Basics of investing

Investments regulations

In Canada, investments are regulated by multiple regulatory bodies. This depends on the type of investment you have. For example, mutual funds, securities, or stocks.

Every province or territory has its securities regulator. The regulators oversee investments and offer unbiased and interactive resources to help you get started with investing.

Deciding if you want to invest

If you’re considering investing, you may want to know how investments work. There are multiple elements to consider before you decide. This includes:

Find your securities regulator’s website to get you started with investing.

Types of investments

Many types of investments are available to you. They may not all meet your needs based on your circumstances.

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have resources that explain each type of investments.

Learn more about the different types of investments.

Also look for information with your provincial or territorial securities regulator.

Here are examples of resources available about types of investments:

Costs of investments

There are different costs depending on your investment type. It’s important to understand them as they may impact your return on investment.

Most investments costs fall into the following main categories:

Learn more about the common costs that may apply to your investments.

Certain provincial securities regulators offer free calculators to help you estimate the impact of fees on your investments over time.

Check out these free calculators from the Ontario (OSC) and British Columbia Securities Commissions (BSCS):

How taxes apply to investments

You may need to pay taxes on the money you make from your investments. There are different tax rules for different types of investments.

Unless your investments are very simple, get professional advice on tax planning.

Learn more about reporting income earned through investments.

Where to go if you have a complaint

If you’re having problems with your investments or your financial advisor, you may file a complaint. There are multiple organizations you can contact to get help with resolving an issue.

Find out where to file a complaint about investments.

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