Targeted Regulatory Reviews (Round 1)

Areas of focus

The Government of Canada launched the first round of Targeted Regulatory Reviews in 2018. It focused on three high-growth sectors:

  • agri-food and aquaculture: exploring opportunities to address regulatory issues and to support novel regulatory approaches in the sector, while continuing to ensure protections for the safety and security of Canada‚Äôs food and aquaculture system
  • health and biosciences: examining ways to promote innovation and economic growth in the sector while continuing to protect the health and safety of Canadians
  • transportation and infrastructure: exploring regulatory issues and barriers to innovation in the sector, while promoting a modern, safe and efficient transportation system

Regulatory Roadmaps

These reviews resulted in the following Regulatory Roadmaps, which lay out plans to advance regulatory modernization in support of economic growth and innovation in key sectors:

Latest updates

The latest updates on the implementation of Roadmap actions can be found at Regulatory Reviews progress update for Rounds 1 and 2.

Stakeholder engagement

The Regulatory Roadmaps were informed by feedback from stakeholder engagement. Stakeholders were consulted in different ways, including through public consultations launched in the Canada Gazette, Part I, in June 2018.

The What We Heard Report on regulatory reviews and modernization stakeholder consultations presents a summary of themes stakeholders raised during the consultations.

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