Mosaic Leadership Development program: How to apply


The Mosaic Leadership Development program application period for the next cohort will end on August 30, 2024. Applications received beyond this date will not be accepted.

The Mosaic Leadership Development program is designed for candidates who:

  • have occupied a substantive position equivalent to EX minus 1 for at least 1 year
  • identify as a member of a designated employment equity group, Black and/or a 2SLGBTQI+Footnote 1 community
  • have support from their organization to participate in the program
  • are not currently qualified in an EX‑01 (or higher level) pool


Step 1

Applicants can nominate themselves to participate in the Mosaic Leadership Development program through their organization’s call-out for participants.

Applicants will have to self-declare as a member of an equity-seeking group and complete the application. There is no requirement for applicants to have self-identified in their organization’s HR system to be able to apply to Mosaic.

Step 2

Organizations will:

  • establish a selection committee
  • review the self-nominations received
  • select up to 2 applicants to be considered for participation in Mosaic

Organizations can decide which equity-seeking groups should be prioritized based on the organization’s:

  • needs
  • gaps in representation
  • action plan on inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism and/or an organizational staffing strategy targeted at equity-seeking groups

Each organization should choose applicants who are under-represented in the federal public service and in their own organization. Successful applicants should be employees from equity-seeking groups who need opportunities to develop in order to join the executive cadre.

Step 3

Once organizations have submitted their selected applicants, the Mosaic Team will coordinate the selection of participants based on the following factors:

  • regional representation
  • intersectionality of identities
  • language
  • field of work

Other factors may also be considered, such as the applicant’s:

  • access to other development programs
  • time in their current substantive position

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