Mortgage life insurance: know your rights

Your right to information about mortgage life insurance

Mortgage life insurance is an optional product that lenders or third parties, like an insurance company, may offer you.

When a lender offers you an optional product or service, they must:

A bank may offer you an optional product or service. In that case, they must provide a separate disclosure statement to you to before you consent to it.

Learn more about optional mortgage insurance products.

Learn more about giving express consent for optional products or services.

Mortgage life insurance is different from mortgage loan insurance, also known as mortgage default insurance. You must buy mortgage loan insurance if your down payment is less than 20% of your home’s purchase price.

Learn more about mortgage loan insurance.

Information banks will provide about mortgage life insurance

Banks that are members of the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) have adopted a code of conduct for authorized insurance activities. This code requires them to provide disclosure that is clear, simple and not misleading. This applies to documents that relate to authorized insurance products, which includes mortgage life insurance.

Banks will make this code available:

Learn more about the information banks will provide about authorized insurance activities.

When these rights apply to you

These rights apply when you’re dealing with a federally regulated financial institution like a bank or federal credit union.

Find out if your financial institution is federally regulated.

Learn more about how your banking rights are protected.

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