Mosaic Leadership Development program: How Mosaic works

The Mosaic Leadership Development program is available throughout the federal public service to:

Mosaic is a 15-month program that includes the following four components:

The Mosaic Team within the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer supports Mosaic participants throughout the program and covers costs relating to training and psychometric assessments.


Participants are paired with a senior leader who acts as their sponsor. The sponsor supports the participant throughout their journey in the program. The sponsor helps expand the participant’s professional network and creates networking and access to opportunities that the participant may not otherwise have. Organizations can leverage the Mentorship Plus program to find sponsors for candidates.


Participants have opportunities for assignments and secondments to develop their leadership skills and competencies and close experience gaps. The experience-building opportunity is expected to last at least nine months. The Public Service Commission of Canada will conduct a diagnostic exercise with each participant at the beginning of the program to capture their experience needs and specific areas that participants should focus on through the Mosaic program.


Participants take part in academic learning that includes a customized curriculum to target the behaviours and skills needed to succeed as an executive. The curriculum includes:

  • mandatory training
  • experiential learning
  • character-based development

Assessment against EX-01 qualification standards

Participants will be assessed by their home organization against the qualification standards for EX‑01 positions upon program completion. The results of the assessment can then be used by the organization to promote the participant to an EX‑01 or EX-equivalent leadership position. An appointment to an EX‑01 or EX-equivalent position is not guaranteed; the participant must meet the qualification standards for EX01 positions and the merit criteria.


The Mosaic Leadership Development program has a customized curriculum that develops the behavioural attributes needed to succeed as an executive. Courses are subject to change.

Fundamental knowledge

Fundamental knowledge includes a number of mandatory courses from the Canada School of Public Service. Participants will be provided with the list of courses at the beginning of the Mosaic program.

Core curriculum

The core curriculum includes the following topics:

  • An understanding of yourself as a leader
  • How to coach others
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Data literacy
  • Financial management
  • Program and project management

Participants must be willing and able to travel in accordance with employer-prescribed measures, to participate in the program’s academic component. Costs for travel will be the responsibility of the participant’s home organization.

Official languages

There is no official language requirement to participate in the Mosaic Leadership Development program. The program’s learning components will be provided in both official languages.


  • should ensure that the sponsors selected to support participants are fluent in the participant’s preferred official language
  • are responsible for supporting their participants in meeting the language requirements of the position against which they will be assessed

The organization and the participant should also ensure that the participant’s experience-building opportunity is at the appropriate language level.

If certain participants do not meet the language qualifications for executive positions, organizations should consider:

  • using the flexibilities of the Public Service Appointment Framework (that is, a non-imperative staffing action)
  • having a language training plan in place given the intent of Mosaic to increase diversity in the senior ranks

Program completion

Participants will graduate from the Mosaic Leadership Development program after completing the core components of the program.

Home organizations will establish a diverse assessment board that will use the qualification standards for EX‑01 positions to assess participants.

If participants are appointed to an EX‑01 position while participating in Mosaic, they can still complete Mosaic.

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