Preventing pollution: changing equipment or processes

Using new equipment or processes, or altering existing equipment or processes to improve efficiency, reduce or eliminate pollution, and reduce material, water or energy use.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have old equipment that uses a lot of energy or uses a polluting energy source that could be replaced with cleaner alternatives?
  • Do you have energy efficient lighting and do you make use of natural lighting?
  • Have you considered solar panels for energy or a green roof to lower heating/cooling costs?
  • Could you use water-based cleaners instead of solvents?
  • Do you use any software to help you identify where and how you can make your processes more efficient?

Canadian companies preventing pollution

The following examples come from Canadian companies that have reported to the National Pollutant Release Inventory:

  • a conventional oil and gas extraction facility installed power generation turbines to utilize gas that would otherwise be flared
  • an oil and gas producer converted to air-driven pneumatic instruments away from gas-driven instruments to reduce their facility's emissions
  • a chemical manufacturer installed more efficient lighting throughout its plant to reduce its energy consumption

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