Credit agreement for a fixed interest loan for a fixed amount personal loan

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Credit Agreement for a Fixed Interest Loan for a Fixed Amount (personal loan) referred to in subsection 8(1) of the Cost of Borrowing Regulations

Principal Amount


Annual Interest Rate


Fixed rate per year. This interest is compounded twice per year but charged monthly.

Annual Percentage Rate


The interest rate for a whole year (annualized) including applicable fees such as service charge, loan origination fees or administrative fees when applicable.


5 years

The term of the loan is closed for the whole five years, which means that you cannot pay down more than your prepayment privilege without paying a penalty.

Date of Advance

September 1st, 2009

This is the date your funds will be advanced. Interest will be calculated and charged from this date on.


$216.18 on the 1st of every month

Your payment is payable monthly and includes payment toward both principal and interest.

Amortization Period

5 years

Based on the current terms and conditions, your loan will take five years to pay in full.

Prepayment Privilege


Prepayment Charges


Default Insurance


Other Fees

Returned or refused payment due to insufficient funds: $40.00

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