and voice for all employees in a Work-Sharing unit. The employee/union representative ensures that participating employees are given information about the Work-Sharing agreement and about Employment Insurance Work-Sharing benefits.

The employee/union representative responsibilities are as follow:

The employee representative and, if applicable, union representative must agree and approve the Work-Sharing application EMP5100 and the Work-Sharing Unit: Attachment A form EMP5101. Their attestation confirms that all employees agreed to:

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